Thursday, October 06, 2016

"Come Out of Your Trenches!"

"Can you hear My heart, My people?
I am calling you to come
out of your trenches;
I am calling you to lay down
your weapons of war;
I am calling you to reach out
and love your enemies!

Come out of your violence!
Come out of your righteousness!
Come out and see their humanity!
Come out and see they are just like you!
Come out and see Me in them!
Cross over the barricades and walls
you have erected in your hearts!"


Art: "Unentrenched"

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

The Days of Anti-Christ

"Many who call themselves
by My name are speaking words
of fear, suspicion and anger,
accusing people who are different
and blaming the least of these
for the ills of society.

Leaders have arisen who fan
the flames of hatred and nationalism,
and many who call themselves
by My name have turned away
from My love and My commands
to follow these leaders.

These are the days My apostles
told you would come in the end—
the days of apostasy and rebellion
when the love of most grows cold
and lawlessness is erected
in the temple that bears My name.

My people, who hold to My ways,
do not let anyone persuade you
to turn away from faithfully obeying
My command to love your enemies
and standing in My love to the end."


Art: "Anti-Jesus"

Sunday, January 03, 2016

"Called to Witness"

My Spirit
My heart
In this time

In your hands
What I have given you
What I have made you

My heart
My word

In the darkness
What I give you

I am with you
In the darkness
In this time
In this hour

You can hear
My grief
You can feel
My tears

Do not be afraid
I am here
You know My heart
I am love

You know who I am
You can hear My Spirit
You can hear when I call
I am calling you

To witness
To speak
To testify
So be strong"


Art: "Witness"