Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Passing Greatness

"To the Church in America:

"I love your heart. I love how you desire to do what is right, and that you are so ready and willing to suffer and sacrifice for what you believe is right, and for one another. You've learned this from Me, for I laid down My life so that you could live.

"But I did not lay down My life so that you could have a nation or be prosperous in earthly riches. I laid down My life (and no one else's) to give you an eternal inheritance and heavenly treasures.

"Knowing this, some of your forefathers called themselves pilgrims, and recognized that they were strangers in this world. But later many laid down pilgrimage for the hope of a temporary nation. Many forgot the surpassing power of My freedom and My peace, and instead chose to strive, fight, take lives and sacrifice lives for a passing earthly hope.

"In prior centuries, many who bore My name laid down their lives for My name, My word and My love. But now, your forefathers, fathers and you have laid down your lives for your nation, your land, and for your earthly way of life. And this you hold to be the highest honor and sacrifice.

"Because you have so highly glorified your earthly freedom, your eyes have become veiled to the far greater freedom that I desire for you to have. And because you have so highly honored the greatness of dying for one's friends, you have not known the greatest love that comes from above: I loved you and died for you while you were still My enemies.

"Behold, the sacrifices of your fathers for your nation are blinding your eyes from seeing the truth of My word, My love, and the meaning of My name. You have become drunk on the glory of the old, and cannot discern the surpassing glory of the wine of My new covenant.

"Listen: The house that your forefathers built will not endure. The earthly freedom and way of life they died for will not endure. I am calling you to return to My freedom and My ways. Become pilgrims again and set your hearts on things above.

"As glorious as the sacrifices of your fathers and forefathers were—who laid down their lives for family, friends and earthly nation—there is no comparison to the everlasting glory of My eternal Kingdom and My sacrifice for you while you were My enemies.

"I am calling you out of the shadows of the graves of your fathers and forefathers, and into the light of My Father's love instead.

"Walk while there is still light, before your earthly house collapses and the darkness of its loss overtakes you."

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


"To the Church (and not yet to the world):

"I will take away many things (*) that have been a burden to you, though many of you have believed these were part of My Word. Because of their loss many of you will take offense, and some of you will try to rebuild them. Many will spend their spirits on returning to their lost earthly glory.

"Do not set your hopes on protecting accomplishments (**) or you will lose sight of Me and wander from My heart. I am all you need.

"Do not cling to self-pity and believe you have been wronged solely because you are righteous and others are wicked. For you must not stand for any righteousness other than Christ's.

"I am lifting a yoke off of your shoulders, and you will be more free because of it."

(*) - For example, church buildings, physical comforts, freedoms, financial prosperity, supports like "tithe", political power, church hierarchies, etc.

(**) - Things that Christianity/Christians have "accomplished" or "gained" throughout the years personally or socially, in society, in government, in legislation, legally, in nations, nationally, internationally, etc.


Art: "The Sauna of Your Presence"

A Word to Charismatic Churches

"To Charismatic Churches around the world:

I want you to know My love for you. And I want you to know My love for you is not based on how much you know or have been moving in My Spirit. My love for you is not based on how much you've learned of Me or have sought My face. I loved you before you ever desired to move with Me; and when you move apart from Me, I love you still.

I am calling you to return to My Spirit, because you have wandered, and I will let you wander only so far. Moving in My power and leaning on My breast are not the same thing. Performing My works can be done without knowing My heart. I want you to know My heart, and I want you to give Me your heart more than I want you to perform My works.

Before I told you to earnestly desire spiritual gifts, didn't I tell you to excel in love (agape)? For love (agape) is the key, root, fountain and goal of My Spirit's gifts. When you have love (agape), you have Me and all of My works. But when you don't have love (agape) or when you marginalize it, although you can still be used for My works you then disconnect from Me. Love (agape) is not elementary, nor is it entrance-level, nor is it a stepping-stone to greater works, for there is no greater work than love (agape).

Listen: Pursuit of My external signs is leading you away from My heart. I do not want you devoting your hearts or faith to movements only able to bring you near My works, or works that appear like Mine. I do not want you in love with the sensational, I want you in love with Me! I do not want you you in relation to what can be done through you or in you; I want relationship with you!

I miss you; Seek your first love."