Sunday, August 26, 2012

Turning Away From The Cross

"I am He who has given you everything
in My death on the Cross!
I am He who has lavishly blessed you
with all the riches of My Father
and every heavenly blessing in Myself!

"My fullness has been given to you
by faith instead of by sight.
Whether or not you see miracles,
signs and wonders or revelations,
you have all fullness in Me.

"You can never go any 'higher'
or become any 'fuller'
than you are when you rest
in what I have done for you
on the Cross of Calvary.

"I am calling you to return
to the one and only foundation,
to 'Christ and Him crucified',
for You have been searching high and low
for fullness and for manifestation.

"I am your fullness in Myself,
and the Cross is your manifestation.
The power I want you to have
and to be clothed with
is My agape love.

"When you put down the Cross
in order to 'go to a higher level',
you choose another foundation.
When you 'go forward' past the Cross,
you wander off the straight and narrow path.

"Come back to the foundation!
Come rest at the foot of the Cross!
I want you to know My fullness
—not in 'Charismatic' gifts—
but in the Cross!"


Art: "Follow the Lamb"

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