Monday, October 28, 2013

"I Will Make Your Beauty Perfect"

"Beloved, I have prepared many jewels for you—
things that you will recognize immediately,
and others what will not appear beautiful in the beginning.
Many times in your life seem to pierce and try you,
but I am bringing beauty out of them.

I will redeem each one,
and you will find treasure
in every place you go.

In My time, you will rejoice
and will wear them as ornaments.
Nothing you have endured
will be unredeemed in My hands."


Art: "My Beloved"

Forsaking the Treaties

"Why did the people of America break treaties
with the people I had set in the land?

Why were Native Americans
forced off of their land?

Why were their children
stolen and institutionalized?

It was not to bring peace,
but to bring profit
for the insatiable greed
of the United States!

Woe to all who shed blood
in the name of peace!
Woe to all who bring sorrow to their neighbors
in order to satisfy themselves!
Woe to all who destroy My children
in the name of God and freedom!

I will not hear their justification
for what they have done
to their neighbors and My little ones."


Art: "For Profit, Not Peace"

Pursuit of Destruction

"Woe! Woe! Woe!

Who has removed a multitude
of men, women and children
for their own pursuit of happiness?

Who has torn children
away from their parents,
families and communities?

Who has fought to destroy
the tribes, tongues and nations
which I created to praise the Lamb??

It is you, America!

You have built a home for yourselves
on the bloodshed of Native Americans!
You have tried to destroy them!
You have often done this in My name,
but it is not Me that you have served;
you have served yourselves!

I came so that they might have life,
but you came to steal, kill and destroy
the nations I set in this land
and take their inheritance as your own!
I came as a shepherd,
but you came as thieves!

I will hold you accountable,
for their cries have reached My ears.
Repent! Repent!
Repent and produce fruit
in keeping with repentance!"


Art: "For God And Country"

Friday, October 25, 2013

Choosing Rebellion

"There will be a strong deception
among My people in the days to come:
many will be awed by the powerful signs
performed by those who claim to interpret
what is happening in the earth,
and they will speak great blasphemies
against My command to love one another—
they will replace it with the command to defend
the nations that My people believe I favor.

My witnesses are being called
to speak My message to the rebellious:
I do not want any to be lost
—all are precious and loved by Me—
but when they forsake My way
they will bring great sorrow and suffering.
I will send My prophets to call them to repent.
If they refuse to return to Me,
I will allow destruction to overtake them.

Why will My people be hard of heart?
Why will they close their ears to My cries?
Why will they refuse My pleas and My love?
Why will many of them choose
what leads them to be destroyed?"


Art: "Cloudy Vision"

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Last Hour Witnesses

"I am calling prophets
who will speak to My people
about their idols:
I will send you to those
who call for allegiance
to Israel and to America.

This will cause many
to speak against you.
I will make you a stumbling block
for many who believe
in the righteousness of
their nation and its ways.

I am going to make you a sign:
you will go and speak to many
who are unwilling to listen.
They will see My judgments
but they will interpret them
according to their own desires.

When you speak My message
they will be more hardened,
for their pride is a strong tower.
But when I send you and command you,
speak what I have given you to say,
the witness prepared for the last hour."


Art: "Two Beasts"

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Trumpets Answer

"I am He who hears all the cries
of the children I have created.
I am He who sees every tear that falls.
I am He who knows every unspoken prayer of every heart.
Nothing has been missed by Me.

The time is coming soon when I will
fulfill what I have prophesied:
A great tribulation is beginning.
Many woes will come upon the earth and humankind.
I will send a series of judgments
that will seem worse than anything
that has ever fallen upon the earth.

Do not be afraid.
I am He who is in control,
and I am bringing
the redemption of all things.
I am coming soon."


Art: "The One Who Hears"

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Root of Babylon

"There is a deep root
behind the blindness of many
who are being swept away
by the lust of Babylon.

Many believe that I love their the nation
and that it is is established upon My word,
but they do not know that they are seeking
a kingdom built on overturning the ways of My Son.

In place of His mercy they want law.
In place of His love they want enforcement.
In place of His grace they want judgment.

I desire to redeem sinners,
but they desire to reject them.
I desire to embrace the wicked,
but they desire to destroy them.
I desire to bring home the wayward,
but they desire to shame them.

My people do not know My heart!
I gave My Son to save those who are perishing,
but they have used His name to judge them!
My people do not know who they are serving!

When My Son returns,
He will bring justice
to those who were judged,
but He will bring judgment
for those who judged them.

Many will say to Him,
'Didn't we fight for Your name?'
'Didn't we advance Your kingdom?'
'Didn't we defend You?'

But He will answer,
'You did not know My spirit.'

Many will be last
who esteemed themselves first,
and many will be first
who were esteemed to be last."


Art: "In the Time of the End"

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Antichrist Blessings

Blessed are the rich,
for theirs is the land "blessed by God."

Blessed are those who have no valleys and sorrows,
for they are "favored by God."

Blessed are the proud,
for they will take dominion in this age.

Blessed are those who hunger to fight lawlessness,
for they will be filled by it.

Blessed are those who give what is deserved and earned,
for they will receive the same.

Blessed are the pure in doctrine,
for they already see their "God."

Blessed are those who bring peace through war,
for their victorious might proves that "God is with them."

Blessed are those who are "persecuted"
because they force conformity to the law,
for theirs is "the nation God founded."

Blessed are you when people dislike you, vote against you,
and disagree with you because of your "rightness."
Rejoice and be glad, because your cause will be rewarded,
for in the same way they criticize the conquerors who came before you.


Art: "Reaching Across"

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Weeping Again

"My people have chosen
the lies and myths
of the one who steals,
kills and destroys.

'Return to love and mercy!' I cry,
but they mock My values
and accuse My messengers
of being against Me.

They can only see the myth
of their righteous foundation
and that all they have done is
justified in the name of freedom.

What can I tell them that
has not already been written?

In the name of temple and nation
My Son was mocked and rejected.
If the Master was treated this way,
won't they treat His servants the same?

I weep again for the
city they have become."


Art: "Preparing the Way For Another"

Thursday, October 10, 2013

"Come Out Of Her, My People!"

"The remnant I have preserved
of Native Americans
carries a mirror
I have given for America
to see the truth about itself.

I have raised up messengers
among Native Americans
who are opening a door for Americans,
for their escape from reaping
what America has sown.

Repent! Repent!
Let go of your pride!
Listen to My messengers
and save yourselves
from the coming wrath!"


Art: "Prophetic Fulfillment"