Friday, February 27, 2015

"I Will Testify"

"I am going to bring you
before My people who have
turned away from My teachings.

I will ask you to speak
My word to them
and call them to repentance.

Some will be unhardened,
but others will harden themselves.
I will be responsible for the harvest
that My word will bring.

You are called to speak
when I command you to.

Do not be afraid.

I have called many before you,
and you are not alone:
I have surrounded you
with a great cloud of witnesses.

I am with you and
I will never leave you."


Art: "Not Needed"

Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Lover of Enemies

"I am He who loved My enemies
I am He who gave My life
to touch your heart
I am He whose blood was shed
because I loved you

I am He who bore the Cross
to save you and heal you
I am He who saw
through your hostility
to the broken heart beneath

Can you see what I see
in your enemies
just as I saw in you?"


Art: "Enemy Love"

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Understanding Revelation

"Didn't I say that eating the scroll
would be bitter in your stomach?

Perhaps you looked forward to
prophesying to the nations about
their sins instead of your own?

Maybe you envisioned yourself
as Elijah and the nations
as the prophets of Baal?

My word is a double-edged sword—
it convicts the nations
but it also convicts you.

My law of love is a mirror—
it reveals things about others
but firstly it reveals things about you.

Many of you want to prophesy
and convict the nations,
but do not want to look in the mirror
and subject yourselves to My word.

Who among you will eat the scroll
of Revelation instead of merely
tasting it in your mouth?

Who among you will swallow My word
and allow your hearts to be pierced
by the double-edged sword?

Who among you will repent
and put on sackcloth
before the nations?"


Art: "Finally Understanding the Scroll"

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Foolish Virgins

"My people,

I told you to always be ready to give
an answer to anyone who asks you
about the hope I have given you.

I did not tell you to use My word
for attacking the beliefs of others
or for 'taking the land' in My name.

Do not seek combat with
your brothers and sisters,
but clothe yourselves with love.

Your war is not against the beliefs of others,
but against the spiritual darkness
in your own hearts— pride, greed,
and the desire for power and control.

As you conquer these
and give to the world
the love I gave to you,
all people will know
that you are My disciples.

Do not use My word apart from My spirit—
apart from My love.
Do not be foolish virgins."


Art: "Without Love"

Friday, February 20, 2015

These Are the Days

"These are the days
of increasing wickedness.
These are the days
of the love of most growing cold.
These are the days
of rebellion against the law of Christ.
These are the days
of the great apostasy in God's temple.
These are the days
of many following the antichrist spirit.
These are the days
of many not holding to Christ's commands.

These are the days
of only a remnant holding to the faith.
These are the days
of the two witnesses prophesying in sackcloth.
These are the days
of them wearing the garment of repentance.
These are the days
of their testimony to the nations.
These are the days
of the synagogue (churches) putting them out.

These are the days
that My Son told you would come.
These are the days
of the earth's birth pains.
These are the days
of the great tribulation.
These are the days
I will carry My faithful witnesses through.
These are the days
when they will overcome
by the blood of the Lamb,
the word of their testimony,
and by not loving their lives to the death.

These are the days
when many will be martyred
like sheep led to the slaughter
but will never be separated
from Me and from My love.

These are the days
to hold onto faith in My Son
and the His commands.
These are the days
to let nothing move you
to forsake His law.
These are the days
to stay founded on the Rock!"


Art: "The End of All Things"

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Are You 'People of the Cross'?

"My people,

You venerate the martyrs
and commend their faith,
for they died because
they bore My name
and they bore My cross.

You claim them
and claim the same faith
in Me and My cross—
but are you willing
to follow them
to the same cross?

Are you willing
to follow Me
to the cross as they did?

My people,

You cannot carry the cross
and the sword at the same time.
You cannot claim the same
faith of the martyrs
who died for the cross
if you kill for the cross.

You must choose whether
you will be members
of the apostolic church
—the church of martyrs—
or the church of Constantine
warring for the cross.

Which master will you serve?

Which master will you die for—
the One who died on the cross
or the one who painted
a cross on his war devices?

Is it Mine or is it yours
to avenge and repay?"


Art: "People of the Cross"

Monday, February 16, 2015

Who is Your Lord?

"Pay attention, My people!
Pay attention to the commands
My Son gave you which
you have ignored!

My Son spoke no idle words
and gave you no commands
which would work against My purposes.

Many have declared My Son's commands
to be unrealistic, impractical,
merely idealistic, and even foolish.
They have refused to take up the cross
and have created a 'Christ'
in their own image.

You have been called to follow My Son
not to pick and choose whichever
of His teachings you think
are realistic or not.

If you do not follow His commands
then He is not your Lord.
If you follow ways that are
against His commands
then you are following
the spirit of the antichrist.

My Son is coming
to raise up every valley
and bring low every high place.

Will you humble yourselves
or will My Son's appearance
catch you by surprise?"


Art: "Offensive Grace"

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Remnant Ministry

My prophets,

I am calling you
to a remnant ministry:

You will not be famous
You will not be wealthy
You will walk uphill
You will swim against the tide

You will speak to many,
but only a few will respond.
You will work hard
and may see only a small harvest.

What I work through you
will not appear to impact
large amounts of people
or transform a whole society.

I will accomplish My purposes
through My remnant people
just as I have in the past.

Take heart and do not despair.
None of your labor in Me
will ever be in vain."


Art: "I Will Never Leave You"

Monday, February 09, 2015

Exceptions to the Cross

"Listen to My heart's cry—

I am He who died
to save those who crucified Me.
I loved My enemies
whether or not they ever
came to repentance.

My beloved people,
I did not permit you
to make exceptions
to My commands.
I asked You to love your enemies
as I loved you while you
were My enemies.

Do not make your love
conditional on what
you think the outcome
of their choices will be.

Do not differentiate
by the degree of violence
and hatred your enemies
appear to have.

You were loved
regardless of your sins,
and I have called you
to love with the same love
that I gave you.

I have promised
to be with you
through every tribulation.
Therefore take up your cross
as I took up Mine.
Leave the outcome to Me,
and follow Me."


Art: "Born For This"

Saturday, February 07, 2015

First Honor

"I have never asked My people
to be zealous for earthly kingdoms,
nor chastised them for any lack
of patriotism for their countries.

Those who shame you
for not being patriotic
are not speaking
in accordance with My word.

You are called to seek first
My kingdom and My righteousness,
not to defend the righteousness
of the earth's kingdoms.

Remember your first love!"


Art: "Which Is First?"

Sunday, February 01, 2015

The Gospel of God's Grace

"Will you forgive
as I forgave you?

Can you accept that I died
for your enemies, too?

Would you lay down your life
to let them know I love them
just as much as I love you?

Do you believe that they
are worth dying for?

I do."


Art: "The Love of God"