Thursday, June 27, 2013

Stand Against 'Manifest Destiny'

From Creator to First Nations believers:

"I have saved you from total annihilation, My people.
I have preserved you from being completely destroyed.
I have raised up teachers among you to restore your culture.
I have shown you truths that many others cannot easily see.

I have created you to bless the nations,
even the nations who have oppressed you.
I have made you a remnant, a testimony and witness
to their sins and to their need for repentance.

I will use you to help many of them free from fear and pride.

I have saved you and called you to stand
with oppressed peoples around the world.
I have called you to expose the heart
of empires and their 'manifest destinies'.

Do not fall asleep, My people!

Do not be seduced by the same spirit of adultery that has
seduced so many of your European-American brothers and sisters!
Do not fail to stand with the oppressed in Palestine!
Do not shrink from crying out against the 'manifest destiny' of Israel!

I have preserved you among Israel's strongest ally
—among throngs who bow to her instead of to Me—
for this purpose and for this time!
Do not join in Babylon's spiritual adultery!

Cry out! Cry out, My people!
Raise your voices against
the 'manifest destiny' of Israel
and the theft of Palestinian land!

Declare that I am the Creator of all mankind
and that I do not favor one flesh above another!
Do not stand idle while My Palestinian people
are treated just as you were treated!"


Art: "Two Beasts"