Monday, June 30, 2014

"I Can't Bear It"

"My friends, My servants
who lean on My breast
and hear My heart—

You have been called
to speak and weep
before those to whom
I am going to send you.

You are carrying inside of you
a message which burns you like fire,
and you cannot bear to keep it inside
because I cannot bear to keep My heart inside.

I want to speak, I want to weep,
yet so few of My people
are willing to listen to Me
or take Me into their hearts.

Many are worshiping Me in name
but do not know Me or My heart;
they keep Me out of their hearts—
which are given to other things.

You must go
when I command you,
and you must speak
what I tell you to say.
You will weep
because I am weeping,
and I will pour out My heart.

Go! Go and weep
before My beloved people
who do not know Me!

Go! Go and speak
the cries of My broken heart
to their hardened hearts!

Go! Go and be broken before them,
just as I was broken before them
when they crucified Me.

I am with you always."

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