Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Fighting for the World

"I have promised that I will never
leave nor forsake you,
and I have taught you that
all who desire to follow Me
will suffer for My sake.

But many of My people do not
want to risk suffering for My sake.

Instead they are fighting for
political power, military dominance,
economic advantage and profit.
They are fighting for their system
of government and trade
instead of living in My kingdom!

They are expending themselves
for the treasures of the world
instead of the treasures of heaven!

Listen, My beloved children:

Why spend your lives
for what will not last,
for what will not satisfy,
for what will not heal,
and for what will not
profit you in eternity?

Put your trust in My ways
and treasure what I treasure!
Follow My commands
and obey My teachings
and you will find everlasting peace
that neither army, nor terrorist,
nor poverty, nor politician
can every take away!

Enter and abide in My kingdom!"


Art: "Clinging to Another Kingdom"

Sunday, January 11, 2015

"I Am Your Resurrection"

"I am with you
Though the armies come
Though the violence rage
I am still with you

I am holding you
Though you are hurt
Though you are harmed
I am still holding you

I am shielding you
Though you are beaten
Though you are tortured
I am still shielding you

I am protecting you
Though you are attacked
Though you are slain
I am still protecting you

I am preserving your life
Though you are destroyed
Though you are executed
I am still preserving your life

I am with you
When you die on your cross
When you breathe your last breath
I am still with you

I am your resurrection and life
I will receive your spirit
I will bring you home to Me
And I will raise you on the last day

I am always with you
And I will never forsake you
Nothing can separate you
from Me and My love."


Art: "In Suffering"

Saturday, January 10, 2015

"In Your Name"

Creator, I mourn
I lament
I weep
Because of what happened

What happened in Your name

They came
across the sea
They took
They stole

In Your name

They killed
They raped
They plundered
the people

In Your name

They set aside Your love
They ignored Your commands
They forsook Your ways
and treated the people like beasts

In Your name

Manifest destiny
The new Canaan
The new promised land
How the west was won

It was done in Your name

I can't blame the people
when they cringe
when they are revolted
when they even hate

Hearing the sound of Your name

It was not Your fault
It was not Your way
It was not You that they served
For without Your love

It was not truly Your name

You love the people
You made them in Your image
You suffered when they suffered
You felt all of their pain

That is Your name

Your will is for healing
Your will is for blessing
Your will is for restoration
Your will is for life

Your will is Your name

Your name has been dragged low
abused and misused
misrepresented and blasphemed
from sea to shining sea

Oh restore now Your name!

Let Your name bring healing
and the love that You are
Let Your name being restoration
Let it bring life as You intended

Let Your true name be heard!


Art: "Not His Spirit"

"Have Faith in My Commands!"

"Many of My people have become afraid
of being killed by terrorists.
Fear instead of faith
is increasing in their hearts,
and their devotion to My commands
is being set aside in favor of
meeting violence with more violence.
Their love is growing cold!

But I did not say that My command
to love your enemies hinged
on how horrible their crimes are.

Do not be deceived by fear, My people!
Do not stray from My commands!
I am He who died on the Cross
and who called you follow Me
and take up your own cross.

Trust in Me and My commands.
I told you that tribulation would come,
and that I have already overcome the world.
Have faith and be courageous."


Art: "Love As the Lamb"

"Mocking My Image"

"Can you hear the cries of
the 'least of these' among you?

Can you understand that
when you dishonor them
you dishonor Me?

I created them in My image,
and they are precious to Me.

I share in their griefs and sorrows,
and I suffer when they suffer.

When they are mocked,
I am mocked with them.

When they are insulted,
I am insulted with them.

Listen to their cries, My people!
Listen and do not stop your ears!
Listen and do not close your hearts!

Stand with 'the least of these'—
for in them I stand among you."


Art: "'Honoring' Him?"

Friday, January 09, 2015

As in the Days of the Zealots

"The time is growing near
when the love of most
will grow even colder than it is now.
Violence will be turned to
in order to combat violence,
and retaliations will increase.

Many who call themselves My people
will forsake My ways further
than they have already forsaken them,
and will lose sight of Me altogether.
As it was in the days of the Zealots,
so it will be again.

I am allowing many people
to choose what their hearts desire—
even the desire for violence.

Hold fast to My ways—
to My teachings and My commands.
Carry My cross and no other."


Art: "Returning to the Eternal Country"

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

A Faithful Remnant

"To those who call on My name in America—

I am not going to bring
a huge 'revival' that will sweep
across the United States,
though you plead for it.

You cannot easily discern
My kingdom from your empire,
for you have accepted the myths
and the lies of nationalism.

Instead I will take a remnant
and I will reduce them to My Son—
I will call them back to the Cross
and back to the gospel alone.

I have always accomplished
My purposes through a remnant—
through the few who hold
to My commands faithfully.

Return! Return, My people!
Return to My kingdom alone
and to My Son's commands,
and I will make you the salt of the nation."


Art: "Apostolic Succession"