Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Lamb Slain
From the Foundation of America

"I am He who stands with the oppressed.
I am He who stands in the way of conquest.
I am He who is sacrificed for land and power.
I am He whose blood is shed with the innocent.
I am He who is set aside for national ambition.
I am He who was crucified in America."


Art: "In The Way"

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Setting All Things Right

"I am coming! I am coming with justice!
I am coming to set right all things!
I am coming to end all war and oppression!
I am coming to reward the deeds of all mankind:
I will show mercy to the merciful,
but I will repay the unmerciful accordingly.
I am bringing retribution and redemption!"


Art: "He-Who-Sets-Free"

Monday, May 27, 2013

Place of Rest

"Your glory is not My glory.
Your ways are not My ways.
Your nation is not My nation.
Your exaltation is not My exaltation.
I have raised a banner for all nations,
the Cross — not your flag."

"The Root of Jesse will stand as
a banner for the peoples;
the nations will rally to Him,
and His place of rest will be glorious."
(Isaiah 11:10)


Art: "A New Faith"

Sunday, May 26, 2013

"Return to My Calling For You"

"I am calling you! I am calling you back, My children in America!
I am calling you back to the foundation of your nation,
to discover why I allowed your forefathers to settle in the land:

You were not meant to conquer the people of the land,
but to become part of their family.
You were not meant to fight them and defeat them,
but to love them as you love yourselves.
You were not meant to 'enlighten' them with your truth,
but to listen to Me together with them.

For this purpose I brought you to the land,
and My calling for you has not been revoked!

Therefore, seek out your neighbors,
be reconciled with them,
and love them as I love them.
Repent for the sins of your forefathers
and stand with them as they seek justice.
Share in their joys and their griefs,
their laughter and their tears.

As you return to your calling,
I will awaken your own heart within you,
and you will know your purpose in the earth
in a way you have never known before.

Return! Return, My beloved!
Return to your neighbors
and to My calling for you!"


Art: "Reunion"

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Be Covered!

"What are you afraid of, My beloved?
Why are you upset when you hear about the sins of your people?
Why do you feel the need to try to 'balance' things?
If you justify and excuse your people's sin,
aren't you saying that you have no sin?
Does citing the sin of other people do away with yours?

I am knocking on the door of your heart, My beloved!

You have closed your ears to hearing the truth about your nation;
you have closed your eyes to the oppressed at home and abroad;
you have closed your hands toward those your nation has wounded;
you have closed your hearts to those I have commanded you to love.

Do not hide behind the sins of others, My beloved,
but come let Me give you peace about yours.
Do not run away from guilt, but instead run to Me!
Your nation's righteousnesses cannot cover your nakedness.
Come to Me and let Me clothe you in My righteousness instead."


Art: "Naked Before Him"

Friday, May 03, 2013

One Nation, Ignoring God

"I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
I am He who died and was raised to life.
I am He who laid down His life for His sheep.
I am He who gathers them and neglects not one.

I am the Great Spirit, the Creator
worshiped by many folds of My Native children.
I have gone hungry and thirsty with them,
I have been unclothed, sick and in prison with them.
I have been cheated and killed with them.
Today I am ignored with them in the United States.

Many of you pray "God bless America",
but I am waiting in My Native children
for you to come and bless Me.
You have called yourselves a nation "under God"
but I tell you that you have put yourselves over Me,
stepped on Me, and shed My blood in My Native children.

For whatever you have done to the least
of these Native children of Mine,
you have also done to Me."


Art: "Built On Blood"