Sunday, December 28, 2014

"Healing at Wounded Knee"

Women, children, elders and men
Gunned down by the Seventh Cavalry
Slaughtered without human mercy
Generations scarred at Wounded Knee

No justice have your people seen
No remorse, nor apology
The killers have Medals of Honor
For the slaughter of Wounded Knee

The blood of the slain cries out there
From the ground stained mercilessly
The wounds carry on to this day
The legacy of death at Wounded Knee

Creator saw and wept from above
He created no one for such misery
He will bring healing in His love
Healing for the trauma of Wounded Knee

His tears for your people are great
He felt all of the pain at Calvary
There His blood was shed to redeem
The blood that was shed at Wounded Knee

One day He will ride on a white horse
Faithful and true, you shall see
Your slain shall rise from the grass
From the bloodstained grass of Wounded Knee

Wrapped in His blood that redeems
You will dance there free joyously
His justice will right all these wrongs
He shall redeem Wounded Knee

O for that Day to come soon!
O for the healing that will be!
O for that dance to begin
At the healing of Wounded Knee!


Art: "Phiyá"

Friday, December 26, 2014

Raising the Wrong Standard

"My people,

I know you love your brothers and sisters
and you want all of them to know Me
and to be saved for eternity.
I know you want to see My name honored
and lifted high in your land.

Because of this many of you have sought
to have your laws and political leaders
declare that I am the Lord of your nation.
You believe that doing so will bring blessings,
witness to Me, plant seeds of faith,
and will raise a powerful standard
against social and economic ills.
You believe that the proclamation
will work wonders even among
those who don't believe in Me.

My people, didn't I say that all people
would know My followers by My love?
Didn't I say that on the last day
many would call Me 'Lord'
but I would tell them, “I don't know you”
unless they did the will of My Father?

Why are you trying to bypass My love?
Why are you seeking a shortcut
around My teachings?
Shouldn't you be following the ways
that I taught you instead of seeking
to enact laws in the way of Constantine?
Have I commanded you to make
every tongue confess My name
and make every knee bow to Me?

There are no shortcuts, My people!
There is no other way but what
I have taught you in word and deed!
There is no greater way to witness
than to love one another as I commanded!

Do not try to bring 'revival' or My kingdom
with political authority and control!
Do not raise the standard of another 'Lord'
by using the ways of Constantine!"


Art: "Other 'Ways'..."

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

"O Little Besieged Bethlehem "

O little town of Bethlehem
We sing of thee tonight
We give gifts to each other but
We care not for your plight
Far away from our comforts
Your people live in fears
Their lands taken and walled within
No one to wipe their tears

O little besieged Bethlehem
Your children can't be free
To sing in peace like we do now
Occupation they see
For walls are built around them
And settlers build new homes
Destroying olive trees and lives
And saying 'Israel owns'

O little besieged Bethlehem
Once born in you there was
A peacemaker the Messiah
Who heard the oppressed's cause
Yet today those who claim Him
Ignore your quiet cries
And ship money and weapons to
Help those who colonize

O little besieged Bethlehem
Tonight a remnant prays
For peace and justice as Christ taught
Remembering His ways
For He was also born in
Occupation and strife
And one day soon He will return
With justice, grace and life


Art: "Born in Captivity"

Monday, December 22, 2014

"Carrying and Carried By My Heart"

"I am calling you
to share in My heart,
and to share My heart
when I lead you to.

This will be a blessing
to you and to many,
but at other times
it will be uncomfortable.

I am giving you My heart
for My broken people,
but many will not want
to see their brokenness.

I will be your place of refuge
when you feel alone
and need a shoulder to cry on.
I will carry you as I have carried you
since before you were born.

Carry My heart,
and My heart
will carry you."


Art: "In the Same Way"

Sunday, December 21, 2014

"Can You See Their Tears?"

"Can you see the tears
of the least of these—
My brothers and My sisters
suffering in your streets?

Can you hear their cries
without making excuse?
Can you recognize
the system of abuse?

Will you stand idly by
while they suffer the same?
Will you ignore their tears
and say they are to blame?

I hear their weeping voices
I hear their prayers to Me
When they cry for justice
When they long to be free

I stand with them through
their griefs that come like rain
I am He who shares
their suffering and pain

I will not hear excuse for
systemic injustices
I will not justify
those who give them distress

Arise, My people, and take
My yoke upon yourselves
Lift up the oppressed ones
And recognize their hells

Go spend yourselves upon
behalf of the oppressed
Go and be My disciples
And do not fail this test

For if you claim to be
followers of My Son
His cross you, too, must bear
His race you, too, must run

For one day He shall ask
if you came to His needs
when He was suffering
among you in your streets

O can you see Him now
in minorities and poor?
Can you hear Him calling
knocking upon your door?

He calls you to come forth
He calls your heart awake
For He will come and judge
with the measure you make

What measure would you wish
that He use upon you?
Will yours be like His own
merciful, just, and true?"


Art: "O Say Can You See?"

Friday, December 12, 2014

"Can You Hear Me in Their Cries?"

"I am exposing the hearts of many
through the injustices in your streets;
I am setting before you a choice—
will you stand with the oppressed?

Many are shutting their ears
to the cries of the oppressed
and refusing to acknowledge
their painful experiences.

Many are demonizing the suffering
and justifying the use of violence
against those who cry out
about their mistreatment.

I am laying bare the hearts of many;
I am He who comes to you in the poor,
in the disadvantaged, in the marginalized,
and in the oppressed among you.

I am crucified again in your midst—
can you see Me?"


Art: "I Can't Breathe!"

Thursday, December 04, 2014

"Your Children Will Return"

"Did I not promise My people
that I would bring their children back?
Did I not promise that you
would wear them as ornaments?

Behold, I am awakening your children!
They will seek out their people;
they will seek out their elders;
they will write their tribes on their hands.

Be comforted you who have been downcast!
I will bring healing to your generations
and I will enlarge your family
that has been devastated.

I will create praises on the lips
of the mourners of your tribes,
and you will say to yourselves,
'Where have all of these come from?'

Your people will be restored;
your bereavement will end;
your children will song your songs,
and will praise Me in your languages.

Open wide your arms, My people!"


Art: "Inheritance"

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

"Do Not Forsake Discernment"

"My people,

Many of you have learned
to find Me outside of the
modern structures of 'church'
and have awakened to many truths
you did not learn there.

I have given you understanding
and have blessed you as you
sought to become free
from systems of bondage.

But many of you have become proud
of being outside of the places
in which you once worshiped Me.
Many of you have also become
excited about any 'truth' that
diverged from the mainstream beliefs.

Many of My people in mainstream churches
are taught to discern according
to the walls of their church structures,
but true discernment is not
found by simply pursuing what
those churches have rejected!

Many of you have become enamored
by rejecting doctrines that they
consider of foundational importance;
many of you have become enamored by the idea
that writings church councils rejected in the past
must have been suppressed because of their 'truth.'

Do not be seduced by the
appearance of hidden secrets!
Do not be carried away by believing
that just because something has been suppressed
it automatically means it contains truth!
Do not believe with cheap discernment!

Haven't I declared that I do not
despise My captive people?

Do not look down on those who worship Me
inside broken church systems!

Do not despise the truths of the
faith I have entrusted to My people
—including those in captivity—
since the beginning of the Church.

Do not be proud of 'being outside'
and so fail to love and intercede
for those who are still 'inside'—
for they are My beloved children
just as you yourselves are.

There is one Rock—My Son—
and even though there has been
much confusion and division
amongst My people who call on Me,
My Spirit has not forsaken My bride."


Art: "Pride in Being Outside"

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

False Shelter

"My children,

I have given you all things in My Son—
life, peace, joy, and a love
that will guide you and teach you
how to walk and live in My ways.

I have made you complete in Him,
and in Him I have given you
eternal security that will protect you
through every tribulation
you can ever face.

Why are you slow to believe My word?
Why do you teach one another
that I will remove you from
the great tribulation
that is coming upon the earth?
Why have you added to My word
and nullified My promises
to sustain you during this time?

Is My Son's peace not
strong enough to keep you?

Must you invent your own promises
and put words in My mouth
that I did not speak?

Woe! Woe to those
who add to My words!

Woe to those who lull My people
to sleep with false promises
of earthly protection!

Woe to those who teach My children deception!

Repent and return to the gospel!

Repent before calamity overtakes you,
for the gospel of My peace
will be your only protection
in the days to come,
and you have exempted yourselves
from the very shelter I have provided you!

Come back to My shelter,
and you will find peace
that will be greater than
the tribulation you have feared."


Art: "Judged"

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


"My people,

You are My precious children
and I love you more than you will
ever be able to understand.

I am going to let your influence
in your nation decrease
even further than you have seen.

I am going to allow those whom you
consider My enemies to gain
more power and high position.

I am going to allow laws
to be passed which will
seem godless to you.

I am not punishing you.
Instead I am drawing you
back to the gospel.
I am wooing you away
from the other lovers
you have given yourselves to—
politics, position and the law.

Will you pursue Me
or will you continue to
pursue your other lovers?

I am waiting for you at the Cross."


Art: "Heaven Sought"

Thursday, November 13, 2014

"I Am in Control of My Words"

I said to the Lord,
"I'm afraid I might be wrong..."

He answered,

"My son,

I have spoken to you. I will do with My words and My prophecies what I desire. They are not yours.

My love will keep you no matter what. I am love. I am agape. I am the Lamb who was slain. You did not make these things up, not did you want to listen or believe them when I told them to you. I am in control."

I surrender Lord, again.

"Speak as I command you. I am faithful to take care of My words. I am able to bring good out of every interaction you have. Be not afraid."

Ok, Lord, so be it.


Art: "With Me Here (sketch)"

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Journey For America

Two years ago just before the American "Thanksgiving" holiday, in light of all the things that "America" had done to the indigenous people of the land, I felt personally challenged to live out the repentance and reconciliation that I knew America needs. I sought out Richard Twiss, whose book I had read some years earlier, and was able to get in touch with some of his friends.

Little by little, I got to know and befriend them, and also read some of the books they had written. Reading their perspectives opened my heart to parts of God's heart that I had been nearly blinded from seeing (blinded by the pride and myths of America). As soon as I began to reach out, God began sharing with me in painting and words how He felt about what was done to them, the need for justice, repentance, and reconciliation.

Richard Twiss had a heart attack and walked on in February 2013. I never got to talk with him, but I knew he meant a lot to the Native believers. I wanted to mourn with them and honor their friend, so I watched online the memorial service they held for him a month later. To my surprise, at the end of the service, the Spirit overcame me with weeping, telling me that these were also my own people— not only spiritually, but physically!

He was referring to Native heritage that I had in my family, but which I thought didn't count for anything for various reasons. But it mattered to Him! This was a huge, wonderful and blessed upheaval in my life. My heart and spirit opened and I wept at many things— songs, regalia, the Smoky Mountains, storytelling, and more. I began to want to know the people of my ancestors and to reunite with them through genuine loving relationships. And as I continued learning, I also began to understand the love of creation and the land which God set in them.

At the end of 2013, the Spirit told me that my journey of discovering my native heritage was a picture of the journey He is calling many of His people in America to undertake.

To understand, first He had me recall some of the steps He led me through:

1) He awoke my awareness of natives and what they have suffered in America, and He awoke a desire for justice and healing.

2) I was moved to seek them out and share in their lives and their story.

3) As I shared and grew in relationship with them (especially in joining the mourning for Richard Twiss), He awoke my own heritage, and I discovered who I was created to be.

4) He then began to open my eyes to see a greater vision than what I had known before— the restoration and value of every tribe, tongue and nation, and the sacredness of the land He sets us in and how He has attached us to it.

Then He spoke these words:
"I am awakening My servants in America.
Many of you have not known the purpose
for which you were set in the land—
for healing the wounds that were
wrought by your forefathers.

I am opening your eyes to the injustices
and scars of America, and I am placing
the keys of My kingdom in your hands:
repentance and forgiveness.

I am calling you to return to the heritage
of the ministry of reconciliation,
to repent in sackcloth for the ways of violence
and to walk instead in the ways of My love."

Art: "I Am Peace In You"

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Word to Native Americans

"My children,

I am He who created all things
and I am He who redeems all things.
I am He who has been with you
since the beginning,
and I am He who will be with you
until the end of all things—
I am the Creator.

Your ancestors sought Me
and lived in reverence of My Spirit.
They saw My handiwork in creation
and longed to honor Me.
When their world was changed
they still sought Me and trusted
in My goodness and My will.

When they suffered,
I suffered with them;
when they were oppressed,
I was oppressed with them;
when they lost their homes,
I was homeless with them,
and I stayed with them in captivity.

I walked with them in exile,
I hungered with them,
I was sick with them,
I was depressed with them,
I was beaten with them,
I cried with them,
and I died with them.

I am He who is with you today,
even as your people continue
to suffer from traumas old and new.
I am He who is always with you
and who will never leave you.
There is no grief you know
which I do not know.

I will bring justice for you,
and I will punish those
who have oppressed you.
Woes are coming upon the land,
and the heavens will be shaken.
Do not be afraid when this happens,
but trust in Me and My love.

Forgive your enemies
and pray for those who
have persecuted you,
for they are also My creation—
they too are My precious children.
I want to save them
and set them free."


Art: "Creator Came Down"

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Prisoner of the Nation In Your Heart

"You cannot serve two masters:
you cannot serve your country,
its ways and its demands
and serve Me at the same time.

Either you will serve Me
or you will subject Me to the state;
you will either obey My word
or will force it to conform to your ways.

I am not the God of America:
your gods are Mammon and Mars;
America is founded on the gods
of greed, war and bloodshed.

You cannot allow Me to speak freely
or My word will expose your deeds
and the pride of your heart;
I am imprisoned to 'America' in your heart.

Will you let Me speak?
Will you let Me be your Lord?
Will you follow Me or your nation?
I wait in the prison of your heart."


Art: "God of the State"

Monday, October 13, 2014

Unshakable Kingdom

"My beloved children in America,

Do not be afraid.

I never promised you
political freedom or prosperity.
I told you that tribulation would come
but that I have overcome the world,
and I will never leave you or forsake you.

I never promised you
a kingdom, earthly nation
or government system
that would never perish from the earth.
Instead I promised you My kingdom.

My kingdom stands whether
America and your way of life fails.

My kingdom lives even
if your lives are taken away.

My kingdom cannot be destroyed
by the weapons of the world.

My kingdom is not of this world,
but 'America' is a kingdom of the world.

America will pass away,
but My kingdom will not.

America will fail,
but My kingdom will not.

My kingdom is everlasting,
but America will not endure.

My kingdom cannot be shaken
and it cannot be defeated.

Put your faith, your hope,
and your trust in My kingdom."


Art: "The Tearing of the Veil"

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Liberty and Justice For All?

America! You have proclaimed
'Liberty and justice for all'
but you have not acted justly
towards those who have dark skin
or the indigenous people who stood
in the way of your prosperity!

I do not care about your lofty words,
your anthem or your declarations:
Do justice and seek reconciliation
with those you have offended!"

“How long will you defend the unjust
and show partiality to the wicked?
Defend the weak and the fatherless;
uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed.
Rescue the weak and the needy;
deliver them from the hand of the wicked.”

(Psalm 82:2-4)


Art: "Christian Beginnings Indeed"

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

The Values of the Lamb

"I do not share your values, America:

I value love more
than I value independence.

I value charity more
than I value profit.

I value the native people
you uprooted and oppressed.

I value your enemies
as much as I value you.

I value peacemaking
and nonviolence.

I value freedom from sin more
than I value political freedom.

I value your salvation more
than I value your nation.

Do not confuse your values with Mine!"


Art: "The Ministry of Fear"

Sunday, October 05, 2014

"Not the Crown I Desire"

"I did not seek the crown,
the power, or the glory of
the kingdoms of the earth.

I did not desire the crown that
Satan offered Me in the desert,
but many of My people have.

They have sought power,
and have fought to conquer
the kingdoms of the earth.

In My name they have campaigned
to gain crowns and presidencies,
and have used them to enact their will.

Painting the cross on their shields
and their swords, they have tried
to force the nations to bow to Me.

But I was crucified when My people
sought and used power to enact
what they believed was My will.

And so again at the end of the age
those who seek power and the crowns
of the nations will again crucify Me.

In My servants who testify to Me
and hold to My commands,
I am again being rejected and crucified."


Art: "For Crown and Nation"

Friday, October 03, 2014

Witness to the Sleepers

"To My prophets who testify
to My Son and His commands,

I am giving you words to speak
that many of My people
are not willing to hear,
and I am preparing you to
witness to others who are
wandering from the narrow path
of following My Son's teachings.

I am making you a trumpet
to wake up My people
who have been lulled to sleep
by the teachers of nationalism,
militarism, and prosperity.

Bury your fears in My love,
and find your rest
in My Son's peace.

I am with you.
Know that nothing
you have done in My Spirit
will fail to achieve My purpose."


Art Link: "Sound the Trumpet!"

Thursday, October 02, 2014

The End Appointed For Her

"What have you taken pride in,
My beloved children in America?
What have you built that will last?
Will your achievements remain for eternity?
Will your prosperity be transferred to heaven?
Will your boasts stand in My presence?

Is your freedom My freedom?
Is your military might My power?
Will your constitution be
celebrated in My kingdom?
Will your economic system be
the foundation of the New Jerusalem?

Will I forget the bloodshed
that you built your country on?
Will I excuse the greed you encouraged?
Will I erect your war monuments
in the new earth and around My throne?
Will I sing the praises of your battles?

My beloved, My beloved!
Didn't I warn you not to love
the things of this world?
Didn't I tell you that nothing
of the world will endure for eternity?

Many of you who have given
your hearts and your lives to America
will weep and mourn when she
comes to the end appointed for her,
and I will weep and mourn for you!

Come out of her, My people!
Come out of her in your hearts!
Set your hearts on My kingdom alone!"


Art: "The Pride of Babylon"

"Causing My Children to Sin"

"Woe, woe! America!
You have held out your hand
to My persecuted children
who have fled to you for shelter,
but you have also seduced them
with your rebellious ways!

In your arms My children learn
to invalidate My commands
just as your 'founding fathers' did:

You teach My children to prize
their physical freedom and prosperity
above carrying the cross!
You teach My children how to use
theology to justify violence!
You are teaching My children rebellion!

Woe, woe! America!

Didn't I say that it would be better
to have a millstone tied around your neck
and be thrown into the sea
than to cause My children to sin?

Repent! Repent of your ways, America!
Repent before judgment overtakes you!"


Art: "Unfollow"

Monday, September 29, 2014

"Your Kingdom or Mine?"

"Do you love your nation more than Me?

Is your safety from your enemies
more important than
following My commands?

Is your duty to your kingdom
greater than your loyalty
to My kingdom?

Are you willing to sacrifice your enemies,
your neighbors or innocent people
in order to keep your place?

Would you stand in My truth
even if doing so meant that
you might lose your country?"

“If we let him go on like this,
everyone will believe in him,
and then the Romans will come and
take away both our place and our nation.”

Then one of them, named Caiaphas,
who was high priest that year, spoke up,
“You know nothing at all!
You do not realize that it is better for you
that one man die for the people
than that the whole nation perish.”

(John 11:48-50)


Art: "The Sin of Nationalism"

Friday, September 26, 2014

Life Through Repentance

"My faithful servants,

I am going to give you
more words to speak
that will be difficult for many
of My people to hear.

I will testify about the rebellion
of many of My people against
the commands of My Son
and their dangerous course.

Do not be afraid to proclaim
what I command you to speak,
but stand firm in My love for them
by calling them back to the Rock.

I discipline those whom I love,
and I will not abandon My people
to their ways but will call them
to life through repentance."


Art: "Sharing the Burden"

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

"Do Not Fear What They Fear"

"To My people in Babylon,

I have put you in the midst
of those who claim to worship Me
but who follow the teachings
of a different 'Christ'.

I have called you to intercede
for your neighbors and your family
whose hearts are set on the
desires of Babylon the Great.

I have set you like a light
on a hill in the time of darkness,
and a beacon of My love and grace
to many who live in law and fear.

Stand firm in My teachings
and do not be afraid of what they fear.
Do not be distracted by
what they call conspiracy.

I have given you one gospel,
one King, one kingdom
and one salvation—
stand in My faithfulness.

The hopes of Babylon will fall,
the kingdoms of the earth will disappear,
the pride of the nations will vanish;
but those who hope in Me will endure forever."


Art: "Standing On Sand"

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Captives Will Be Freed

"My servants who speak My heart,

I have allowed you
to share in My grief
when you see your fellow
brother and sister believers
speaking judgment about
unbelievers and those who
they believe are My enemies.

You have mourned with Me
over their blindness
and their rush to condemn.
You have grieved with Me
over their peddling fear
and their desire to spread
their 'gospel' of alarmism.

I will rescue from them many
who have been captive
to their word and their teachings;
I will set free from fear many
who have been fed with
the teachings of false prophets
and the spirit of despair.

Do not be discouraged,
for I am protecting and shielding
My children who seek Me
with simple childlike faith,
and I will not leave them
in captivity and perpetual alarm;
I will call them to freedom.

My sheep will hear My voice—
no one can snatch them
out of My hand."


Art: "It's Time to Prophesy"

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Outpouring of Delusion

"Prosperity! Power! Wonders!
A powerful spirit of delusion
has poured out upon My people!

My command to take up the cross
has been thrown down
and the 'good news' of this spirit
has taken its place!

My people have been seduced
by the love of money,
the promise of prosperity,
and the lust for signs and wonders!

My people cannot discern
what comes from My Spirit
and what comes from
the spirit of delusion!

Open your eyes, My people!
Turn away from the riches of the world
and pick up the cross
which you have thrown down!

Repent of your lust for signs and wonders!
Stop trying to use My name
and My power to satisfy
the idols of your heart!

Repent and return to Me
before it is too late!"


Art: "A Powerful Move"

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Wisdom of the Serpent

"My people, I have given you
the knowledge of good and evil,
and it has made you great and powerful.

The nations have hated you
because they do not love knowledge,
and because you are like God.

You have graciously offered them
your fruit and your wine,
but they have refused.

You have been a benefactor,
a teacher and a leader to them,
but they have tried to destroy you.

You have spoken truth
but they have resisted
and fought against you.

You must continue in your ways—
do not let them tread upon you
or the great things you have built.

You must conquer those
who stand against you
so that the kingdom can survive.

You must use your knowledge
and the power you have gained
to protect yourselves from evil.

Do not hesitate to fight
to defeat evil in the nations
and to further the kingdom.

Do not listen to those who
speak of love and peace,
or all will be lost.

Stand in your might,
gird yourselves with the sword
and stay the course.

Hold high the name of the Lord,
for it is by His name that you
shall conquer and vanquish evil.

Those who stand with you
shall prosper and be blessed,
but those who do not shall be cursed."

—the Dragon


Art: "Trading Our Soul"

Monday, September 15, 2014

"In Danger of Not Knowing Me"


Many who praise My name
are following the ways
of a different Spirit—
they prepare for war,
seek riches, love power,
and glory in their patriotism.


Many who worship in My name
do not know what manner
of spirit they are of—
they use My name to judge
and to condemn those
who do not yet know My ways!


Many who profess to be My people
have caused My name to be
blasphemed among the nations
because they have used My name
to steal, kill, and destroy those
they believed were My enemies!


Many who proclaim to spread My kingdom
are spreading the kingdoms of the world—
they use the ways of the world
in order to gain its possessions
and build for themselves
a kingdom of the world!

Danger! You are in danger, My beloved!
Repent and learn again My ways,
My manner of spirit,
and the meaning of My name!"


Thursday, September 11, 2014

"Do Not Meet Violence With Violence"

"My kingdom cannot be won
through the destruction of
those who do not believe in Me.

I am not the one who has
commanded you to secure peace
through the use of force.

I did not come as a leader
of a rebellion or a revolution
at the head of an army.

I came as He who laid down His life
for those who did not know Me
and for those who were against Me.

Do not be led astray by those
who speak My name but who
teach the ways of violence.

Hold on to My commands
and be as lambs among wolves—
follow Me and carry the cross."


Art: "The Choice"

Monday, September 08, 2014

"Put My Words Into Practice!"

"My people don't believe in My teachings!
They call My teachings unrealistic,
impractical, naive, and foolish!

They say that My words were meant
to magnify sin instead of to guide them!
They say My blessings are the curses
of the law of sin and death!
They say My commands are extreme
in order to excuse themselves from obedience!

But I say to you,

“Everyone who hears these words of mine
and puts them into practice is like a wise man
who built his house on the rock.
The rain came down, the streams rose,
and the winds blew and beat against that house;
yet it did not fall, because it had
its foundation on the rock.

But everyone who hears these words of mine
and does not put them into practice is like
a foolish man who built his house on sand.
The rain came down, the streams rose,
and the winds blew and beat against that house,
and it fell with a great crash.”


Art: "Keeping Sabbath"

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Justice Is Coming

"The time is near when
all things shall be fulfilled.

The glory of the Lord
—My love in My Son—
will cover the earth just as
the water covers the sea.

The last shall be first,
and the first shall be last—
the proud shall be humbled,
and those who have been shamed
shall be clothed with joy.

My name shall no longer be misused,
but shall be the everlasting
expression of love and peace.

There will be no more confusion;
there will be no more false prophets;
there will be no more exploitation
of the weak or the innocent;
there will be no more abuse
nor using My name for financial gain;
instead there will be healing.

I will bring justice for the oppressed
and I will restore what has been stolen.
I will redeem all suffering.
I am coming to make all things right."


Art: "Where Is Justice?"

Friday, September 05, 2014

The Hour of Tribulation

To the remnant—

I am preparing to open the sixth seal.
The time of tribulation is upon you.
I have called you for this hour.

Many who have not heard My heart
will become paralyzed by the
increase of calamities on the earth.

I will lay bare the hearts of those
who profess My name but who
worship the works of their hands.

Do not fear the those who
accuse you of siding with enemies,
but pray for their deliverance.

Remember that I loved them
and forgave them from the Cross;
you also must intercede for them.

The end is near, therefore be sober
and keep your eyes fixed upon
the grace I have given you freely.

I am He who holds all things
in My hand—those who love Me
as well as those who do not.

I am coming soon,
therefore love as I have loved you,
even while you were My enemies."


Art: "Discerning the Times"

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Ministry of Confusion

"My children who don't know Me
cannot hear Me in America!
Who has deafened their ears?

My servants share My heart
but their voice is drowned out!
Why can their trumpet not be heard?

Is it not because many who speak My name
have led My people into confusion?
Is it not because My love cannot be heard
amid the trumpets of false prophets?

Many among My people
proclaim the doctrines of
nationalism, greed, and war!

Many among My people
teach devotion to Israel
instead of love for all people!

Many among my people
witness to a different 'Christ'!

My beloved little ones in America
are becoming weary of hearing My name
because of the words and deeds of Babylon!

They do not hear the things
that bring healing;
they do not hear the things
that make for peace;
they do not hear the things
of My Spirit—

Instead they hear
the law of condemnation;
instead they hear
the trumpets of war;
instead they hear the preaching
of the spirit of the Antichrist!

My commands and My ways
have become offensive
to many among My people;
they have plugged up their ears
and are shouting the doctrines of their 'Christ'
so that they don't have to hear My voice!

Woe! Woe! Woe!"


Art: "Rejecting Warnings"

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Fall of Babylon

"Woe! Woe! Woe to you
who have spent yourselves
trying to take dominion in
the places of power in the nations!

Woe to you who have by tried
to impose what you believe is My 'kingdom'
on those who have not known Me!

Woe to you who have used the law
to control those who need My love!
Woe to you who have prostituted yourselves
trying to gain My favor by "standing with Israel"!

Woe to you because the power
you have sold yourselves to gain
will turn against you
when you are no longer useful!

Woe! Woe to you, My beloved children,
for you have given your hearts
to those who do not love you as I love you!

Woe! Woe because you have been a beast
and you have built Babylon!
But the beast you have worshiped
will eat you and devour your flesh,
and will throw you off its back
to be plundered by the nations!

Renounce your ways and return to the Cross!
Repent of your harlotry!
Repent before sudden destruction overtakes you!"


Art: "That It Might Be Fulfilled"

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

She Who Rides On The Beast

"Listen, My beloved, and I will tell you
about the prostitution of My people.
My beloved was persecuted by those
who had vowed to shepherd her.
I picked her up and removed her
from the house of her abusers.
I taught her My wisdom and set her
on the rock of My one and only Son.
She stood in My strength and broke free
from the bondage and the lies she was taught.

"A Better Covenant"

As her understanding grew,
she began to systemize what I had taught her.
But she did not wait for Me to reveal
what I had sealed for the end of time,
and she began to insatiably desire
to have all the prophecies interpreted.
She sought explanation of the end times
more than she sought Me,
and listened to teachers who gave her
the answers her heart coveted.
She began to build new foundations
further and further from the Rock.
She found her assurance and anchor
in their interpretations instead of
in what My Son did for her on the cross.

She fashioned and formed
a new image based on the circumcision,
dividing My people and My word.
She invented a new hope for herself
beyond what I had promised her,
and made the circumcision into
the only hope for the rest of the world.
Her theology replaced My Son
as she reshaped the gospel:
He became the way to bring about
the exaltation of the chosen people,
instead of being the Chosen One
to whom the prophets pointed
and who died for all of mankind.

Many years later when the circumcision
sought to return to their homeland,
My beloved believed it was the fulfillment
of her interpretations of the prophets.
The image she had created seemed to come to life,
and she gave herself in devotion to her new lover.
My beloved had fallen in love with the image
she had created of 'Israel' in her heart.

She set aside My Son and His commands
and stepped away from My teachings—
the house built on the one and only Rock.
She put her faith in her teachings
and the house she had built on the sand;
she prepared for the day of flooding
by putting her trust in 'the chosen people'
instead of in the Chosen One.

As Israel became like the beasts
who had persecuted him in the past
in order to regain his land,
My beloved also became unthinking and unfeeling,
like brute beasts whose only law was
to prostitute herself to the desires of a beast.
She placed herself upon his back,
and as a rider led by the untamed desires of her mount,
she rode wherever the 'chosen ones' led her
instead of staying upon the one and only immovable Rock.
From atop her new mount
she declared his wonders and praises.
When he went into battle she supported him;
when he was victorious she declared,
"Who is like him, and who can stand against him?"

To those who did not follow him,
she proclaimed curses and used her wealth
to block their power to trade.
Those who favored him she rewarded
with her buying and her selling,
dividing the nations on his behalf.
She marked herself on the forehead with her beliefs
and upon her right hand with her actions.
She judged all mankind in the same way she judged herself—
marked by whether they honored the circumcision
instead of whether they honored the Lamb and His commands.
My people exchanged the kingdom I had given them
for the earthly kingdom of Israel.

I cried through many messengers
for My people to return to the truth.
But My people would not turn from their idolatry.
Every rebuke I sent was judged as being critical;
questioning Israel was considered blasphemous,
and My messengers were accused of being anti-Semitic.
My people became proud of their determination
to never turn from their theology.

Those who have prophesied to My people
that they must "stand with Israel"
—they are the Antichrist.
I did not prophesy through them
and tell My people to follow Israel.
They have deceived many of My people.
They have lured my people
from the Rock to rebellion.
They have set up in My temple
their own image of Israel.
They have turned my people from the cross,
and their rebellion will bring desolation.

My beloved!
My precious beloved!
Do not be destroyed for lack of knowledge!
Those who teach you to follow Israel
instead of walking in My commands
—they are deceiving you!
They have set you on the path
that ends in desolation
instead of the path that leads to life!
They have taught you to ignore the spirit
of the one who comes to steal, kill and destroy!
Turn back to My ways!
Turn back to My ways!

"Who Is Like Him?"

"Who is like Israel?

Being in very nature the chosen one,
he did not consider his neighbors equal to him,
and he grasped his birthright.
He made himself higher than them,
taking the form of a conqueror,
being made in the image of a lion.

And being found in appearance as a nation,
he proudly refused to apologize and became defiant,
refusing peace and refusing to carry a cross.
When attacks were hurled at him, he retaliated;
when he suffered, he threatened manifold vengeance.
He did not merely entrust his fate to the heavenly Judge.

Therefore exalt him above all other nations,
for the name of Israel is above every other nation,
and at name of Israel every nation will bow,
in heaven and on earth and under the earth,
and every tongue will confess that Israel is chosen,
to the glory of his everlasting favor."

— the worshipers of the beast


Art: "The Release of Barabbas"

Sunday, August 10, 2014


"When you mourn,
I mourn with you.

I bear your griefs and sorrows,
I carry your pain and suffering.

I am hungry when you are hungry.
I am thirsty when you are thirsty.

I am with you always.

Neither death nor life,
neither persecution nor sword,
will ever separate you from My love."

(Romans 12:15, Isaiah 53:4, Matthew 25:35, Matthew 28:20, Romans 8:35-39)


Art: "Marked"

Sunday, August 03, 2014

The Palestinian Bride

"Many of My people love Israel
and they pray for her often—
for her safety, peace, and prosperity.

They are proud to 'stand for Israel':
they preach it in their gatherings,
participate in conferences about it,
and assemble to protest and rally for it.

They support Israel's politics;
they pray for Israel's army,
for her military objectives,
and for her to be victorious.

They are attentive not only to the past
and present sufferings of Israel,
but also to potential sufferings that Jews
could experience under speculative scenarios.

But they cannot see the great sufferings
of their Christian brothers and sisters
in neighboring Gaza and the West Bank.

My Palestinian bride suffers,
but they do not mourn with her,
comfort her, encourage her or support her.
They do not 'stand with' her.

My bride in Palestine is an inconvenience
to the great devotion of many to Israel;
hearing of her suffering only interrupts
their unceasing prayers for Israel.

Many of My people in their hearts have sold
their suffering Palestinian brothers and sisters,
trading them for the hope of being rewarded
for unconditionally 'standing with Israel.'

Although many in the church abroad
have forsaken My Palestinian bride,
yet I have not abandoned her,
and I have raised up a remnant of My people
to pray for her and support her.

Though she has not been loved
by many of her family—My people—
she shall be honored and called 'My beloved'."


Art: "Forsaken By Family"