Monday, April 30, 2012

Interpretations of Prophecies

"Be prepared for your interpretations of the end times to be broken!
The greatest danger is not if you fail to recognize
'events, signs and sides,' but instead the greatest danger
is if your interpretations lead you to expect and prepare
for battles I have not called you to fight!

"Many interpretations of prophecies have been made
according to the sinful desires of the human heart.
Many interpretations of prophecies have been made
without the knowledge of the new covenant.
Many interpretations of prophecies have been made
without paying attention to the commandments of God—
the law of Christ: 'Love one another as I have loved you.'

"Behold, looking for 'events, signs and sides' will prepare you
to miss hearing what My Spirit says to the churches!
Searching for 'the correct interpretations' of end-time prophecies
will overtake the testimony that I have given about My Son—
that I have given you eternal life in Jesus!"


Art link: "Your Home Is Above, Jerusalem!"

Saturday, April 28, 2012

In Fear of the Antichrist

"If you are seeking to discover 'the identity of the antichrist'
then part of you does not yet know Christ
that the Christ is your salvation
instead of your knowledge of the end times.
Eternal life is in knowing Me and My Son,
not in knowing 'the antichrist.'

"I am your rock—today and in the end times.
If you are still searching for other 'rocks,'
then you do not know for sure that I am your rock
and that I will protect you.

"Do not be afraid! I am He who will hold you
and who will protect you in the darkness.
Do not waste your time striving in fear
to recognize 'the antichrist,'
but know My hand instead."


Art: "Healing the Past"

Friday, April 27, 2012

Running To And Fro

"You wearied yourself by such going about,
but you would not say it was hopeless.
You found renewal of your strength,
and so you did not faint.
Whom have you so dreaded and feared
that you have been false to Me,
and have neither remembered Me
nor pondered this in your hearts?
Is it not because I have long been silent
that you do not fear Me?"
(Isaiah 57:10-11)

"The prophecies of Daniel are sealed until the appointed time;
only the Lamb who was slain has been found worthy to unseal the scroll.
Therefore no amount of study, research, historical investigation or
even prayer for understanding can lead you to the correct interpretation.

"If you do not wait on My timing,
the interpretations you arrive at
will draw you away from My Spirit—
who is your seal for the day of redemption.

"My children, I know you are afraid
of not understanding the time of the end.
I know you seek to understand Daniel's prophecies
because you want to be among 'those who are wise.'

"My beloved, do not be afraid!
I have made Christ Jesus to be your wisdom!
You shine like stars in the heavens
as you hold onto My Son—the Word of life!"

"I tell you the truth, whoever hears My word
and believes Him who sent Me has eternal life
and will not be condemned, but has
crossed over from death to life."
(John 5:24)


Art: "Studying to Become Worthy"

The Prophesied Path

"You cannot correctly understand prophecy
until you understand the gospel!
You cannot prepare for the fulfillment of prophecies
until you come to rest in the finished work of the Cross!
You cannot preach the coming of Christ
until you keep the law of Christ—
'love one another as I have loved you.'

"If you do not begin with the gospel,
your understanding of prophecy will not be of the Holy Spirit,
for the spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus.
If you do not rest in the finished work of the Cross,
your 'preparation' will be works that you seek
in order to gain the approval and salvation of God.
If you do not follow the law of Christ's agape love,
your interpretations of prophecy will lead you
to participate in that which brings judgment.

"My people, I have called you to follow My Son,
not to follow what you think prophecies mean!"


Art: "Led By Whose Knowledge?"

"Shedding Blood in My Name"

"Woe! Woe to those who shed blood in My name!
Woe to those who say My enemies are flesh and blood,
for I am He who loved you while you were all My enemies,
and I am He whose Son commanded you to love your enemies.

"I am He who gave His Son's shed blood
so that you might cease shedding each other's blood,
and instead repent to one another and forgive one another.
I committed to you the ministry of reconciliation
and called you to live in peace.

"But many who claim to be My people have nullified My words,
'Blessed are the peacemakers' by saying that My children
must put preserving their lives and keeping their livelihood
ahead of My command and My love for your enemies.
Many who claim to be My people are thus
living as enemies of the Cross of Christ—
claiming My love for themselves
but withholding it from those My Son died for.

"I have sent you to be as Christ was in the world;
do not take My name in vain!"


See also: "Except Opponents!"

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"My Kingdom and My Father's Will"

"My kingdom will come at the appointed time.
I have called you to submit to My Father's will
in the ways He brings about the kingdom on earth.
As heaven obeys My Father's will,
and as I submitted to My Father's will,
so I have called you also to obey
My Father's will instead of your own.

"I have not called you to take dominion over the kingdoms of the earth,
nor have I called you to make the kingdoms of the earth into My kingdom.
Just as it is My Father alone who sets the time of My return,
so also it is My Father alone who hands Me the kingdoms of the earth.

"Until the last day,
My kingdom will not be in the world
but will be within you.
My kingdom is not of this world,
for the world's treasures
are power, wealth, and land—
but My treasures are your hearts.

"Seek My kingdom first,
and let My Father take care
of all other things."


Art: "Not Of This World"

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mighty to Save

"Do not be afraid, My child.
Even if your prayers seem unanswered,
it does not mean I have forgotten you.
Trust Me when I say that I love you,
and that I am answering you.

"Be still. Know that I am God
and I love you so much—
so much more than you can see right now.
I am your mighty warrior."


Art: "Already"

Monday, April 23, 2012

"I Just Want You!"

"My beloved, please do not believe
that you need to pray the right words
in order to get Me to hear and answer you.

"I do not take joy in you because you say
the right words or praise Me the right way.
I take joy in who you are—My child!
I want your heart, not your performance!
I do not want you to tell Me
what you think I want to hear.
Do not be afraid—I love you!

"My beloved, I just want you!
I want to hear your voice.
I want you to share your heart.
Will you give Me who you really are?"


Art: "Most Holy Place"

Sunday, April 22, 2012

"I Want to be Valued for My Heart!"

"Many of My people are not interested in My heart.
Many want Me only for the power that I have,
for the inheritance that comes with Me,
and for the glory of My appearance.
I am valued for My attractive favors!

"Many want to boast in My name and in My exaltation,
but not to humble themselves to love those whom I love—
the poor, the outcast, the 'lowest' of society, and your enemies.
Many want Me because of the things I can do for them
more than to share in My love and give it to others.

"Will you value Me for My heart?
Will you look past My appearance to get to know who I am?
Will you come to Me only for yourselves
—loving My power and possessions—
or will you fall in love with My heart?"


Art: "Touching His Heart"

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Knowing the Spirit

"Knowing the Spirit"

"I am the Spirit of God.
I am He who comes from the throne of the Father
through the pierced side of the Son.

"I am He who ministers the gospel to your heart.
I am He who testifies of the fullness of God
given to you freely in Christ Jesus.

"I am He who brings healing and miracles to testify
to the healing and miracle of your salvation on the Cross.
I am He who gives joy and peace not of this world,
and I am He who grieves for those who reject My heart.

"I am God; I am a Person!
I am not an 'it' or a 'level'!
I am not a 'flow' or a 'move'!
I am not a power or 'anointing'
that you can attain or wield!

"I cannot be 'released,' controlled
or 'activated' by principles or rituals.
I move according to the will of God
when He chooses to act in the proper time.

"If you treat Me in these ways,
I will be of no benefit to your soul.
I can glorify God by working through you,
but this does not mean that you know Me.
I am not a substitute for following Christ.

"Do not follow a lifeless image of Me!
Let go of your 'advanced' teachings!
Become a child again, content in Jesus alone!
Stop seeking 'things' and 'more power'!
Listen to My heart—the testimony of Christ!"


Art: "All For You"

The Flow From His Side

"I am the river of the water of life;
I am the One in your midst;
I am the Spirit flowing
from the mountain of the Lord.

"Where I am, there I bring life
and I wash away the memory
of what was once broken.

"I am the grace of God;
I am the river of agape love.
I am the fountain flowing from the Cross.
I am the heart of God poured out
through the pierced side of Christ.

"Let Me carry you.
Let Me have My way with you.
Let Me show you the ocean of God's love
coming from the Lamb who was slain."


Art: "In the Midst of Her"

The Heart of the Master

"Will you ask Me to know My heart?
Can I share the burdens of My heart with you?
Shall I open My mouth and confide in you?

"In My Son I have poured out My all!
In My Son I have given you Him who is My very heart!
In My Son I have laid bare My soul!

"But many of My people consider My Son to be just
the name I want you to profess and call yourselves by.
Many of you set aside His teaching and want Him
only to be the sacrifice that saves you
—not your Master and Teacher.

"Many of you call Him 'Lord' but do not listen to Him;
many of you love His name but not His command
to love each other as He loved you.
Many of you prefer to live richly in the world
rather than to follow My Son.

"Do you want to receive My heart?
Listen to My Son!"


Art link: "Receive My Loving Fire"

Friday, April 20, 2012

"My Grace—Your First Love"

"My beloved! My beloved!
My heart aches for you, My beloved!
Let Me remove you from your prostitution!
Let Me bring you rest in My favor—
for the favors you are striving to earn
are destroying your soul, My beloved!

"I have not called you to surpass the world
in its prosperity, its independence or its achievements.
I have not given you My word and My Spirit
to empower you to pursue the lusts of the flesh!
I did not give you My love so that you would seek
to set up a kingdom on earth in My name!

"My beloved, you cannot have Me and have your own domain;
you cannot have 'the best of both worlds'—
you cannot have both My kingdom and the kingdoms of the earth.
My kingdom does not have room for the world's graceless ways,
and the grace of My kingdom cannot be made into an earthly kingdom,
for My ways are not the ways of the kingdoms of the earth.

"Come, let Me bring you back to who you really are—
who you knew you were when you first heard of My love.
Let Me restore to you the peace you once had
before you were led into confusion by pursuing both worlds.
Let Me teach you again the difference between
the world's conditional love and My unconditional love.

"Let Me bring you out of Babylon—out of confusion—
and back into the joy of your first love."


Art: "Dying to Be With"

Seeking the 'Secrets' of Prophecy

"My children, I have not called you to study and search
to understand the 'secrets' of prophecies.
I have already revealed My hidden mystery to you—My Son!

"My prophetic words were recorded for you
so you might see that I am He who holds the future,
and that I have given you all things in My Son.
My Son is your anchor in the last days—
not your ability to 'decipher' the prophecies!

"Like Anna and Simeon, I am calling you to wait on Me
and to spend your days resting in Me.
I will reveal when it is time to reveal;
who can open what I have sealed before the proper time?
Be content trusting in My love for you,
for I will not give you anything harmful for you,
nor will I withhold what I know would benefit you.

"I have lavished upon you all of the riches
of wisdom and understanding in My Son;
if you seek the 'secrets' of prophecy,
you will miss My Son just as 'His own' did not
recognize or receive Him when He came to reveal Himself."


Art: "Emmaus"

Shelter in the Last Days

"Dear friends, I am not writing you a new command but an old one,
which you have had since the beginning...
Whoever loves his brother lives in the light,
and there is nothing in him to make him stumble...
The world and its desires pass away,
but the man who does the will of God lives forever."
(1 John 2:7,10,17)

"I am the comforter of the broken.
I am the light to those who sit in darkness.
I am the shelter during the last days.

"I am not calling you to 'be ready' for Me—
I am calling you to be ready for the hurt and broken
who will need My hand of love during the days of darkness.

"Do not turn away from your calling in the last days;
you are called to be with those who sit in darkness,
and to give the shelter of My love to the broken."


Art: "I Am Able to Rescue You"

Choose Your Covenant.

"Look, a choice is set before you:
My word is not the promise of the salvation of 'church';
My word is the promise of the salvation of people.
I am not promising to save your meetings;
I am able to shepherd My people with or without
your building and its weekly services.

"I did not make My gospel dependent
on having a sanctuary and a service—
that was the old covenant temple.
I do not dwell in sacred times or sacred places any longer—
instead, today I dwell in each of My people;
and where two or three gather in My name,
I give to each one a revelation of Myself
which can be shared as you minister to one another.

"I am calling you to choose
which covenant you want to live in:
the old or the new covenant—
Christ or Moses.
If you choose the new covenant,
you must not cling to the articles
of the old covenant for survival.
You must trust Me instead.
As I kept My church in the beginning,
so I will keep you."


Art: "My Place of Rest"

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Son's Writing

"The names of My children are in the book of life,
not because they understand how to obtain My approval,
but because My Son is the One in whom I am well pleased.

"My children, put your confidence in My Son!
Rest in His righteousness.
Rest in His righteous acts and in His works on your behalf.
Let Me credit His deeds as your deeds,
for only His righteous works can cover your nakedness.
There is no other sure covering than the blood of My Son.

"Do not look to your own deeds to keep your name in the book of life,
for as your deeds could not write your name in the book of life,
neither can your deeds keep your name written there.

"My Son has engraved your name on His hands;
do not leave His hands by trusting your deeds.
Do not look to the book of deeds, but to the book of life—
My Son is your life!"


Art: "Yeshua My Shabbat"

"Don't Mix My Values!"

"For whoever wants to save their life will lose it,
but whoever loses their life for Me will find it.
What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world,
yet forfeit their own soul?"
(Matthew 16:25-26)

"Do not compromise My love, My beloved!
Do not set My love aside to preserve your church,
your livelihood, or your nation!
Do not mix My wine with the means
the world uses to get what it wants!

"Mixing My name with the wine of the world
will dull your discernment and change your values—
instead of valuing one another's hearts
and the hearts of your neighbors and enemies,
you will learn to lust after the things the world seeks:
prosperity, power, and the preservation of your ways.

"Do not drink the mixed wine of Babylon!"


Art: "Soul Mate"

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Passing Through Woe

As He approached Jerusalem and saw the city,
He wept over it and said, "If you, even you,
had only known on this day what would bring you peace
—but now it is hidden from your eyes."
(Luke 19:41-42)

"My eyes fail from weeping,
I am in torment within,
my heart is poured out on the ground
because my people are destroyed."
(Lamentations 2:11)

"I know how hard it is to see destruction coming.
I know you wish you didn't have to watch as it approaches.
I know you wish it would pass quickly and be over with.

"As you share in My sorrow,
so also you shall share in My comfort.
I am the Lamb of God given to the world.
I carried every sorrow and grief,
and I passed through death to resurrection!

"I am the Redeemer of all things.
I am He who wipes every tear and makes all things new.
I am the Restorer of all things
and the Creator of the new creation.

"Rest in My arms and let Me hold you through the night."


Art: "In the Arms of the Restorer"

Monday, April 16, 2012

Expecting a Different Messiah

"He came to that which was His own,
but His own did not receive Him."
(John 1:11)

"I am waiting to speak to My people!
I am waiting to testify about the meaning of the days in which you live.
I am waiting to show you that you do not need to be afraid,
because I have won the victory for you on the Cross.

"But My voice cannot be heard by many because
false prophets have taught My people confusion and fear.
My people are taught to rely on charts and 'proofs'
instead of relying on My word.

"Many of My people cannot recognize My voice because
they have been taught to expect Me to affirm cherished beliefs.
If I speak, I am told that I am not agreeing
with My own testimony and that I am contradicting My word.

"As most of 'My own' looked for Me to fulfill their expected signs,
so today most in 'My house' expect Me to do the same.
As I was not recognized by 'My own' when I came into the world,
so today 'My house' will not recognize the signs of My coming,
for I am not coming in the way they expect!

"As I was brought to the Sanhedrin by those
who had already made their decision,
so again I—in My prophets—will be judged by those
who have already decided that I must agree with their beliefs.
As My word was disregarded by 'My own,'
so My word will be disregarded by 'My house.'

"Most of 'My own' did not hear Me because
they expected a different kind of Messiah.
So again today, most of 'My house' cannot hear Me
because they are expecting a different 'Jesus.'"


Art: "Judged"

Saturday, April 14, 2012

"My Truth"

"A new command I give you: Love one another.
As I have loved you, so you must love one another."
(John 13:34)

"If they persecuted Me, they will persecute you also.
If they obeyed My teaching, they will obey yours also."
(John 15:20)

"I am calling you to a walk of many sorrows:
I am calling you to walk in My love—
the love I have given you on the Cross.

"My love is not what many believe,
for many love only those who seem innocent;
but I am He who loves sinners.
I am He who does not delight
in the destruction of the wicked;
I am He who loved the wicked
and died to justify them.

"I am sending you to those who profess My name
but who have rebelled against My law—
to those who love the words of the truth
but not the heart of the truth,
which is My love.

"I am sending you as My witnesses to testify My words
to those who will hear and to those who will not hear.
My love will be a stumbling block to those
who love Me only in name but not in truth.

"If they have rebelled against My command to love,
will they not also reject those whom I send
to remind them of My command?"


Art: "Lifter of Sorrows"

Friday, April 13, 2012

'Christian' Walls

"I am coming!
I am coming to you
who call yourselves My people!
But will you recognize Me?

"For I am not coming to vindicate your righteousness
or the efforts you make to prepare for My coming.
Rather than walking in the gospel of My peace,
you have been strengthening walls of division—
between brothers in the Middle East
and among your own people.

"I called you to love one another as I loved you,
but you have put your 'rights' above My commandment.
I loved you when you were My enemies,
but you have withheld love from your enemies
until they acknowledge your righteousness.

"You have built walls between yourselves
and those who do not proclaim faith in Me,
though I did not call you to condemn the world
for its lack of faith or its blindness.
For I have not called you to the ministry
of convicting the world of its sin—
that is the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

"I have not called you to wage war on 'secular culture'
nor have I called you to create 'Christian nations.'
I have not called you to erect a temple for Me
in the high places of your laws and governments.
I have called you as a nation within all nations
to a kingdom above, which is not of this world.

"I did not command you to assist Israel in her desire
to gain an inheritance of land and so lose her own soul.
I did not call you to encourage Israel to defeat her neighbors,
but rather to encourage Israel to love her neighbors.

"In all of these things you believe
that you are preparing the way for My return.
You believe you have understood My will and
that you stand for righteousness in the world,
protecting what is right and opposing those who do evil.

"My beloved, you have built a fortress!
You have used your faith to keep out the unrighteous,
but you have kept Me out instead!

"Listen! I am coming!
I am coming to you before I come to the world—
not to affirm or reward you,
but to call you to repentance!

"My voice will not be accepted by many of you
who believe in your own righteousness,
for many of you in your hearts feel
that you are rich and in need of nothing.

"Yet I will come, and I will call My disciples
and they will follow Me away from the walls
to be clothed in My righteousness alone."

"Blessed is the one who stays awake and remains clothed,
so as not to go naked and be shamefully exposed."
(Revelation 16:15)


Art: "Not Needed"

Thursday, April 12, 2012

"My Witnesses"

"Look, My children! I am coming!
My love is being abandoned and
My name is being used as a weapon.

"Those who see the truth hear the groaning of My Spirit,
and they are being prepared to speak as My witnesses
to those who call themselves My 'house' and My 'people'.

"I am sending My witnesses to the churches,
for judgment begins at the house of God
before judgment comes to the world.
I am sending My witnesses to speak My discipline
so that those who profess My name
will not be condemned with the world.

"The time is near!
I am coming soon!"


Art: "Apostolic Succession"

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Setting Up the Delusion

"Lament! Lament! I am full of lament!
Many among My people cannot see the sinister spirit
behind supporting the 'right' of Israel to increase their land
before increasing their love for their neighbors.

"My people do not apply My commands to Israel,
and do not obey My commands towards their own enemies.
Being My 'chosen ones' has become a matter of merely
saying My name or possessing a certain DNA in your flesh.

"My ways are set aside and in their place is set up an image—
the suffering of Israel, and her righteousness.
My people are taught that I am with those who honor the image,
and that I am against those who do not honor it.
To many among you Israel has become the plumb line
to test who is on 'the right side'—on My side—and who isn't.
But in My sight the only plumb line is My Son,
and His command to love one another as He loved you.

"I am sending prophets to those who call themselves My 'house',
to cry out against the image and its declarations.
I am sending My witnesses!"


Art: "The Abomination That Causes Desolation"

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"I Am Your Everything!"

"All of the armor you need
is already given to you in the Cross.
Every battle you will ever face,
every attack and every conflict—
for every one all that you need
is in My love given to you on the Cross.

"The Cross is your salvation,
My blood is your righteousness,
the truth of My grace holds you,
My goodness shields you and establishes your faith,
the word of My love banishes worry and fear,
and walking in My agape brings peace and freedom.

"Stand in what I have done for you on the Cross.
Armor yourselves in My heart.
I am your everything!"


Art: "Ask Me!"

Triumphal Procession

"I am not who many think I am,
for many think I am leading My people against
unrighteous elements in their society and in the world.

"I called you to 'conquer' in your own heart by faith—
by looking to the Lamb who conquered and overcame for you.
I have not called you to overcome people, societies or nations.

"It is crucial that your faith be in Me
instead of in the righteousness of the 'side' you are on—
whether it is your nation, your people, your movement or your church.

"On the Cross I triumphed,
and now I lead My people to carry their own cross—
to overcome as I overcame with love, grace, forgiveness and sacrifice.

"My command is that you love one another
—even your enemies—as I loved you.
Will you follow Me?"


Art: "The Invitation"

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Steadfast Love

"I am the One who calls you to come to Me
with your needs, your griefs, your hopes and your cares.
I know that you worry I will not hear you
if you don't pray 'correctly' or long enough
or with enough feeling in your heart.
My child, I know you want to stay focused on Me
and bring your needs to Me without being distracted.

"I want you to know that I always hear you, My child!
I hear you even before you call!
I know you want to give Me your everything,
but the more you try, the more you see how weak you are.

"Do not be ashamed, My child,
for I gave My everything because I knew you couldn't!
I am not upset or disappointed that you have been unable
to attain perfection in prayer as you think I want you to.
Instead, I am overjoyed and delighted in you, My child,
and I rejoice in any attempt you make to pray.

"I just want to be with you, My child.
When you come to Me in prayer,
I want you to rest in My love for you
and to know that I have already heard you
and am already caring for your needs.
I am strong in your weakness!"


Art: "But He Is Strong"

Thursday, April 05, 2012


"Many among My people are proclaiming coming judgment
and that nations must remove sin and sinners to avoid it.
My people are taught that I am about to judge them because
sin dwells in their land and My name is not honored enough.
Harbingers preach that I desire their nations to have governments
and laws that acknowledge Me and give special favor to My people.
They call their nations to repentance for tolerating sin
and for not honoring My name.

"Where is My Son in their witness?
Where is the gospel of My grace to you in Him?
Why is 'judgment' preached according
to the terms of the old covenant?

"Misjudgment! Misjudgment!
You have not understood My heart!
You have not understood My desire!
You have not understood that My jealousy is
for sinners, not for sinlessness!

"You have taught My people error!
You have proclaimed that I desire their righteousness,
when the truth is that only My Son's righteousness saves!
You proclaim that I require the nation to honor My name,
but My commandment is that you must love one another!

"I am not the foundation of your teaching!
My Son is not the cornerstone of your declarations of judgment!
My Spirit is not the spirit of your prophecies!
I am calling you to return to the new covenant,
and to preach the gospel of My grace!"


Art: "Laying Errors"

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

"By Your Own Hands"

"My children! My children!
I have not given you a spirit of fear!
Why are you afraid of facing the hour
of tribulation coming upon the world?
Why are you clinging to dead doctrines and theories
that promise you will not experience it?

"I have spoken of how I will be with you in trouble,
and I have promised that I will not
let anything separate you from Me.
I will not let anything snatch you from My hand.

"But you are afraid to let go of doctrines created by your own hands,
and so you cannot see and rest in My hand.
As long as you cling to your rags
instead of resting in My hand and in My word,
you will remain slaves to fear and terror.

"Let go of your fear of tribulation!
My salvation is enough!
I will not let anything come between us!"


Art: "Keeping Slaves in Fellowship"

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Liberation from the School
of American Fear

"Those who profess to know Me but do not are being
drawn further and further from those who do know Me.
Those who look to Me to preserve 'America'
are separating further and further from those
whose hearts and minds are preserved by My peace.

"My name is confused with conservative politics,
and many cannot tell the difference between the two.
Those whose hope is in a vision of 'America'
cannot see the peace of the kingdom of heaven.
The fear of losing 'freedom' has a greater control over them
than the vision of the freedom of the Cross.
The desire to protect 'America' is preferred more
than the desire to follow the commands of agape love.

"Those who profess My name lead the way
in ministering suspicion and paranoia,
and many who are babes in their faith
are taught to grow in fear and anxiety
instead of in the peace, rest, and freedom of Christ.

"Come out of your unrest,
you who call yourselves My disciples!
Come out of your darkness and fear!
Come out of Babylon!"


Art: "The Ministry of Fear"

'Taking Dominion'

"Many who proclaim My name do not know Me!
Many who are zealous for 'the lion' do not know the Lamb!
Many who think they are defending Me and My ways
do not know My heart or My commands.

"Is the kingdom advanced by defeating those who seem to be its enemies?
I died for My enemies on the Cross.

"Is My word established when those who do not believe it are silenced?
I came to call unbelievers to fellowship with Me—
not to be imprisoned until they confess.

"Is My hand so shortened that I need My people to 'take dominion'
over the kingdoms of the earth so that I may come and reign?
My kingdom is not won as the kingdoms of the earth are—
I am He who defeated all principalities and powers on the Cross.

"Do not crucify Me by fighting to destroy those for whom I died!"


Art: "Taking the Kingdom"

False Prophecies

"False prophecies!
False prophecies have replaced My prophecies
among many of My people!

"My people are not taught to look to My Son
but to the interpretations of men!
My people are taught to see harbingers of judgment
in prophecies that have already been fulfilled,
and prophetic importance in things not found in My words.

"The eyes of many are wholly focused
on Israel, Muslims, America, politics,
and the timetable of 'end-times events'
created by the interpretations of men.

"This is what 'prophecy' means to many among My people!
The testimony of My Son is not the spirit
of what 'prophecy' means to them.
My testimony is set aside,
and in its place are offered
the deceptions of the enemy."


Art: "Missing the Spirit"

Sunday, April 01, 2012

The Word For Israel

"I know you feel as if you are surrounded by enemies.
I know you want to live in peace and without terror.

"Long ago your forefathers called upon the Lord to deliver them.
The Lord sent them prophets to reveal His word,
to call the people to remember His faithfulness and His mercy.
If the people turned to Him with their mouths but not with their hearts,
He allowed the people to be oppressed by their enemies.
He remained committed to His people whether they returned to Him or not,
and suffered with them when they suffered.

"So much did He love them that He sent them a Savior—
one who would deliver them from their waywardness and sins.
It was not enough to save them from their flesh-and-blood enemies—
the Lord made new hearts for them and a new covenant
based on His righteousness rather than on theirs.

"I have prepared a kingdom for you,
which cannot be shaken or destroyed.
I have given you the King and Savior
that you and your forefathers cried out for—
the Son of David, who died to take away your sins
and who now sits on the throne in heaven.
In Him you may have peace
whether or not you are oppressed by terror or conflict.

"I am your deliverance.
In Me you have an imperishable promised land
and a city kept for you in heaven—the New Jerusalem.
To inherit what I have prepared for you,
you must be willing to lose your old kingdom.

"I will be your peace, and I will give you rest."


Art: "God is Love" (after A.H.)

Edifying Prophecy,
Undisciplined Children

"My beloved, how can I wash you with My words
if you refuse to allow My prophets to speak My discipline?
Shall I leave you unwashed,
without the discipline I give every child I love?

"No! I will send you prophets
who will speak My heart of love for you,
even My discipline.

"Will you listen to Me or will you turn away
because My discipline doesn't make you feel good immediately?"


You have forgotten that word of encouragement that addresses you as sons:

'My son, do not make light of the Lord's discipline,
and do not lose heart when He rebukes you,
because the Lord disciplines those He loves,
and He punishes everyone He accepts as a son'...

What son is not disciplined by his father? If you are not disciplined
(and everyone undergoes discipline) then you are not true sons.
Moreover, we have all had human fathers who disciplined us
and we respected them for it. How much more should we submit
to the Father of our Spirits and live!

Our fathers disciplined us for a little while as they thought best;
but God disciplines us for our own good, that we may share in His holiness.
No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful.
Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness
and peace for those who have been trained by it.

(Hebrews 12:5-11)


Art: "'Prophecy is Only Positive, Jesus!'"