Sunday, March 31, 2013

"Today I Wait"

"I am waiting eagerly—
not for sacred celebrations, days or seasons,
but I am here waiting for you today.

Today I want you to hear my voice!
Today I want you to know I am in you in My fullness!
Today is the day of My salvation!
Today is the day I have made for you and Me!"


Art: "Keeping Sabbath"
See also: "I Hate Waiting"

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

"Live In My Sacrifice"

"Listen to My Spirit, poured out
just as My blood was poured out on the Cross—
in love for the world and
with forgiveness for My enemies:

Many follow Me in name but
do not know what manner of spirit
they are truly following—
a different 'Christ' teaching
the ways of man instead of God,
opposing Me just as in Judea.

I am calling you to follow Me to your cross
and to pour out My Spirit to them—
to forgive and pour out your lives for those
who live today as enemies of the Cross,
just as I forgave and poured out My life
for those who put Me on the Cross.
Live in My sacrifice—in My Spirit."


Art: "I Loved You, My Enemy"