Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Are You 'People of the Cross'?

"My people,

You venerate the martyrs
and commend their faith,
for they died because
they bore My name
and they bore My cross.

You claim them
and claim the same faith
in Me and My cross—
but are you willing
to follow them
to the same cross?

Are you willing
to follow Me
to the cross as they did?

My people,

You cannot carry the cross
and the sword at the same time.
You cannot claim the same
faith of the martyrs
who died for the cross
if you kill for the cross.

You must choose whether
you will be members
of the apostolic church
—the church of martyrs—
or the church of Constantine
warring for the cross.

Which master will you serve?

Which master will you die for—
the One who died on the cross
or the one who painted
a cross on his war devices?

Is it Mine or is it yours
to avenge and repay?"


Art: "People of the Cross"

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