What Are "Weeping Jeremiahs"??

"Weeping Jeremiahs" are messages from God's heart which may seem negative at first yet are given for our healing and blessing. Although we are afraid of judgmental words and seek to forbid them, God desperately wants His children to know the blessings of His loving discipline whenever we are hurting ourselves or others.

We hear Him say,

"I want to heal your heart in the deepest way with My love,
in places you didn't know were dry, cracked, barren and broken..."

And so this page is a place where we will say,

"Okay, Lord, I will listen. Please show me Your heart,
even if it hurts at first, and heal me in Jesus' name."

Most "prophets" in Jeremiah's day were prophesying very different things than what was actually on God's heart. It is a lot like today, sadly, for we have many prophets who have been taught and encouraged to speak only what receives applause and amens, to declare victory in every enterprise rather than submit to God. But God loves us as a father, and His "no" is just as loving as His "yes."

The reason that I have called these messages "Weeping Jeremiahs" is because these words remind me of him—a man who really loved and wept for his people, and whom God wept through for His people, too.

"Weeping Jeremiahs" are not about the people whom He speaks these messages through, but rather they are about the content of things on His heart for His beloved people and for the nations. His heart is so big that it is going to break a lot of our traditions, ideas and sacred cows. A lot of our "walls" are going to come crashing down. I believe He wants us to cry out for His heart and allow our walls to come crashing down now before times of trouble come upon us.

God has a "pent-up flood" He is waiting to pour into us and through us when we set aside our pride and come to our knees in repentance. He is calling us to receive His love for people, to receive His aching heart, to receive His tears. He's calling us to get on our knees, individually and together, to receive His heart, to let Him pour His tears through us so that people may hear His heart's cry, the love of Him who gave Himself for all of us.

Lord, call us and bring us to our knees.
Pour Your heart out to us and through us.
Send us, in Jesus' name!

Bless you in Father's loving heart!

Ramone Romero
Osaka, Japan
February 2010 & April 2011


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