Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Empty Words

"My people have been taught not to hear the spirit of prophecy!
'Words' from the prophets of Ahab have become
what My people recognize as 'prophecy',
and schools teach My people to prophesy in the flesh!
A movement has established the authority of Jezebel
and taught her ways as the 'secret things' of God!

Those who want to grow in faith and know Me better
are guided into chasing empty 'prophetic' words
which do not heal deep wounds or even speak My love,
but instead appeal to the flesh and the idols of the heart.
They are taught to seek new 'realms' and 'higher levels'
instead of simply resting in what I did on the Cross.

How long will I allow the 'words' of false prophets
to deafen My peoples' ears to My voice?"


Art: "Longing From Father"

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Redeeming Thanksgiving

To Native Americans, beloved by God:

This Thursday, Americans will celebrate the "Thanksgiving" holiday, but I can't "give thanks" to God without first coming to you and saying I'm sorry.

I grew up celebrating the holiday with the white majority in America, but I can't honestly remember thinking about you even once all that time. When I was little, my schools put up decorations of "Pilgrims and Indians" remembering the celebration at Plymouth in 1621, and I once remember dressing up as an "Indian" in kindergarten. You were characters from history to us, cardboard-cutouts placed next to turkeys or costumes to be worn. We never once thought about you today.

I learned only the basic outline of the story, about how Squanto and Massasoit had earlier helped the pilgrims (who wouldn't have survived without the help the Wampanoag people gave). I was told that the pilgrims were thankful for the harvest, for the food. And I was taught to give thanks to God on Thanksgiving Day, to be thankful for my family, for my blessings, for my country and more, and of course to enjoy the turkey.

But somehow I was never taught to be thankful for what the Natives did. I never stopped to think that if the Natives had not helped the pilgrims, I might not be alive today. And worse still, I never thought about how different the image of that first Thanksgiving was from our celebration of "Thanksgiving" today: I never thought of where you were today.

I didn't learn about what happened afterward that first "Thanksgiving" until many years later. I wouldn't blame you for wishing that "Thanksgiving" in 1621 had never happened, or that Squanto had not shown mercy to the people who had once enslaved him.

I'm alive today because of the goodwill your ancestors showed. Your people have been through so much suffering, and I wish that so many of those things had never happened. In a way, I feel like a child who was conceived and born because of the rape of your people. I want to tell you that I'm sorry such terrible things happened, but that I am grateful to be alive because of the mercy of your forefathers. I believe God can bring life out of death, and good things out of absolutely horrible things.

So I want to say THANK YOU for what your ancestors did. I am alive, and I am thankful. I am thankful to God, and I am thankful to you. What your ancestors did at Plymouth showed God's mercy. They welcomed immigrants instead of leaving them to die or considering them enemies. What they did shows the love of Jesus Christ, who loved us and gave His life to us while we were still His enemies.

So I want to honor what they did, and I want to honor you.

In His love,
Ramone Romero


About the painting: "Giving Thanks"
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Friday, November 16, 2012

"Mourn With Me"

"Come, My servants,
come and weep with Me!
My precious children,
My precious children!

Many of them will walk out of their doors one day
not knowing that their time has come to an end!
Drunk on the wine of the old covenant
and drunk on their own righteousness,
they will not know when they no longer know Me
and when they have gone too far from My path!

I will wail for them and lament for them.
Can you see My tears, My servants?
I am wailing for those who leave My heart!
Do you know My heart and My love?"


Art: "Beyond His Heart"

Built On Blood

"Woe to you who add house to house
and annex field to field
until there is no more space left
and you alone are left in the land!"
(Isaiah 5:8)

"Beasts! On blood you have built your kingdoms!
With violence you have claimed an inheritance!
In My name you pushed whoever stood in your way
off from the land in which they were living!

I did not call you to steal, kill and destroy!
You have not built your nations on My word,
but on the blood of those you sacrificed
in order to possess their land!

The blood of My Son was not shed
to give you license to disobey His law!
I am He who hears the cry of the oppressed
and I am He who does not show favoritism!"


Art: "Two Beasts"

Thursday, November 15, 2012

"I Will Guard Your Heart"

"When you understand My heart and speak it,
many among My people will not be at ease
because they cannot see that My heart
is larger than their doctrines.

At times people will question your heart and accuse you,
searching for a way to keep the Cross from shedding light
in places in their hearts that they do not want to be exposed,
because they need My love and are afraid of being condemned.

Rest in My heart! Hold onto My heart!
As you hold onto My heart
and hold out My heart in word and deed,
I will protect your heart!"


Art: "Heart At Ease"

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pleading With Babylon

"My people in America are being ravaged
by their own fears because they have taken
their eyes off of My Son and His commands.

They cannot receive My peace
because they can only be at peace
if they have earthly prosperity and power.

Their joy in My kingdom has been taken away
because their hearts have been captured by
conservative politics and American nationalism.

Their souls are unable to rest
because they resist My Son's teachings
in favor of whatever exalts their nation.

What have you gained, My beloved,
by trying to save your worldly kingdom?
All you have now is anxiety, fear and bitterness!

You cannot serve Me and the American dream.
You cannot partake of the bread of My Son
and the leaven of nationalism.

Come! Be free, My beloved!
Why spend yourselves on behalf of what
does not satisfy and what will not endure?"


Art: "Clinging to Another Kingdom"

Sunday, November 04, 2012

"One Covenant—My Son!"

"My Son is the new covenant I have given to you!
The blood He shed for you is your covenant with Me;
there is no need for any other covenant with Me,
for I have been pleased to give you the whole kingdom
and all of My fullness in My Son.

Many false prophets are declaring the blessings and curses
of the old covenant on the United States,
but I did not make a covenant with the United States.
Do not be deceived: whoever teaches covenants
instead of My Son's blood has fallen from grace."


Art: "Because You Love Me"

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Opposing God

"Woe to those who call themselves My people
but who discourage and stand against peacemakers!

Woe to those who say 'Peace can only come in Jesus'
as an excuse for not following His commands!

Woe to those who proclaim the doctrines of the Cross
but refuse to allow My agape love to work reconciliation!

Woe to those who refuse to stand in the gap between enemies
because they hope one side will prevail over the other!

Woe to those who refuse to teach My commandments to Israel
saying, 'We must not interfere because prophecy is being fulfilled!'

Do not be deceived:
those who intercede between enemies
and sow peace in My Son's name
are My sons and daughters,
for they have understood My heart.
But those who oppose them
do not know Me or My Son."


Art: "Not Knowing the Father"

Despising Her Birthright

"My beloved has left the Cross!
My kingdom was not enough for her!
The power of My grace was insufficient to her!
The commandment of My love was foolishness to her!
The riches of heaven were too small for her!
My blood didn't give her as much 'freedom' as she wanted!

I cry, 'Turn around, My beloved!
Come back to the Cross!'
But she cannot let go of her pride,
the glory, or the power she has gained.
For a single meal of political power,
My beloved has sold her birthright."


Art: "For a Single Meal"