Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"My Heart Is All You Need"

"I am not seeking worshipers who will point to the circumcision,
I am looking for worshipers who will accept My heart—My Son.
My dwelling place is not in Jerusalem more than any other place on earth,
but in those who serve their neighbors and enemies in the spirit of My Son.

I am not calling My people to protect 'holy land'
or to prepare for 'the battle of Armageddon.'
Neither am I aligning Myself with any nation or people—
for I am He who gave His Son for the whole world.

Love one another as My Son loved you while you were My enemies.
I am calling you to live in the love of the Cross
and wash one another from all else—which is confusion.
My love in the Cross is all you need in the end times."


Art: "Understanding the End Times"

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