Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"Return to Me!"

"Turn around, My beloved children!
Turn around, for you do not know where you are going
and your ways are reckless before Me!
You are following politics and nationalism,
leaving behind Me and the Cross!

"Savage wolves have led you astray and devoured you
by teaching you to devote yourselves to your fears
and to preventing them from coming about.
And now, to gain control over your nations,
you are marching away from the Cross!

"Return to Me! Return to Me, My beloved!
Turn from following earthly freedom and prosperity
and return to following My commands!
Turn from your pursuit of satisfying your flesh
and return to My spirit instead!

"I am not calling you to rally under any flag or banner,
nor am I calling you to bring about prophecies;
I am not calling you to shout loudly or carry shofars,
nor am I calling you to sound any battle cry;
instead I am calling you to carry a cross.

"I am He who washed the feet of His enemies,
and I am He who called you to love as I loved you.
I am He who overcame as the Lamb of God,
and I have called you to follow Me as the Lamb
instead of as a conquering lion.

"I am sending My witnesses into the midst of Babylon
to prophesy to My rebellious people as I command.
In My witnesses I will again be rejected,
for the love of most grows cold among My people.
But I will bring out a remnant from them."


Art: "Follow the Lamb"

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