Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Responding to the Sixth Seal

"I am opening the sixth seal
and there will be great disasters.

Many who call themselves My people
will respond with judgment.

Some will respond with love,
but many will turn to making
prophetic declarations in My name
yet without My Spirit,
calling the nations to alliances
with the kingdoms of the earth.

When the nations demand their allegiance,
My servants will hold to My commands,
loving as I loved My enemies
instead of fighting back.

The greatest destruction will not come
from the disasters that fall upon the earth,
but rather from the reaction of the nations.

My people, do not turn aside from My commands,
but carry the cross just as I have set
the example for you to follow."


Art: "Looking Forward to Distress"

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Prepared to Understand

"To the ones who are waiting for the Lamb and His peace:

Those who hope for the love of the cross to fill the earth
will begin to understand the words written in Revelation.
Because they follow the commands of Jesus to love as He did,
their hearts have been prepared for the unsealing of prophecies.

Those who desire what My heart desires will see,
but who desire another kingdom will not believe.
They will chose their kingdom and their vision instead.
When the words of Revelation unfold before them,
they will cling to their understanding
and will resist the Lamb and His commands.

The words of the prophecies will remain sealed to them
because they no not choose the way of peace,
and they will fight against the Lamb and those who follow Him.
They will interpret the things happening in the world
according to the ways of the world which have become their gospel.
Many will join them and follow them into the great delusion.

But those whose wisdom is the Lamb
and His command of love
will shine as lights in the darkness."


Art: "Trustworthy"

Friday, December 06, 2013

As You Judge

"I am He who gave you grace
while you were My enemies.

You have been commanded to give
the same love and graciousness
to your enemies that I gave you.

Those who choose to give enemies the sword
instead of the love of the Cross
are choosing to be judged by the sword
instead of the grace of the Cross.

Which will you choose?"


Art: "What You Give, You Will Receive"

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Lawlessness Following
the Second Trumpet

"The second angel blew his trumpet,
and something like a great mountain,
burning with fire, was thrown into the sea.
A third of the sea turned into blood,
a third of the living creatures in the sea died,
and a third of the ships were destroyed."

(Revelation 8:8-9)

"A great asteroid will fall in the ocean,
fulfilling the vision shown to John.
Many people will search for understanding
by looking to prophecy 'experts',
but many will seek only to preserve
their ways and their kingdoms.

A minority will search for how
to love their neighbors and enemies.
But I will use this remnant
to testify of My love and My Son.

I have promised that I will be with
those who hold to His commands
and refuse to let their love grow cold
by following the kingdoms of the world.

Do not let any 'prophetic' teaching mislead you:
Follow the Lamb and His command to love."


Art: "Through Tribulation"

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Pride Instead of Remorse

"Do I celebrate the greatness
of a nation built upon cheating
and destroying indigenous peoples?
Am I impressed with their 'accomplishments'?
Have I rewarded their nation
with the 'blessing' of prosperity?

Do those who oppressed Native Americans
and the descendants of the oppressors
owe their 'thanksgiving' to Me?

Haven't I suffered when Natives suffered?
Haven't I gone hungry when they went hungry?
Haven't I been cheated when they were cheated?
Haven't I been massacred when they were massacred?

Should you 'remember' them
by naming sports teams after them?
Should you put their images on your products
and dress your children like them for school games?

Is this how you 'honor' the oppressed?
Is this how you offer 'thanksgiving' to Me?

Pride! Pride!
Where is your remorse, America?
Where is your repentance
and the fruit of your repentance?

Spend yourselves on behalf of those
who have been oppressed and impoverished
by the founding of your nation!

For I have heard their cries
and I will not ignore them
as you have ignored them."


Art: "Founded On God's Word?"

Friday, November 15, 2013

Manifest Destiny

"America, I want you to know
the treasure that I set in the land
in its indigenous people,
and to be blessed through them.

But in your greed you have
abused their goodwill,
dishonored your treaties,
and tried to destroy them.

By seizing land with force
and using treachery,
you have rejected My will
and My blessings for you.

I am in the same neighbors
you defrauded and set aside,
instead of being valued,
honored and respected.

Because you have forsaken peace
and mistreated your neighbors,
you will also not know peace
and you will also be mistreated.

But for those among you who repent,
who seek reconciliation with them
and expend yourselves for their well-being,
I am waiting with healing and peace."


Art: "God Bless America?"

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Profile of the Lawless One

"Who worships the virtues of war?
Who believes victory in battle
is the sign of the favor of heaven?
Who calls the nations to honor the 'chosen people'?
Who uses their economic might to force
the nations to stand with the 'chosen people'?

Who seeks signs and wonders to prove
their authority to the nations?
Who declares the righteousness
of the circumcision and those who stand with them?
Who has followed the beast from the sea
and become the beast from the land?"


Art: "These Are Your Gods"

Monday, November 11, 2013

"A Place to Lay My Head"

"I am the Lord of the weak and the broken.
I am the lover of the outcast and the sinner.
I am the seeker of the hungry and the humble.
I am at home in their hearts and in their presence.

I am not welcome among the proud or the mighty.
I am not the reward of the sinless or the pious.
I am not comfortable among those who are perfect
in the sight of the religious.

Will you condemn Me for being
at home with those you believe I shun?
Will you judge Me as you judge them?
Will you reject or welcome Me in them?"


Art: "Where I Am Welcome"

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Healing of the Tribes

"I am He who created your heart.

I rooted you to your people—
to your tribe, even if you did not know
that you belonged to a tribe.

I created you as part of a community.
I am restoring tribes and bringing back
those who were separated from their tribe.

I am He who heals the families of the nations:
I will bring your people to you,
and I will bring you to your people.

I will do this in the fullness of time."


Art: "Sorrow Becomes Dancing"

Gods Without Peace

"I am bringing a terrible fear
on those who do not follow My ways
but who profess My name.

They have chosen to serve
their own gods of power and profit,
so I will withdraw My peace from them.

When they lose power and profit
they will ask Me to restore them,
but I will not hear them.

So that they may return to Me,
I will hand them over to their gods
who will take away their peace.

I am He who lovingly waits
for My children to come home
and find their peace in Me."


Art: "Under Law"

The Coming Healer

"I am He who knows every sadness
felt by every people.

I am He who has wept with every tribe
as they walked on their trails of tears.

I am He who will wipe away every tear
and restore all things.

I am coming soon;
hope in Me."


Art: "At Last"

Sunday, November 03, 2013

"For My Word"

"Many will become offended
and will hate you for speaking My word.
You will be rebuked and denounced
because they have closed their ears
to hearing My heart.

You will be opposed as I was opposed
because you testify about Me
and hold to My commands.
I am calling My prophets to follow
in the way of My sufferings.

There will be many times
you will not be able to see My path.
Follow in the way of My command
to love as I have loved you.
I will never lead you in any other way."


Art: "For My Sake"

Friday, November 01, 2013

Called For This Testimony

"I have called My Native American servants
to testify to the United States:

I have prepared the way
for the United States to receive
the harvest sown by her pride,
her greed, and her violence.

I am calling you as priests
to intercede for all peoples
who are living in the land.

I am calling you not only to speak the truth
of America's history and spiritual darkness,
but I am also calling you to weep for her children,
her leaders, her good-hearted and her bad-hearted.

I have reserved you for such a time as this.
I will be with you as you go."


Art: "For Such a Time As This"

The Peace of the Cross

"Peace! I want to give you peace!
I want to give you the peace
that I rested in as I endured the Cross.

Many of the beliefs you cling to
have caused you to become distressed
and fearful of losing your way of life.
I want to set you free with My peace.

I am not going to let you keep your faith
in the fables and myths of America or Israel,
or in any other substitute for the gospel.
I will expose the truth about their foundation
so that you may choose to rest in Me instead.

Will you cling to your righteousness,
or you will let go
and find My unshakeable peace?"


Art: "In The Tabernacle"

Witnesses Called

"I have chosen and called witnesses for this hour.
My prophets will testify about My Son and His commands—
two witnesses crying out for My people to repent.

I am sending them to the churches first before the nations,
for My people have wandered from My Son and His commands,
and the nations have heard a gospel from them mixed
with the righteousness and commands of men.

I will put the plumb line in the churches
so that they will see without the veil of confusion.
Many will repent, but many will cling to Babel."


Art: "For The End"

Defiance of the First Trumpet

"I will sound the first trumpet and there will be
a great meteor shower upon the earth.
The nations will be scared and will look
to the works of their hands to save them.

Many who claim to understand Me will prophesy
and interpret according to their own gospel:
their way to reach heaven is for the nations to unite
in restoring and rebuilding the kingdom of Israel.
Because their interpretations will seem perfect,
many will come to join them in their labor.

But I am calling My servants to be sober
and stay awake during the time of darkness.
Hold to the righteousness of My Son alone
and His command to love neighbors and enemies.

I am not calling My people
to be united in anything but the Cross!
Woe to all who forsake the Cross for confusion!"


Art: "The First Trumpet"

Monday, October 28, 2013

"I Will Make Your Beauty Perfect"

"Beloved, I have prepared many jewels for you—
things that you will recognize immediately,
and others what will not appear beautiful in the beginning.
Many times in your life seem to pierce and try you,
but I am bringing beauty out of them.

I will redeem each one,
and you will find treasure
in every place you go.

In My time, you will rejoice
and will wear them as ornaments.
Nothing you have endured
will be unredeemed in My hands."


Art: "My Beloved"

Forsaking the Treaties

"Why did the people of America break treaties
with the people I had set in the land?

Why were Native Americans
forced off of their land?

Why were their children
stolen and institutionalized?

It was not to bring peace,
but to bring profit
for the insatiable greed
of the United States!

Woe to all who shed blood
in the name of peace!
Woe to all who bring sorrow to their neighbors
in order to satisfy themselves!
Woe to all who destroy My children
in the name of God and freedom!

I will not hear their justification
for what they have done
to their neighbors and My little ones."


Art: "For Profit, Not Peace"

Pursuit of Destruction

"Woe! Woe! Woe!

Who has removed a multitude
of men, women and children
for their own pursuit of happiness?

Who has torn children
away from their parents,
families and communities?

Who has fought to destroy
the tribes, tongues and nations
which I created to praise the Lamb??

It is you, America!

You have built a home for yourselves
on the bloodshed of Native Americans!
You have tried to destroy them!
You have often done this in My name,
but it is not Me that you have served;
you have served yourselves!

I came so that they might have life,
but you came to steal, kill and destroy
the nations I set in this land
and take their inheritance as your own!
I came as a shepherd,
but you came as thieves!

I will hold you accountable,
for their cries have reached My ears.
Repent! Repent!
Repent and produce fruit
in keeping with repentance!"


Art: "For God And Country"

Friday, October 25, 2013

Choosing Rebellion

"There will be a strong deception
among My people in the days to come:
many will be awed by the powerful signs
performed by those who claim to interpret
what is happening in the earth,
and they will speak great blasphemies
against My command to love one another—
they will replace it with the command to defend
the nations that My people believe I favor.

My witnesses are being called
to speak My message to the rebellious:
I do not want any to be lost
—all are precious and loved by Me—
but when they forsake My way
they will bring great sorrow and suffering.
I will send My prophets to call them to repent.
If they refuse to return to Me,
I will allow destruction to overtake them.

Why will My people be hard of heart?
Why will they close their ears to My cries?
Why will they refuse My pleas and My love?
Why will many of them choose
what leads them to be destroyed?"


Art: "Cloudy Vision"

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Last Hour Witnesses

"I am calling prophets
who will speak to My people
about their idols:
I will send you to those
who call for allegiance
to Israel and to America.

This will cause many
to speak against you.
I will make you a stumbling block
for many who believe
in the righteousness of
their nation and its ways.

I am going to make you a sign:
you will go and speak to many
who are unwilling to listen.
They will see My judgments
but they will interpret them
according to their own desires.

When you speak My message
they will be more hardened,
for their pride is a strong tower.
But when I send you and command you,
speak what I have given you to say,
the witness prepared for the last hour."


Art: "Two Beasts"

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Trumpets Answer

"I am He who hears all the cries
of the children I have created.
I am He who sees every tear that falls.
I am He who knows every unspoken prayer of every heart.
Nothing has been missed by Me.

The time is coming soon when I will
fulfill what I have prophesied:
A great tribulation is beginning.
Many woes will come upon the earth and humankind.
I will send a series of judgments
that will seem worse than anything
that has ever fallen upon the earth.

Do not be afraid.
I am He who is in control,
and I am bringing
the redemption of all things.
I am coming soon."


Art: "The One Who Hears"

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Root of Babylon

"There is a deep root
behind the blindness of many
who are being swept away
by the lust of Babylon.

Many believe that I love their the nation
and that it is is established upon My word,
but they do not know that they are seeking
a kingdom built on overturning the ways of My Son.

In place of His mercy they want law.
In place of His love they want enforcement.
In place of His grace they want judgment.

I desire to redeem sinners,
but they desire to reject them.
I desire to embrace the wicked,
but they desire to destroy them.
I desire to bring home the wayward,
but they desire to shame them.

My people do not know My heart!
I gave My Son to save those who are perishing,
but they have used His name to judge them!
My people do not know who they are serving!

When My Son returns,
He will bring justice
to those who were judged,
but He will bring judgment
for those who judged them.

Many will say to Him,
'Didn't we fight for Your name?'
'Didn't we advance Your kingdom?'
'Didn't we defend You?'

But He will answer,
'You did not know My spirit.'

Many will be last
who esteemed themselves first,
and many will be first
who were esteemed to be last."


Art: "In the Time of the End"

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Antichrist Blessings

Blessed are the rich,
for theirs is the land "blessed by God."

Blessed are those who have no valleys and sorrows,
for they are "favored by God."

Blessed are the proud,
for they will take dominion in this age.

Blessed are those who hunger to fight lawlessness,
for they will be filled by it.

Blessed are those who give what is deserved and earned,
for they will receive the same.

Blessed are the pure in doctrine,
for they already see their "God."

Blessed are those who bring peace through war,
for their victorious might proves that "God is with them."

Blessed are those who are "persecuted"
because they force conformity to the law,
for theirs is "the nation God founded."

Blessed are you when people dislike you, vote against you,
and disagree with you because of your "rightness."
Rejoice and be glad, because your cause will be rewarded,
for in the same way they criticize the conquerors who came before you.


Art: "Reaching Across"

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Weeping Again

"My people have chosen
the lies and myths
of the one who steals,
kills and destroys.

'Return to love and mercy!' I cry,
but they mock My values
and accuse My messengers
of being against Me.

They can only see the myth
of their righteous foundation
and that all they have done is
justified in the name of freedom.

What can I tell them that
has not already been written?

In the name of temple and nation
My Son was mocked and rejected.
If the Master was treated this way,
won't they treat His servants the same?

I weep again for the
city they have become."


Art: "Preparing the Way For Another"

Thursday, October 10, 2013

"Come Out Of Her, My People!"

"The remnant I have preserved
of Native Americans
carries a mirror
I have given for America
to see the truth about itself.

I have raised up messengers
among Native Americans
who are opening a door for Americans,
for their escape from reaping
what America has sown.

Repent! Repent!
Let go of your pride!
Listen to My messengers
and save yourselves
from the coming wrath!"


Art: "Prophetic Fulfillment"

Friday, September 27, 2013

War Fantasies

Fantasy! Fantasy!
Many of My people have taken up
a sword in their hearts
instead of taking up their cross!
Many have exchanged loving neighbor and enemy
for fantasies of fighting spiritual battles!

Woe! Woe! Many of My beloved children
do not know who they are following!
Follow the Lamb! Follow the Lamb!
I have not called you to conquer as a lion
but to follow Me in My sufferings!
I am not the one leading you to love war!

Return! Return to your first love!
Remember when you first believed
and become a child once again,
or you will not be aware
when you know Me no longer
and have come to love another!

Turn back from your love of war
or My coming may not be
a day of rejoicing for you,
for you may not find Me as you expect!"


Art: "Love of Might"

Monday, September 23, 2013

Creator Is With Us

"I am the One who created all things.
I am the Spirit whom all of creation knows.
I receive the songs and prayers of all who seek peace.

I am He who sees the hearts of My children.
I am He who has heard your sighs
and I am He who knows your longings.

I am He who redeems.
I am He who makes new.
I am He who is with you."


Art: "Sacred"

Saturday, September 07, 2013

The Restorer of All

"Because I am He who redeems
every tribe, tongue, and nation,
I also call out to each in unique ways,
and I have put part of My heart in each one.

But instead of learning to hear My voice in them,
many people in My name have attempted
to silence My witness in 'foreign' cultures
by forcing them to conform to a single culture.

I am bringing healing for the wounds of the nations.
In the last days a great multitude will raise their voices
singing the song of the Lamb in the freedom of My Spirit,
for My redemption is for all tribes, tongues, and nations!

I am the Redeemer of all,
and I am the Restorer of all."


Art: "Light of Restoration"

Thursday, August 15, 2013


"I am He who will shine light into the darkness you see.
I know the fire rages around you and inside you,
but I will use the fire to help you and others
see more clearly than you have ever seen before.
I will preserve and protect your heart,
and as you look to Me you will see a brighter fire—
the sacred fire of My passion for you."


Art: "Sacred Fire"

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Not As You Think

"To Babylon:

You do not see what I see.
I am not impressed by your wealth.
I am not moved by your anthems.
I am not awed by your civilization.
I am not glorified by your victories.
I am not the foundation of your kingdom.

You do not believe what I believe.
I am He who needs none of your temples.
I am He who needs not acknowledgment from politicians.
I am He who needs no assistance to fulfill prophecy.
I am He who needs neither 'America' nor 'Israel'.
I am He who needs nothing to accomplish My will.

You do not know who you are, Babylon.
You have professed to belong to Me,
you have called yourselves My queen,
but you have given yourselves to another lover,
devoted yourselves to your own glory,
and dedicated yourselves to your own prosperity.

Repent before what you have sown
returns to you!
Repent before you follow your lusts
and your pride into hell!
Repent, My beloved!"


Art: "Pardon Me"

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Hating Babylon

To the waters Babylon sits upon—
to the peoples, multitudes, nations and tongues
she has made her seat upon:

"Do not hate the people in Babylon!
Do not join the beast in destroying her!
Though she has manipulated and abused you,
do not long for her to be burned
or for her flesh to be eaten.

Do not pray for her nakedness or desolation,
but for her people to be clothed in My Son's blood.
I will bring about her fall, but I am not willing
that any of these little ones in her should be lost.
In your anger do not sin; forgive as I forgave you."


Art: "Offensive Grace"

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Healing Without Depth

"I am not interested in healing the surface of your heart
while leaving deadly cancers alive and thriving within.
Yes, it is My great desire to heal and renew your heart,
but it is not My desire to ignore darkness within it,
nor to marginalize its idols and destructive desires.

I will not allow greed, nor injustice, nor self-centeredness,
nor glorying in nationalism, nor faith in 'righteous' violence,
nor cold love towards neighbors and enemies,
nor will I allow any other cancerous root
to live and grow in your heart uncontested.

I will not allow these strongholds of Satan to thrive—
not merely because of the transgression of the law of My Son,
nor only because of the abusive fruits that cause others to suffer.
But I will also expose them because I care about you, My beloved!
I do not want your heart to rot from the inside out."


Art: "Us-Centered Gospel"

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Great Reversal

"Open your eyes, My people!

I have not said that 'evangelizing Israel'
is the 'key' to evangelizing the world!

Instead I ordained that sending My disciples
to the nations would arouse Israel's jealousy!

I am not calling all nations
to come 'back to Jerusalem'!

Do not reverse the commission I gave you!"


Art: "Not Knowing the Father"

A Different 'Kingdom'

"Open your eyes, My people!
Return to your first love—
return to the Cross!

I am not leading you to
'advance the kingdom' and use
the ways of the earth's kingdoms!

The devotion I am calling you to
is not to 'change the nations'
but rather to love your neighbor!

My kingdom is not spread by greater focus
on 'strategic warfare' and 'taking nations',
but rather by loving 'the least of these'!

Do not seek to build a 'kingdom' through
means I did not teach you or model for you;
do not follow another 'Christ' to another 'kingdom'!"


Art: "Prophets of Different Fathers"

Friday, July 26, 2013

The 'Salvation' of Christian Zionism

I am the Messiah who exalts
and favors Israel above all nations.

I am the Messiah who supports
his agenda unconditionally.

I am the Messiah who curses
those who criticize any of his deeds.

I am the Messiah who declares
that no one can make war against him.

I am the Messiah who hates Israel's enemies
and gives him victory against his neighbors.

I am the Messiah who says there can be peace
only after Israel possesses all of the land.

I am the Messiah who gives Israel the right
to take land by forcing out its inhabitants.

I am the Messiah who exalts Israel over all mankind,
and who loves only those nations that love him.

I am the Messiah who commands all nations to honor him,
and who removes economic prosperity from those who do not.

I am the Messiah who has made him to be salvation
for the nations if they support and serve him.

For I have loved the world so much
that I gave them the one and only 'Israel',
so that whosoever supports him will not perish,
but will have everlasting life.

Christians, you have heard that it was said
'love your enemy' and 'bless those who curse you',
but I tell you, and I command the nations,
to love Israel and hate his enemies.

I am the One who comes to steal, kill and destroy
those sheep who dwell in Israel's rightful pasture.
I am the One who takes away their lives
so that he may have abundance."

- The Jesus of Zionism


Art: "The Jesus of Zionism"

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"I Know How It Feels"

"I know how it feels to be misrepresented.
I know how it feels to be made into a caricature.
I know how it feels to be marginalized.
I know how it feels to have no one listen to Me.
I know how it feels to have no one care about what I think.
I know how it feels to have people object when I try to speak.

I know how it feels when My name and image
are used for profit and peoples' own selfish goals.
I know how it feels to be used as a 'mascot'
by people who claim they are 'honoring' Me.
I know how it feels because many who claim to be My people
have disregarded My teachings and My commands.

I know how it feels when 'My people' would rather
continue to ignore Me than change their ways.
I know how it feels when 'My people' value tradition
more than they value My feelings.
I know how it feels when 'My people' reject Me
in favor of their own idea of who I am.

Can you hear Me, My people?
Can you hear the cry of the one you call 'Lord'?
Can you let go of the myths you believe about your nation?
Can you repent of creating and following your own image of Me?
Can you seek justice for the 'least of these' among you?
Or will you continue to justify your ways to My face?"


Art: "No Honor"

Saturday, July 20, 2013

"Do Not Insult My Sacrifice"

I am not deaf to the insults
many of My people speak in their hearts.

When you insult your brother or sister,
you insult Me.

When you insult your neighbor or your enemy,
you insult Me.

I am He who bore insult on the Cross for all—
even for your enemies.

Do not insult My sacrifice for others
by withholding mercy from them in your heart."


Art: "Reaching Across"

Monday, July 15, 2013

"Prophesy, My Native Witnesses!"

"I am raising up prophets and putting My word
in the mouths of the First Nations remnant.
They will be My witnesses to those who in My name
give themselves to a kingdom built on blood and injustice.

Cry out! Cry out, My Native prophets!
Cry out the truth of who I am!
Cry out the Gospel to those who have
seared their conscience with national myths!

Cry out for mercy on behalf of
My sons and daughters in Babylon!
Cry out for them to be spared
from the coming destruction!

Receive My Spirit and My agape love
for those who live as enemies of the Cross!
Weep and wail for those who have hardened hearts!
Prophesy to My perishing people!"


Art: "Light of the Nation"

"He-who-judges-with-justice" (A prayer)

Creator. Great Mystery and Great Spirit.

Come quickly and bring justice.

We are not innocent ourselves,
but we hear the cries of the poor.

We see the tears of children, men and mothers.

We are not asking you to judge for us,
but to judge all of us with your justice.

Creator-who-is-love, come quickly
and make things right again.

Bring peace and harmony to all people.

Remove our bad hearts and wrong doings.

Come quickly, and make all things new.


Art: "He-who-sets-free"

Tuesday, July 09, 2013


"We are the vine.
Outside of us, there is no you.
You exist only among us, in our meeting.
Apart from us you can do nothing.
God and Christian,
without us you are nothing!"


Art: "Subjugation"

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Independence Day Worship

"I am he who urges you not to be trodden upon,
but to strike at the heel of any
who dare to try to crush your head.

I am he who declares as sacred
your right to keep all your profit—
more sacred than lives standing in the way.

I am he who says to fear those
who can kill the body and take away
your freedom and your wealth.

I am he who fights with you
against all flesh and blood enemies,
foreign and domestic.

I am he who takes up arms
instead of the Cross,
and you follow me.

I am the god in whom you trust, America,
the god you founded your kingdom upon,
and the god you have chosen to unite under."

- The American Jesus


Art: "The American Jesus"

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Stand Against 'Manifest Destiny'

From Creator to First Nations believers:

"I have saved you from total annihilation, My people.
I have preserved you from being completely destroyed.
I have raised up teachers among you to restore your culture.
I have shown you truths that many others cannot easily see.

I have created you to bless the nations,
even the nations who have oppressed you.
I have made you a remnant, a testimony and witness
to their sins and to their need for repentance.

I will use you to help many of them free from fear and pride.

I have saved you and called you to stand
with oppressed peoples around the world.
I have called you to expose the heart
of empires and their 'manifest destinies'.

Do not fall asleep, My people!

Do not be seduced by the same spirit of adultery that has
seduced so many of your European-American brothers and sisters!
Do not fail to stand with the oppressed in Palestine!
Do not shrink from crying out against the 'manifest destiny' of Israel!

I have preserved you among Israel's strongest ally
—among throngs who bow to her instead of to Me—
for this purpose and for this time!
Do not join in Babylon's spiritual adultery!

Cry out! Cry out, My people!
Raise your voices against
the 'manifest destiny' of Israel
and the theft of Palestinian land!

Declare that I am the Creator of all mankind
and that I do not favor one flesh above another!
Do not stand idle while My Palestinian people
are treated just as you were treated!"


Art: "Two Beasts"

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Lamb Slain
From the Foundation of America

"I am He who stands with the oppressed.
I am He who stands in the way of conquest.
I am He who is sacrificed for land and power.
I am He whose blood is shed with the innocent.
I am He who is set aside for national ambition.
I am He who was crucified in America."


Art: "In The Way"

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Setting All Things Right

"I am coming! I am coming with justice!
I am coming to set right all things!
I am coming to end all war and oppression!
I am coming to reward the deeds of all mankind:
I will show mercy to the merciful,
but I will repay the unmerciful accordingly.
I am bringing retribution and redemption!"


Art: "He-Who-Sets-Free"

Monday, May 27, 2013

Place of Rest

"Your glory is not My glory.
Your ways are not My ways.
Your nation is not My nation.
Your exaltation is not My exaltation.
I have raised a banner for all nations,
the Cross — not your flag."

"The Root of Jesse will stand as
a banner for the peoples;
the nations will rally to Him,
and His place of rest will be glorious."
(Isaiah 11:10)


Art: "A New Faith"

Sunday, May 26, 2013

"Return to My Calling For You"

"I am calling you! I am calling you back, My children in America!
I am calling you back to the foundation of your nation,
to discover why I allowed your forefathers to settle in the land:

You were not meant to conquer the people of the land,
but to become part of their family.
You were not meant to fight them and defeat them,
but to love them as you love yourselves.
You were not meant to 'enlighten' them with your truth,
but to listen to Me together with them.

For this purpose I brought you to the land,
and My calling for you has not been revoked!

Therefore, seek out your neighbors,
be reconciled with them,
and love them as I love them.
Repent for the sins of your forefathers
and stand with them as they seek justice.
Share in their joys and their griefs,
their laughter and their tears.

As you return to your calling,
I will awaken your own heart within you,
and you will know your purpose in the earth
in a way you have never known before.

Return! Return, My beloved!
Return to your neighbors
and to My calling for you!"


Art: "Reunion"

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Be Covered!

"What are you afraid of, My beloved?
Why are you upset when you hear about the sins of your people?
Why do you feel the need to try to 'balance' things?
If you justify and excuse your people's sin,
aren't you saying that you have no sin?
Does citing the sin of other people do away with yours?

I am knocking on the door of your heart, My beloved!

You have closed your ears to hearing the truth about your nation;
you have closed your eyes to the oppressed at home and abroad;
you have closed your hands toward those your nation has wounded;
you have closed your hearts to those I have commanded you to love.

Do not hide behind the sins of others, My beloved,
but come let Me give you peace about yours.
Do not run away from guilt, but instead run to Me!
Your nation's righteousnesses cannot cover your nakedness.
Come to Me and let Me clothe you in My righteousness instead."


Art: "Naked Before Him"

Friday, May 03, 2013

One Nation, Ignoring God

"I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
I am He who died and was raised to life.
I am He who laid down His life for His sheep.
I am He who gathers them and neglects not one.

I am the Great Spirit, the Creator
worshiped by many folds of My Native children.
I have gone hungry and thirsty with them,
I have been unclothed, sick and in prison with them.
I have been cheated and killed with them.
Today I am ignored with them in the United States.

Many of you pray "God bless America",
but I am waiting in My Native children
for you to come and bless Me.
You have called yourselves a nation "under God"
but I tell you that you have put yourselves over Me,
stepped on Me, and shed My blood in My Native children.

For whatever you have done to the least
of these Native children of Mine,
you have also done to Me."


Art: "Built On Blood"

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Creator's Regalia

On March 15th, I was impressed to listen to a recording I have of the hymn "We Gather Together" performed by a Cherokee flute player. Afterwards as I prayed, I began to see a vision...

I saw the inside of an Iroquois longhouse, and there were First Nations believers in Christ from many tribes gathered together. I saw a man in the regalia of a plains tribe and a fireplace behind him. He looked like Richard Twiss, and he was carrying something to show to everyone. I couldn't see what it was, but then the Lord spoke:
"I have gathered you together because I am calling you to intercede for those who have oppressed you. Their nation will not last. They are proud and believe they are strong, but they are blind and are already dying.

I am setting before you a plea from My heart: My beloved children are in captivity— will you set them free by sharing My life with them? Will you bless those who have cursed you in My name? Will you forgive those who have tried to destroy you in My name? Will you take this regalia—the garments My Son wore to the Cross—and wear it?"
Then I looked in Richard's hands and I saw a blood-stained robe of white, woven cloth. I saw streaks where tears made stains. I saw places where the garment had been torn by hardship, abuse, beatings and suffering. I saw dirt and sand ground into it. Then I saw Richard wearing the garment over his Native regalia, preparing to dance, looking forward and ready to sing. I saw him holding feathers, and believers from First Nations were following behind him, preparing to begin the dance.

I suddenly saw a Cross at the head of the procession (and I couldn't see Richard anymore), and the believers were coming out of the longhouse following the Cross into America. I saw believer after believer wearing the same bloodstained robe of white, torn from abuse and suffering and streaked with the stains of tears. Then I saw from the eyes of the Natives new tears, rolling down their faces and onto the tear-stained robe of the Cross, falling onto where Christ's tears had run as He forgave and interceded for His enemies.

And I heard Creator-Redeemer saying,


Art: "In the Pains of Birth"