Saturday, September 08, 2012

Lost in 'the Charismatic'

"I am calling My children out of the Charismatic babel,
where Satan has performed many works as an angel of light,
and has led many away from simple devotion to Me!

"My children have been taught to discern My Spirit
according to mass-marketed 'anointed' teachings,
'miraculous' gold dust, worship banners and shofars!

"Come, My beloved, let Me lift you out of confusion:
I am not calling you to seek a 'move' of My hand,
but to see how My hands 'moved' for you on the Cross!

"I am not calling you to seek 'signs and wonders',
but to be captivated by the wonder of My heart,
regardless of any external manifestation you see!

"I do not desire larger and louder worship
or reward it with supernatural revelations or miracles;
all I want is just your heart instead!

"I am not prophesying through 'Israel',
but rather through My testimony—through the Cross!
I am not calling you to shadows but to substance!

"Come away with Me, My beloved!
Return with Me to the simplicity of the gospel;
return to My teachings and commands!

"Escape with Me, My beloved!
Come away from the great delusion!
Let me give you rest for your burdened soul."


Art: "Spirit-led"

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