Where Are the Bible Text References?

The prophetic words on this website come from the Holy Spirit, however they are not Scripture.

All that is necessary for salvation is in the Scriptures. What the Spirit speaks on this site is to testify that Jesus Christ is your salvation, and that you have eternal life by believing in Him.

Although much of what He has said here can be read in Bible passages, the site does not include Bible text references for each prophetic word posted here, for this reason:
"Many of My people cannot hear Me because they are busy referencing and trying to 'prove' something with My Scriptures. They do not approach to know Me, but rather to know truths, principles, theological and systematic equations. They have unknowingly worshipped My words in Scripture instead of worshiping Me, The Word. They have read the Scriptures that speak about Me, but most of their time is spent talking, thinking or debating about Me. But I long for them to talk to Me instead of about Me.

"Those who know the Scriptures well and can hear Me in them will not find it hard to hear Me in the words I have spoken on this page. And whoever hears Me suddenly in a more clear way on this page, they will be filled with a hunger to seek Me through My words in Scripture. But those whose 'knowledge of Me' is merely knowledge and systematic equations, they will not hear Me here on this page. For if they have not heard Me in Scripture, they would not hear Me even if I spoke to them in more direct ways.

"My children, I have given you My precious words in Scripture, but even more precious is My flesh-and-blood, My real Son whom I have given to you! I have spoken of Him in Scripture and called you to believe in Him through Scripture. I have invited you to relationship with Me in His name—a relationship that is real and dynamic, not just academic! Yes, you will come to know My words in Scripture better, but greater than this you will come to know Me! Do not be afraid, but put your trust in Me and rest in Me."

"I am not a system!"