Saturday, February 01, 2014

Babylon Is In Your Hearts!

"Messengers! I am sending
messengers to Babylon!

I have decreed the end of Babylon—
for the prayers of her oppressed
have long reached My ears,
and her bowl is nearly full.

Go to My people and cry out!
Speak My message in her midst:

'Babylon is in your hearts!
Outwardly you profess My name
but inwardly you have left Me!

Professing My name you have tried to make
a name for yourselves and your righteousness!

Professing My name you have practiced greed
and made yourselves rich!

Professing My name have used violence
to remove whoever stood
in the way of your prosperity!

Professing My name you have used politics
to gain power and called curses down
upon those who disagreed with you!

Professing My name you have undermined peace
whenever your interests were not satisfied!

Professing My name you have worshiped a beast
and encouraged it to trample down and devour
the remnant of those it had not fully destroyed!

Whom have you been serving?

Repent! Repent!

For I am coming and I will make all things right!
I will not forget the cries of your oppressed!
Weep and wail, you who are in Babylon!
Cover yourselves in sackcloth and ashes!
Turn from your ways and obey My commands!'"


Art: "Prophesied Heartache"

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