Friday, September 27, 2013

War Fantasies

Fantasy! Fantasy!
Many of My people have taken up
a sword in their hearts
instead of taking up their cross!
Many have exchanged loving neighbor and enemy
for fantasies of fighting spiritual battles!

Woe! Woe! Many of My beloved children
do not know who they are following!
Follow the Lamb! Follow the Lamb!
I have not called you to conquer as a lion
but to follow Me in My sufferings!
I am not the one leading you to love war!

Return! Return to your first love!
Remember when you first believed
and become a child once again,
or you will not be aware
when you know Me no longer
and have come to love another!

Turn back from your love of war
or My coming may not be
a day of rejoicing for you,
for you may not find Me as you expect!"


Art: "Love of Might"

Monday, September 23, 2013

Creator Is With Us

"I am the One who created all things.
I am the Spirit whom all of creation knows.
I receive the songs and prayers of all who seek peace.

I am He who sees the hearts of My children.
I am He who has heard your sighs
and I am He who knows your longings.

I am He who redeems.
I am He who makes new.
I am He who is with you."


Art: "Sacred"

Saturday, September 07, 2013

The Restorer of All

"Because I am He who redeems
every tribe, tongue, and nation,
I also call out to each in unique ways,
and I have put part of My heart in each one.

But instead of learning to hear My voice in them,
many people in My name have attempted
to silence My witness in 'foreign' cultures
by forcing them to conform to a single culture.

I am bringing healing for the wounds of the nations.
In the last days a great multitude will raise their voices
singing the song of the Lamb in the freedom of My Spirit,
for My redemption is for all tribes, tongues, and nations!

I am the Redeemer of all,
and I am the Restorer of all."


Art: "Light of Restoration"