Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Word to Native Americans

"My children,

I am He who created all things
and I am He who redeems all things.
I am He who has been with you
since the beginning,
and I am He who will be with you
until the end of all things—
I am the Creator.

Your ancestors sought Me
and lived in reverence of My Spirit.
They saw My handiwork in creation
and longed to honor Me.
When their world was changed
they still sought Me and trusted
in My goodness and My will.

When they suffered,
I suffered with them;
when they were oppressed,
I was oppressed with them;
when they lost their homes,
I was homeless with them,
and I stayed with them in captivity.

I walked with them in exile,
I hungered with them,
I was sick with them,
I was depressed with them,
I was beaten with them,
I cried with them,
and I died with them.

I am He who is with you today,
even as your people continue
to suffer from traumas old and new.
I am He who is always with you
and who will never leave you.
There is no grief you know
which I do not know.

I will bring justice for you,
and I will punish those
who have oppressed you.
Woes are coming upon the land,
and the heavens will be shaken.
Do not be afraid when this happens,
but trust in Me and My love.

Forgive your enemies
and pray for those who
have persecuted you,
for they are also My creation—
they too are My precious children.
I want to save them
and set them free."


Art: "Creator Came Down"

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Prisoner of the Nation In Your Heart

"You cannot serve two masters:
you cannot serve your country,
its ways and its demands
and serve Me at the same time.

Either you will serve Me
or you will subject Me to the state;
you will either obey My word
or will force it to conform to your ways.

I am not the God of America:
your gods are Mammon and Mars;
America is founded on the gods
of greed, war and bloodshed.

You cannot allow Me to speak freely
or My word will expose your deeds
and the pride of your heart;
I am imprisoned to 'America' in your heart.

Will you let Me speak?
Will you let Me be your Lord?
Will you follow Me or your nation?
I wait in the prison of your heart."


Art: "God of the State"

Monday, October 13, 2014

Unshakable Kingdom

"My beloved children in America,

Do not be afraid.

I never promised you
political freedom or prosperity.
I told you that tribulation would come
but that I have overcome the world,
and I will never leave you or forsake you.

I never promised you
a kingdom, earthly nation
or government system
that would never perish from the earth.
Instead I promised you My kingdom.

My kingdom stands whether
America and your way of life fails.

My kingdom lives even
if your lives are taken away.

My kingdom cannot be destroyed
by the weapons of the world.

My kingdom is not of this world,
but 'America' is a kingdom of the world.

America will pass away,
but My kingdom will not.

America will fail,
but My kingdom will not.

My kingdom is everlasting,
but America will not endure.

My kingdom cannot be shaken
and it cannot be defeated.

Put your faith, your hope,
and your trust in My kingdom."


Art: "The Tearing of the Veil"

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Liberty and Justice For All?

America! You have proclaimed
'Liberty and justice for all'
but you have not acted justly
towards those who have dark skin
or the indigenous people who stood
in the way of your prosperity!

I do not care about your lofty words,
your anthem or your declarations:
Do justice and seek reconciliation
with those you have offended!"

“How long will you defend the unjust
and show partiality to the wicked?
Defend the weak and the fatherless;
uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed.
Rescue the weak and the needy;
deliver them from the hand of the wicked.”

(Psalm 82:2-4)


Art: "Christian Beginnings Indeed"

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

The Values of the Lamb

"I do not share your values, America:

I value love more
than I value independence.

I value charity more
than I value profit.

I value the native people
you uprooted and oppressed.

I value your enemies
as much as I value you.

I value peacemaking
and nonviolence.

I value freedom from sin more
than I value political freedom.

I value your salvation more
than I value your nation.

Do not confuse your values with Mine!"


Art: "The Ministry of Fear"

Sunday, October 05, 2014

"Not the Crown I Desire"

"I did not seek the crown,
the power, or the glory of
the kingdoms of the earth.

I did not desire the crown that
Satan offered Me in the desert,
but many of My people have.

They have sought power,
and have fought to conquer
the kingdoms of the earth.

In My name they have campaigned
to gain crowns and presidencies,
and have used them to enact their will.

Painting the cross on their shields
and their swords, they have tried
to force the nations to bow to Me.

But I was crucified when My people
sought and used power to enact
what they believed was My will.

And so again at the end of the age
those who seek power and the crowns
of the nations will again crucify Me.

In My servants who testify to Me
and hold to My commands,
I am again being rejected and crucified."


Art: "For Crown and Nation"

Friday, October 03, 2014

Witness to the Sleepers

"To My prophets who testify
to My Son and His commands,

I am giving you words to speak
that many of My people
are not willing to hear,
and I am preparing you to
witness to others who are
wandering from the narrow path
of following My Son's teachings.

I am making you a trumpet
to wake up My people
who have been lulled to sleep
by the teachers of nationalism,
militarism, and prosperity.

Bury your fears in My love,
and find your rest
in My Son's peace.

I am with you.
Know that nothing
you have done in My Spirit
will fail to achieve My purpose."


Art Link: "Sound the Trumpet!"

Thursday, October 02, 2014

The End Appointed For Her

"What have you taken pride in,
My beloved children in America?
What have you built that will last?
Will your achievements remain for eternity?
Will your prosperity be transferred to heaven?
Will your boasts stand in My presence?

Is your freedom My freedom?
Is your military might My power?
Will your constitution be
celebrated in My kingdom?
Will your economic system be
the foundation of the New Jerusalem?

Will I forget the bloodshed
that you built your country on?
Will I excuse the greed you encouraged?
Will I erect your war monuments
in the new earth and around My throne?
Will I sing the praises of your battles?

My beloved, My beloved!
Didn't I warn you not to love
the things of this world?
Didn't I tell you that nothing
of the world will endure for eternity?

Many of you who have given
your hearts and your lives to America
will weep and mourn when she
comes to the end appointed for her,
and I will weep and mourn for you!

Come out of her, My people!
Come out of her in your hearts!
Set your hearts on My kingdom alone!"


Art: "The Pride of Babylon"

"Causing My Children to Sin"

"Woe, woe! America!
You have held out your hand
to My persecuted children
who have fled to you for shelter,
but you have also seduced them
with your rebellious ways!

In your arms My children learn
to invalidate My commands
just as your 'founding fathers' did:

You teach My children to prize
their physical freedom and prosperity
above carrying the cross!
You teach My children how to use
theology to justify violence!
You are teaching My children rebellion!

Woe, woe! America!

Didn't I say that it would be better
to have a millstone tied around your neck
and be thrown into the sea
than to cause My children to sin?

Repent! Repent of your ways, America!
Repent before judgment overtakes you!"


Art: "Unfollow"