Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Patience of the Saints

"My people are going to need My commands in order to survive!
They cannot stand unless they stand in My agape love!

Their only protection from the enemy in the last days
is the love I gave them while they were My enemies,
and which I commanded them to give to their enemies.

If My people do not stand in My love,
then they have already fallen!"


Art: "The Way of Freedom"

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

In the Last Days

When tribulation, trial,
and suffering come:
Endure patiently,
hold to My testimony
and command to love.

When the world fills with evil
and love becomes cold:
Endure patiently,
hold to My testimony
and command to love.

When life, home and happiness
are taken away:
Endure patiently,
hold to My testimony
and command to love.

When the nations rush to fight
and draw blood for gain:
Endure patiently,
hold to My testimony
and command to love.

When ways of life are threatened
and things change for worse:
Endure patiently,
hold to My testimony
and command to love.

When freedom for greed is sought
and mercy is mocked:
Endure patiently,
hold to My testimony
and command to love.

When deceivers, false teachers
and abuses grow:
Endure patiently,
hold to My testimony
and command to love.

When earth and sea tremble, and
stars fall from heaven:
Endure patiently,
hold to My testimony
and command to love.

When the last day approaches,
and the world darkens:
Endure patiently,
hold to My testimony
and command to love.


Art: "Preach the Gospel!"

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"Are You Willing?"

"Are you willing to suffer for My sake?

Are you willing to let your rights be taken away
for the sake of the gospel?

Are you willing to embrace with My love
those who persecute you?

Are you willing to follow Me even if
you have to go to prison because of My word?

Are you willing to carry a cross
if I set one before you?"


Art: "For My Sake"

Friday, January 25, 2013

"Old Glory"

"If you have added your glory on top of My Son's
and proclaimed your righteousness instead of His,
you are choosing to be judged by your works
instead of by the work of My Son."


"The American Patriot's Gospel"

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"Remember Your Roots"

"In all of your suffering,
I was there suffering with you.

Just as you suffered oppression and violence
though you had done no wrong, so did I.

I was born into your world
to redeem your suffering.
And because of what your people suffered,
you quickly understand My heart
in a way that is not as easy for others.

Do not forget your history.
Do not forget how you were given
the light of faith in the midst of darkness,
and how through faith your ancestors were sustained
even as they were beaten and hung.

Do not forget how I sent you
a man after My own heart
to teach you the power of My agape love.
Do not forget the dream I gave him
of the beloved community.

Do not be distracted by the American dream,
for I brought you out of slavery
for better things than that—
to set a nation free that is enslaved
to greed and violence.

Help your neighbors to true freedom—
to My love and My eternal liberty."

"He sent a man before them,
Joseph, sold as a slave."

(Psalm 105:17)


Art: "Immanuel in the Land of the Free"

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Night Watch

"The night has come and I am
calling My people to stand watch.

My agape love is light in the darkness;
darkness is where My agape love is missing.

Many have fallen asleep and live in darkness—
they live without knowing My agape love.

Therefore I am sending witnesses into the midst
of the night where agape love has grown cold.

I am sending them to awaken and fan into flame
the embers of agape love that remain.

Who will allow My love to rouse them
and desire to be awakened from sleep?

Who will vainly try to quench
and wash away My agape love?"


Art: "For The End"

Founded Upon Desecration

"Many of My people have said that the
only two nations founded upon My word
are the United States and Israel.
Indeed both nations have been
founded upon My word—
upon the desecration of My word!"

"The American Patriot's Gospel"
"The Gospel of Christian Zionism"

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Gospel of Christian Zionism

After the heartache of "The American Patriot's Gospel",
I hoped God would never call me to do such a thing again.
But the next day He asked me to...

"Desecrate My word as My people have with Christian Zionism:
Take a New Testament and paint an Israeli flag over it,
just as My people have put Israel over the New Covenant.

Bend the Bible and force it to stay open at Romans 11,
for Christian Zionism and Dispensationalism have bent and forced
the whole New Testament to fit into their interpretation of this passage.

Paint the edges of the Bible gold,
for My people have made 'Israel' the center
and the rest of My word to be decoration around it.

Cut the sides of the entire book of Romans and twist them,
for its good news for all people has been cut apart and twisted
to seem as exclusively 'Jewish' as a prayer shawl.

Just as My people have done to My words,
use white-out to cover over whatever does not fit
with the beliefs and goals of Zionism.

Woe! For I loved and gave grace to all peoples in the Son of David,
but He has been replaced with an image of the 'Star of David'
that My people love, honor, and bow to out of fear of judgment!

'Israel' has become a prayer shawl My people put over themselves
to hide themselves from the truth and the cries of Palestinians,
believing such pious favoritism will gain My favor and blessing!"


As I held this, Lord, I was struck by how much it felt like an idol. It doesn't look as shocking as the "Patriot's Gospel"... it seems like it's actually made to look beautiful, until you really sit and look at it soberly, and think about which words were covered with white-out in order to paint this picture. Then the grief pours in — Your grief.

"My people have replaced Me with another 'god',
My way with another 'way',
My kingdom with another 'kingdom',
My commands with other 'commands',
My new covenant with the old covenant,
and My salvation for the world with 'Zionism' for Israel."


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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The American Patriot's Gospel

Yesterday when I was looking up a Bible verse online, I saw an advertisement for "The American Patriot's Bible." I read the description, watched part of the video, turned it off, and continued with what I was doing. Later at night God stopped me, saying He wanted to respond to the "Patriot's Bible" and wanted me to paint a picture.

I looked and saw what seemed to be an old battle-torn American flag, somehow on top of a Bible. At first I assumed it was the famous Fort McHenry flag which I had seen many times at the Smithsonian's American History Museum in Washington D.C., but that wasn't it. And it wasn't a regular painting He wanted me to do.

After I prayed and asked more, He asked me to do this:

"Take a Bible and open it to John 18,
for My people in America have judged My Son,
rejected and condemned His teaching.

Cut out verses 11 and 36,
for America was founded with the sword,
a kingdom of this world established with violence.

Burn the edges of the Bible,
for the fire of the passion of their patriotism
is stronger than their passion for My Son.

Paint an American flag over the gospel,
for American Christianity sees 'Old Glory' first
and reads the scripture as through a veil.

Paint the white stripes with white-out,
for belief in American righteousness is used
to whitewash its history and My words.

Use a New Testament that you received freely,
for I gave you the New Covenant freely through Christ's blood,
but America replaced it with a freedom earned by its own blood.

Woe! Since the beginning American Christians
have defiled My word and profaned My name
by shedding blood for the sake of their own gain!"


But Lord, I protested, I don't want to do this to a Bible! It hurts!

"This is what they have done to My word. It hurts Me, too."

But I don't want to offend anyone, Lord...

"They don't worry about offending Me."

I obeyed, and I wept.


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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Not the Things of God!

"My people, I am not going to give you
the power that you are seeking in politics.

Were I to give it to you,
you would not know it.
Were you to gain it by flesh,
you would not know it.
You will take it by your own means,
without Me or My blessing.

The power you are seeking is
not the power that I long to give you.
I called you to take up the cross,
but you have rejected the cross
in favor of seizing the crown,
the crown offered to My Son by Satan.

No matter how much you claim to fight for Me,
if you take up the crown He rejected
and reject the cross He took up,
then you do not know Me.

No one knows Me who has rejected My Son.
If you have not listened to His word,
taken up your cross, and followed in His steps,
then you do not know Me.

Repent! Turn around,
and embrace the cross!"


Art: "Not of This World"

Monday, January 14, 2013

"Will You Still Love Me?"

"My precious children, My precious children,
I love and cherish Your affection for Me
and your desire to love Me more!
I treasure your praises and your sweet words!
I love you so much, so much more than you know!
I want to open your hearts to know Me and My love
in even greater depth than you already know.

But, My precious children, will you let Me?

I may open your eyes to see idols
that you did not recognize as idols;

I may open your ears to hear cries among you
of suffering that you could not hear before;

I may ask you to lay on the altar
your pride in your people and your nation;

I may call you to love your enemies and reach out
to help heal the wounds they have suffered;

I may reveal errors in your beliefs
and set a choice before you:

Will you love Me,
or will you love your idea of Me?
Will you truly follow Me, or will you
close your ears and turn away in your hearts?"


Art: "Pardon Me"

Sunday, January 13, 2013

"Can I Share My Love?"

"My people,
do you really want
to know My love?

Will you let Me
share My heart
with you?

Will you listen only if
I share 'positive' things
that make you feel good?

Will you turn away
if I share My
grief with you?

Will you tell Me to
be quiet if I say something
that makes you uncomfortable?

My beloved,
do you really want
to know My love?"


Art: "Father's Call"

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Mercy, Not Judgment

"Through My eyes,
look through My eyes,
My children!

I am not pleased by the
suffering of the guilty.
I do not rejoice in
giving condemnation,
but in giving mercy.

I am not delighted when My children
delight in 'righteous indignation'—
for only I am righteous
and I call My children
to the ministry of life,
not the ministry of condemnation.

My ways are not your ways,
but My ways are higher—
My way is the Cross,
where I gave My love to My enemies
and mercy triumphed over judgment.

Look through My eyes, My children
—look through the Cross—
and be merciful as I am merciful."


Art: "The Choice"

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Hearts of Stone

"My people are being led astray
by the pride of their hearts!

Because they crave to be strong,
they look down upon the weak.

Because they seek to control their fate,
they put down any person in their way.

Because they worship 'self-made' people,
they despise those who need to ask for aid.

Because they glory in their accomplishments,
they cannot esteem those without worldly success.

Because they believe in using violence righteously,
they believe all of their violence has been righteous.

Because they value their right to material happiness,
they object to the gospel of the kingdom of heaven.

The hearts of My people have
become as hard as stone!

Who will cry out and weep for My people?
Who will go and call them to repent,
to let go of their hearts of stone
and accept My heart instead?

You who have ears to hear,
can you hear My heart
breaking for My people?"


Art: "A Hare"