Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Wisdom of the Serpent

"My people, I have given you
the knowledge of good and evil,
and it has made you great and powerful.

The nations have hated you
because they do not love knowledge,
and because you are like God.

You have graciously offered them
your fruit and your wine,
but they have refused.

You have been a benefactor,
a teacher and a leader to them,
but they have tried to destroy you.

You have spoken truth
but they have resisted
and fought against you.

You must continue in your ways—
do not let them tread upon you
or the great things you have built.

You must conquer those
who stand against you
so that the kingdom can survive.

You must use your knowledge
and the power you have gained
to protect yourselves from evil.

Do not hesitate to fight
to defeat evil in the nations
and to further the kingdom.

Do not listen to those who
speak of love and peace,
or all will be lost.

Stand in your might,
gird yourselves with the sword
and stay the course.

Hold high the name of the Lord,
for it is by His name that you
shall conquer and vanquish evil.

Those who stand with you
shall prosper and be blessed,
but those who do not shall be cursed."

—the Dragon


Art: "Trading Our Soul"

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