Sunday, April 21, 2013

Creator's Regalia

On March 15th, I was impressed to listen to a recording I have of the hymn "We Gather Together" performed by a Cherokee flute player. Afterwards as I prayed, I began to see a vision...

I saw the inside of an Iroquois longhouse, and there were First Nations believers in Christ from many tribes gathered together. I saw a man in the regalia of a plains tribe and a fireplace behind him. He looked like Richard Twiss, and he was carrying something to show to everyone. I couldn't see what it was, but then the Lord spoke:
"I have gathered you together because I am calling you to intercede for those who have oppressed you. Their nation will not last. They are proud and believe they are strong, but they are blind and are already dying.

I am setting before you a plea from My heart: My beloved children are in captivity— will you set them free by sharing My life with them? Will you bless those who have cursed you in My name? Will you forgive those who have tried to destroy you in My name? Will you take this regalia—the garments My Son wore to the Cross—and wear it?"
Then I looked in Richard's hands and I saw a blood-stained robe of white, woven cloth. I saw streaks where tears made stains. I saw places where the garment had been torn by hardship, abuse, beatings and suffering. I saw dirt and sand ground into it. Then I saw Richard wearing the garment over his Native regalia, preparing to dance, looking forward and ready to sing. I saw him holding feathers, and believers from First Nations were following behind him, preparing to begin the dance.

I suddenly saw a Cross at the head of the procession (and I couldn't see Richard anymore), and the believers were coming out of the longhouse following the Cross into America. I saw believer after believer wearing the same bloodstained robe of white, torn from abuse and suffering and streaked with the stains of tears. Then I saw from the eyes of the Natives new tears, rolling down their faces and onto the tear-stained robe of the Cross, falling onto where Christ's tears had run as He forgave and interceded for His enemies.

And I heard Creator-Redeemer saying,


Art: "In the Pains of Birth"

Friday, April 19, 2013

The Choice of Grace

"I am gathering My cross-carriers,
set apart by My Father with ears to hear
My call to the ministry of reconciliation:

Become one with Me and with each other
by loving one another as I have loved you,
even while you were My enemies.

Forsake pride and embrace repentance;
desire justice and relationship;
forgive and bless each other.

Become a remnant set apart by My grace—
by beholding My grace given freely to you,
and by giving grace freely to each other."


"Reconciliation Medicine"
See also:
The Medicine America Needs

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Rescue Is Coming!

"I am coming! I am coming!
I am coming to relieve the faint,
I am coming to heal the wounded,
I am coming to pick up the downtrodden,
I am coming to rescue the broken in the world.

I am coming to end your suffering,
I am coming to wipe away your tears,
I am coming to restore what was lost,
I am coming to bring to life what was dead.
I am coming and I will redeem all things!"


Art: "Coming Redeemer"

"My Prayer: Unity In Love"

"Who are the ones I gave My life for on the Cross?
Are there any that I have loved less than others?
Does one group mean more to Me than another?
Haven't I loved and carried the Cross for all?

I created each of you and set you
in the earth like stars in the night sky.
I called each of you forth because
in My eyes you are stars in the darkness.

My desire, My heart and My dream is for you
to love each other as I have loved you—
that you unite as one with Me
and with My love for each other.

But to many of you My dream seems
like an un-Christian creation of pagans.
You cannot believe that the unity I prayed for
is a unity in loving people with My love.

But still I share My dream with you.
For you are each an eternal treasure to Me
—you, your neighbor, and your enemy—
and I dream of having all of you as My bride."


Art: "Share My Dream"

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Jesus Way

"I am turning the hearts of My servants
to hear the cries of the wounded.

Because My servants hear their cries,
they will speak and act on behalf of the wounded.

Because My servants speak and act on their behalf,
they themselves will be wounded.

My call for My people is to put on sackcloth—
to identify with transgressors and repent to the wounded.

I am calling My people to walk in the footsteps of the Lamb—
to give their lives to helping to bring healing."


Art: "Because You Are Worth It"

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Asking For Whose Restoration?

"Many of you are praying and crying out for 'revival' in America,
but many of you are setting your hearts on a revival of 'America.'
Many of you desire a restoration of the patriotic glory and righteousness
which you believe America was founded with and blessed by Me with.

You cannot see that America was founded on injustice and unrighteousness,
and that its glory is not the glory of My Son crucified for My enemies.
Instead your glory is in the greatness you achieved through your wars,
through destroying and oppressing the nations I had placed in the land.

Therefore when I hear you praying, 'Heal our land', I tell you:

I will not bring about the kind of 'revival' you seek,
for the glory of 'America' is built on darkness.
But if you want America to be filled with My light,
you must repent to the Natives I set in the land,
and you must produce fruit in keeping with repentance.

You must let Me tear a hole in the glory of 'America'
and resurrect the nations 'America' buried.
Their restoration is not part of 'reviving America'
but instead it is revival in America—
bringing life out of the grave of 'America.'

When you have forsaken your pride and the myth of your righteousness,
and when you have expended yourselves on helping the oppressed,
then the nations and your own people will see My glory."


Art: "Revival In America"

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Creator Redeems

"Where are the sons and daughters I gave this land?
Where are the Native Americans who tended
the land that rejoiced in their care?
Where are they who loved the land
and whom the land loved?
Why does the land mourn and
why does blood soak its earth?

A day is coming when the days of mourning will end—
when the heaviness will be washed away,
for I will bring back and resurrect
the sons and daughters who were broken and taken away.
The land will see and rejoice
when I return My children to her.
The trees and the rivers eagerly wait for that day."


Art: "End of Mourning"