Friday, January 28, 2011

The Tearing of the Veil:
A Word to the Church in America

The Tearing of the Veil

The Tearing of the Veil: A Word to the Church in America

My Son gave His life for you while you were My enemies. He showed you My love and commanded you to love each other as He loved you. And just as I have loved you through Him, He commanded you to love your enemies.

But you have hated your enemies and you have hated one another. You have accused one another, fought with one another, and used My Son’s name to condemn one another. You have borne My name but not My love.

Didn’t My Son love and die for Christians, Muslims, Atheists, Democrats, Republicans, Jews and Palestinians alike? The nations are My inheritance! Your neighbors are My inheritance! Your enemies are My inheritance! And you, Americans, you too are My inheritance. But what have you done to My name?

When My inheritance among the nations hear the name of “Jesus” from your lips, they do not hear the love and grace of My Son, but rather the judgment, politics, hypocrisy, nationalism and greed that you commit in My Son’s name. The gospel of My grace has been traded for the gospel of your country; the good news has become prosperity, the free market economy, fighting for your “rights,” the success of your military, your form of government, your laws and your Constitution. Those who speak against these things you count as your enemies to be defeated, and you believe that they are enemies of Me. You believe that your ways are My ways.

But I tell you, America, that My ways are not your ways. My ways are higher than your ways. You have excelled and prospered in the ways of the world, but My ways are the ways of the cross. No earthly kingdom can contain and legislate the ways of the cross, the ways of My love and grace. Although your country was founded mostly by Christians, it was not founded on My ways, nor on My Son, nor on the gospel which is about Him. You have confused your ways with My ways, your country with My Kingdom, and your laws with My laws. You have confused the gospel with the American dream.

Listen to what My Spirit says to the churches in America:

I will no longer withhold My discipline from you. The dream which you praised has become a fa├žade that hides your nakedness from your eyes, and it keeps you from finding life in the cross. I love you too much to allow you to continue in darkness. I will tear the veil of your fading old glory so that you may be healed.

I am the only glory you need! I will shake the faith you put in your nation so that you may put your faith in Me instead. I will be a place of safety for those whose glory is in Me alone, but I will be an absent helper for those who seek to exalt the nation in My name. You will seek your former glory and you will not find it. You will pray for the glory of your nation and your ways, but I will not hear you.

When you return to Me for My Kingdom, for My glory, and for the sake of all the nations (My inheritance), then I will hear you, but I will not restore your nation’s former glory. I will instead restore to you the vision of My Kingdom, My glory and My inheritance which you had traded for the glory of your nation. I will restore to you the everlasting glory of the cross of Jesus Christ, which shall never perish, which shall never be torn, which shall never be destroyed, and which shall never be forgotten from age unto age.