Sunday, April 26, 2015

Creator Witnesses

"I saw every promise
that was made
between America
and Native peoples—

every treaty,
every wampum,
every pipe smoked,
every paper signed—

I saw and witnessed each one.

I am He who heard their cries
when promises were broken.
I am He who hears their prayers
for justice and for restoration.

Christians in America,
would you have Me repay you
according to your deeds
or will you repent and seek justice?"


Art: "Creator Witnesses"

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Discovery and Justice

"Come, My people,
come and look
at what was done
by your forefathers.

Come and discover
the doctrines they created
and used for their greed
to oppress nations in My name.

Come and repent, My people.
Come to the Cross and repent
to the descendants of the oppressed
for the sins of your forefathers.

Come, for I have nailed your sins
to the Cross of forgiveness,
but I want you to take part
in repentance and reconciliation.

Come and take part in healing
and bearing the fruit of repentance
for the descendants of the oppressed;
come and seek their restoration.

Come and see the magnitude
of your forefathers' sins,
and find salvation from their effects
in the forgiveness of the Cross.

Come and repent to them,
speak words of life to them,
and work for their healing
and for their restoration.

Come and repent—
be ministers of reconciliation.

Come and repent—
be ministers of healing.

Come and repent—
be ministers of justice.

Come and repent—
be ministers of the Cross."


Art: "Come Discover Repentance"

Monday, April 06, 2015

Indian Resurrection

"Native America—

You were robbed
But I will restore what was lost

Your tribes were decimated
But I will gather you again

Your people were killed
But I will raise them to life

You were scalped
But I will crown you with honor

You were called savages
But I will call you sons and daughters

Your spirituality was forbidden
But I will restore and fulfill it

Your homes were destroyed
But I will give you an everlasting home

Your livelihood was taken away
But I will provide living bread

Your land was 'allotted' away
But I will give you the earth to inherit

Your children were taken away
But I will bring them back

You were enslaved
But I will break every chain

You were experimented on
But I will give you new bodies

Your history was denied
But I will bring out the truth

You were made into entertainment
But I will honor your dances

You were given token 'honor'
But I will give you true honor

You were made into mascots
But I will honor you for who you are

Your sacred things were cheapened
But I will restore your honor

Your heritage was abused
But I will make it radiant

Your image was romanticized
But I will show who you really are

Your clothes were made costumes
But I will dress you with honor

Your dreams were taken away
But I will restore your dreams

You were given a nightmare
But I will give you a new vision

Your freedom was taken away
But I will bring you new freedom

You were made to bear a cross
But I will redeem your suffering

For the cross I bore willingly
will redeem the cross forced upon you

My wounds
will heal your wounds

And because I arose from the tomb
so you will arise from America."


Art: "Revival In America"

Saturday, April 04, 2015

The Cross of Native America


When you wanted more
you took from them

When you wanted a nation
you took away theirs

When you wanted victory
you sought to defeat them

When you wanted to count bodies
you took their scalps

When you wanted justification
you said they were savages

When you wanted converts
you took away their spirituality

When you wanted land
you took away their homes

When you wanted resources
you took away their livelihood

When you wanted democracy
you took their pattern

When you wanted their reservations
you reduced theirs to 'allotments'

When you wanted annihilation
you sent their children to boarding schools

When you wanted labor
you made their children work

When you wanted to adopt
you took their sons and daughters

When you wanted guinea pigs
you experimented on them

When you wanted to deny history
you invented theories about their origins

When you wanted entertainment
you put them in shows

When you wanted to feint honor
you put their faces on your money

When you wanted mascots
you took their names and images

When you wanted spirituality
you took and cheapened theirs

When you wanted heritage
you claimed their ancestry

When you wanted romance
you undressed them in cheap novels

When you wanted Halloween costumes
you took their clothes

When you wanted sex
you took their daughters

When you wanted souvenirs
you took their sacred objects

When you wanted a national dream
you gave them a nightmare

When you wanted freedom
you took away their freedom

When you wanted easier lives
you made them bear a cross."


Art: "The Cross of American Exceptionalism"