Friday, July 14, 2017

Picking Up My Cross

Posting on this site has been on hiatus for a good while, due to a personal crises during the last two years or so. (Though sharing various things on the Facebook page has continued.)

This is a poem I wrote after a time of prayer today about a cross I found and purchased, which I soon understood reflected my calling. In the coming days posting here will begin again, as the Spirit (Adanvdo) moves. There may be a bit of tweaking the site (which I would welcome). We will see.


I browsed through a store
of souvenirs from a homeland
which I have never set foot on
but long to know and connect with

There I saw and bought
a second cross for my home
beautiful and ornate
ancient and...

And I wondered at it
if something drew me
beyond my desire to connect
with that heritage and homeland

Its was of the classic faith
so direct and solid
a place I have felt distant from
since my life fell apart

I wondered if I bought it
to hold onto that part
what I felt I once had
but was now grown faint

I researched it and learned
that Unetlanvhi once used it
to call a servant to rebuild
His church which was in ruins

And suddenly it connected
with the calling I had heard
which I also felt has been shelved
since my life fell apart

Accordingly I laid the cross down
choosing not to hang it up
until I had time to ask about it
to confirm and to understand it

Now I have come to that time
and understand what I hold
what I am called to
and I will hang the cross now

The place I made to share
the weepings and groaning
Adanvdo gave me to share
will have new direction

What that will be
and what will be painted
I don't know yet
but it will come

To testify against
the great rebellion
and to speak comfort
to the empire's exiles

Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Devotion of the Queen

"In her heart she boasts,
'I sit enthroned as queen...
I will never mourn.'
Therefore in one day...
she will be consumed...
for mighty is the Lord
God who judges her."

(Revelation 18:7-8)

"Many of My children who profess My name
have prostituted themselves to gain authority.
They have chosen power, violence, and domination.
They trust in their object of devotion,
believing they will receive authority
from their new husband and king.

They have trusted in their idols,
but their idols will not save them.
What they have sold themselves for
will turn against them.
In one day destruction will overtake them,
and they will be consumed.

Cry out, My people!
Cry out, My servants!
Cry out, My prophets!

All you who hold to faith in My son
and keep My commands, cry out!
Testify against their adultery!

Call My beloved
but drunken children
to repent!"


Art: "Coming Forth"

Thursday, January 12, 2017

A Call to Stand and Prophesy

"My people who can hear My heart,
I am calling you to prophesy:
I am calling you to speak My words,
to cry aloud My truth,
to rebuke and call to repentance
those who call Me 'Lord, Lord'
but have forsaken My commands of love.

I am calling you to testify;
I am calling you to witness to who I am,
for many who call Me 'Lord'
do not know My ways or My heart.
I am calling you to proclaim
My teachings and My mercy,
and that judgment is coming:

I will raise up high those
who have been oppressed;
I will bring low those
who have been unmerciful;
I will uncover what has been hidden,
revealing the hearts of many
and judging those who love lawlessness.

Stand and prophesy, My people;
call your brothers and sisters
back to obeying My law
to love one another as I loved you
even while you were My enemies.
Stand and weep for the nations
their cold love has wounded in My name.

I am calling you to prophesy
because many speaking in My name
are prophesy falsely, as they serve
the gods of pride, nationalism, greed,
the image of Me they have made,
and the ungrace and violence
they believe earns My favor.

Do not be afraid, My people;
many will hate you in My name,
but many will also hear My heart,
and their hearts will turn to Me,
to their neighbors, to their enemies,
to the wounded and the least of these,
and I will save and comfort many."


Art: "A Prophet's Reward"