Friday, April 27, 2012

"Shedding Blood in My Name"

"Woe! Woe to those who shed blood in My name!
Woe to those who say My enemies are flesh and blood,
for I am He who loved you while you were all My enemies,
and I am He whose Son commanded you to love your enemies.

"I am He who gave His Son's shed blood
so that you might cease shedding each other's blood,
and instead repent to one another and forgive one another.
I committed to you the ministry of reconciliation
and called you to live in peace.

"But many who claim to be My people have nullified My words,
'Blessed are the peacemakers' by saying that My children
must put preserving their lives and keeping their livelihood
ahead of My command and My love for your enemies.
Many who claim to be My people are thus
living as enemies of the Cross of Christ—
claiming My love for themselves
but withholding it from those My Son died for.

"I have sent you to be as Christ was in the world;
do not take My name in vain!"


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