Friday, September 30, 2011

"Measure My House"

"Open your mouth and eat what I give you."
(Ezekiel 2:8)

"Behold! Instead of looking to the everlasting gospel,
many of My children have been looking to traditions,
leaders, shadows, and Middle Eastern nations!

"I am setting the plumb line,
I am declaring the rod of measurement—
the gospel of My love in My Son, Jesus Christ.
Many foundations will be shaken,
many walls will be torn down.
Many sacred places will be exposed as idols,
and many houses will collapse.

"As it was in the days of Elijah and John the Baptist,
so it is now: many people worship Me with their lips,
but their hearts are far from Me,
and many whose lips do not speak My name
nevertheless have their hearts resting on My grace.

"I am calling My people out—
out of Babylon and out of the world."


Art: "Difficult Words"

Revealed Through Children

"Revealed Through Children"

"Trust My love. I am your Father. When you are accused of being negative and critical, when you are called rebellious and unsubmissive, rest in My love. I am your Father. I love you and accept you. Remember that I am holding you and I won't let you go. Many things will change in your life as you live in the call I have placed upon you, and many spiritual fathers will try to discipline you because they do not want Me to interfere with their houses. But My love for you will never change.

"I am coming to My people even though many are held tightly by spirits of control. I will come through My prophets—who will be mere children in the eyes of the religious, but who will be My chosen messengers—to confound the wisdom of the wise, to expose man-made rules, to lay bare the deceptions of the enemy, and to call My people to the simplicity of My love in My Son."


Art link: "Father's Love"

Thursday, September 29, 2011

"Do You Desire My Eternity?"

"Do You Desire *My* Eternity?"

You prepare a table before me
in the presence of my enemies.

- Psalm 23:5
"I AM love! I AM mercy, I AM gracious. I do not delight in destroying anyone, but rejoice in healing. I am He who died to reconcile My enemies to Myself, so that I might make them My bride for eternity.

"Will you be offended if I forgive your enemies? Can you accept it if I welcome people who seem to be the worst of sinners? Would you be upset if I desire to forgive the very people who have hurt you or your loved ones most?

"Many who know My name do not know My heart. Many who say, 'Lord, Lord' do not like who I really am. But I AM who I AM. Will you still love Me if you find My grace to be greater than you thought?"

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"Look! I Am Coming!"

"Look! I Am Coming!"

"My people, the time is coming soon when the trumpets will sound and 'the stars will fall', striking the earth. Do not be afraid, for these calamities cannot remove you from My love. Do not fear for your lives, but rest instead in the safety of My love. The greatest danger will not be from disaster, famine and sword; rather the greatest danger is spiritual danger. Do not leave the shelter of My love. I will be your shelter during the storm, and I will use you to bring many people into the safety of the knowledge of My love.

"Look! I am coming—riding on the dark clouds of disasters, calamities and judgments! Every eye shall see Me! I am coming to make all things new!"

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"At My Command"

"At My Command"

"My prophets,

"Many people are going here and there 'prophesying' and teaching about 'prophesying'. They teach 'principles' and 'how the gift operates'. They make a space for 'it' in their church program and lay down rules about what kind of 'words' can and cannot be spoken. They line up to 'prophesy' exciting things for each other and teach each other to 'get close to anointed leaders'. They cheer whenever someone 'prophesies' large things or with creativity, and they say, 'Good word!' Their joy and their glory is in 'prophesying'.

"I tell you the truth, they already have their reward.

"But you, My prophets, to you I say this: Seek My heart. At times I will call you to speak My heart, and other times I will call you to remain silent. I did not give the gift of prophecy in order for you to devote your life to showing others 'what it can do' and 'how to prophesy'. I do not want you to focus on 'prophesying', I want you to focus on My Son and My love.

"Yes, I can bring dry bones to life with your words, but only if you speak when I command you to. Those who are teaching 'prophesying' do not teach you to obey Me. Instead they teach you to prophesy whenever you want and whenever their churches want. They have found their satisfaction in 'what prophecy can do' instead of in My heart and in My love for people.

"But you, My prophets, be enthralled by My love just as I am enthralled by you, and ask for My love so that you may be enthralled with the people I set before you. In My love speak only when I command you to speak, and remain silent when I command you to remain silent. Go when I command you to go, and run the race I set before you."


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Fruit That Lasts

"Fruit That Lasts"

"You are My treasure! I tell you the truth, it was not for church meetings that I died, nor did I die for worship services, sermons, seminars, conferences, prophecies, signs and wonders or 'apostolic networks'. I am not interested in these things. I died for you! I chose to lay down My life so that I could have you with Me forever! I want you! I want your heart.

"What do you want, My people?

"Do you want programs, prophecies, sermons, signs and wonders, 'apostles' and conferences? You don't need Me in order to have these things. Do you want Me? I want you and I want your heart. Do you want Mine?

"Do you want 'revival' and a lot of people to 'make decisions' for Me? Do you want your city and your country to become 'Christian'? Do you want everyone to 'go to church' every weekend? Do you want people to do something, or do you want the people themselves? Do you want to know them? Do you want to share in their hearts and lives? Do you want to spend time with them? Do you want to spend eternity with them?

"I do! And I want to spend eternity with you, too! My people, I want you to desire and work for fruit that lasts. Programs, meetings, conferences, signs and wonders are not eternal, but people are. Look at the Cross. Look at the scars of My love for you on My hands. You are fruit that lasts. Your neighbors and your enemies are fruit that lasts. I do not desire seminars, prophecies and sermons; I desire you, My treasures!"

Monday, September 26, 2011

To Tohoku Churches


To the churches in Tohoku.
September 14, 2011

“Many of you have arisen to help your neighbors with supplies and cleaning their homes, and you have learned more about My love because you have done so. Now I am calling you to love your neighbors as I love them: I am calling you to step out of our churches and visit them regularly. Go to the temporary housing and love them as family. Do not worry about how to prepare, and do not delay. Go and I will be with you. Be My intercessors and bring My love to them.”




The Heart of God

"The Heart of God"

"I have shown My heart to the world on the Cross! There is no other 'key' to bringing My kingdom than to share My heart—that I loved you so much I gave you My Son on the Cross! Look! Look at the Cross! I gave My Son for every tribe, tongue and nation! I gave My Son for the healing of the nations!

"Yet many of My people are going here and there searching for 'keys' to bring 'revival'! One group prays this way, another group prays in a different way. One group says 'spiritual warfare' must be done first, another group says 24-hour prayer must be done. One group says 'declarations' must be made from various places, another group says prophesying must be done. One group says worshiping harder will 'bring revival' and others say that praying for Israel is the key.

"For these are the days when many are running here and there for knowledge but do not know that I have hidden all knowledge in My Son, Jesus Christ. All the treasures of My wisdom are in My Son given to you on the Cross. Nevertheless many among you will continue to look for 'deeper secrets', 'revelations', miraculous signs and wonders.

"Yet those who behold My heart in the Cross will be filled with My love—My love for My Son and My love for every tribe, tongue and nation. And as you share My heart—My Son crucified—I will draw all people to Myself."

Prophets' Reward

"Prophets’ Reward"

"Remember! Remember! Remember the history of My prophets! My prophets are considered offensive by lovers of praise. Those who worship Me with their lips but not with their hearts refuse to listen to My correction.

"Do not be afraid, My prophets. People will reject you and speak against you. Just as I was not recognized by the religious, so also you will not be recognized or accepted. Just as I was accused of blaspheming God and Moses, so also you will be told that you are not following Me and My ways. Just as I was crucified with rebels, so also you will be accused of rebellion.

"False prophets will be exalted. They will proclaim that My favor is given to all who bless what they bless, and they will teach that I curse all who disagree. They will teach many ways to earn My favor instead of proclaiming the gospel of My Father's grace—that He has given you everything in His Son, Jesus Christ.

"Bury your head deep in My wings, My prophets. Hide yourselves in Me alone."

Hidden in the Secret Place

"My people, do not be afraid of
what can kill your body but not your soul.
Many of you have believed that I would not
let you experience the calamities and disasters
that will strike the earth in the days before I return.
But I have never promised that
you would not experience tribulation.
Instead I promised that My peace would
guard your heart through tribulation.
Some of you will experience these things,
and some of you will lose your lives but not your souls.
Take heart, for I am the resurrection and the life!"


Art: "Delighted"

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Wrath of Perfect Love

"The Wrath of Perfect Love"

"My wrath is higher than human wrath, and My justice is more perfect than human justice. Just as distinct as My righteousness is from your own righteousness, so also My wrath and My justice are distinct from yours. In My wrath there is no sin, no darkness and no shadow.

"I am the One who loved the guilty—so much that I gave My innocent Son to atone for their sins by dying in their place. Those who receive My wrath are those who choose not to receive My love. You were created for love, and I am love. You were created for Me.

"I am calling all people to know and receive My love. Those who turn away from My love will receive My wrath—the wrath of the One who loved His enemies so much that He gave His only Son so that they would not perish. Those who receive My wrath are those who have not only refused My love but have also sought to prevent others from receiving My love.

"Those who know My love do not need to fear My wrath, for My wrath will not harm them. Abide in My love, and My love will cast out all fear of wrath.

"Do not have any part in any action claiming to carry out My wrath. I have commanded you to love as I have loved you, and to leave all wrath to Me."

Friday, September 23, 2011

Ministry to the Nation

"In ancient times there was a country which was given righteous laws and leaders.
In every part of society the Name of the Lord was acknowledged and honored. Rebellion against My ways was quickly removed, and the righteous were vindicated
by miraculous signs and wonders. My people were blessed, prosperous,
and were exalted above all other nations.

"But the more I called them, the further their hearts went from Me, and their sins
became so detestable that they made their godless neighbors look righteous.
So I disciplined and punished them severely. Then I brought them back to their land,
but they turned away from Me again. Last of all I sent My Son to them,
but in the name of protecting My laws and My Name, they crucified Him.

"For I did not give the Law of Moses for the sake of creating a righteous society,
but for the sake of exposing sin to the world. The law could not heal My people,
nor could it protect them from sin and judgment. Acknowledging My Name and authority could not produce a people who turned to Me in their hearts, but instead a people whose lips spoke My Name but whose hearts worshiped their own gods.

"Why have My people returned to putting their hope in the Law of sin and condemnation? Why are My people fighting for My Name to be acknowledged by their governments and for their laws to conform to the Old Covenant?
Why are My people trying to convert the nations to the ministry of death?

"Didn't I say you were to be ministers of the New Covenant?
Did I make you sufficient to minister the Old?
If Moses could not do it, why are you trying to?

"In all of your preaching about the liberalization and secularization of your countries,
where is the gospel of My Son? Where are the blessings He spoke to the poor,
to the peacemaker and to the weak?

"My grace is life and light in the darkness of the world,
but the Law is the ministry that condemns and brings death.
Come out of the shadows and back into the light, My people!"


Art: "The Way"

Thursday, September 22, 2011

"To My Bride"

"To My Bride"

"My precious, My beloved, My bride,

"I love you so much! I am so enthralled that you want to be with Me, to know Me intimately as My bride. I am overjoyed that you have discovered My love for you in the book of Revelation, and that you want to have eyes only for Me.

"It is because I love you and treasure you that I will now interrupt your attempts to pursue Me. My beloved, you already have Me, and I did not have Revelation written so that you would attempt to cry out 'Come, Lord!' harder and harder. I accept your love, and I will come at the perfect time.

"When I said that My Spirit and My bride say 'Come', I said that they cry 'Come' to the thirsty who need My water of life. My bride, I am not calling you to cry out harder for Me to come; I am calling you to cry out to those who are dying of thirst!

"My bride, I am enthralled with you and pleased with you. Please know that. You have already won My affections and My love! Now I want to share My heart with you. I want you to rest in My love for you, and listen to what's on My heart:

"I love them just as much as I love you! The thirsty, the broken, the addicted, the outcast, the ones who look like your enemies... I love them! I want them to be My bride, too!

"Do you want them just like I want them? Ask Me for that love. Ask Me for My love for them. I want to be with you forever, and I want to be with them forever. Ask Me for love to want to be with them forever, too. Ask Me for love that will suffer for them. Ask Me for so much passion for them that you would even die for them. Ask Me how much I love them!

"Hear My heart, My beloved! Hear My Spirit! I cry, I cry! I cry out, 'COME! COME!' Cry out with Me, My beloved! Cry out with Me!"

Trinitarian Confession

"Trinitarian Confession"

Father, Son, Holy Spirit,

You are worthy of all our praise, and You are high above our limited understanding. We praise You because You have revealed Yourself and that You are love!

Forgive us for rejecting and withholding love and relationship in Your name! Forgive us for shutting out those who did not yet understand You. You graciously gave mankind thousands of years to recognize You, but we have demanded that others confess correctly before they may receive our love. And, we have declared that Your grace can only be received by being among us. Forgive us, Lord!

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, we repent.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"As I Lost My Life"

"My people,

"I am with you! I am with you! Do not be afraid as the world around you trembles. Do not fear the destruction of your lives and your ways of life. I have told you that such things will certainly come, and that I will never leave you nor forsake you. In the midst of tribulation I will lead you to springs of living water.

"Understand! Understand! Understand the times in which you live! Many who proclaim My name have forsaken My agape love, preferring instead the gods of the world: money, power and self-righteousness. Many declare My name alongside their politics, economics and wars. They have set forth as the rider on the black horse, weighing peoples on their own scales and exploiting them, but protecting their own interests.

"Discern the spirit! Discern the spirit! Discern the spirit behind beliefs! Walk in the light of the Cross! Do not forsake My command to love one another—even your enemies—and do not forget that I loved you and gave My life for you while you were My enemies.

"If you do not follow My love, you do not follow Me. But if you accept My life, you will know that My life was given for all peoples, including those who appear to oppose you. I have not called you to love your life, but to lay it down for My sake.

"I have told you that if you attempt to save your life, you will lose it. Therefore I tell you that to attempt to save your life is to follow Death. Do not be deceived by those who urge you to save your life instead of picking up your cross.

"As I lost My own life, so you must also lose yours. As I drank from the love of My Father, so will you also drink of My Spirit during tribulation."


See also: "Wells of Living Water" (art link)

"I Have Loved You, Muslims!"

"I Have Loved You, Muslims!"

"To all Muslims:

"I am the God of Abraham. I am the Creator, the One and Only. I am the One whom you do not know, but who knows you and loves you. I created you for My love, not to be instruments of My wrath. I created you not to attain righteousness, but to receive My free gift of love.

"I am the One who loves you. The one you worship has brought you only distress, war and anger. The one you worship has told you to seek justice, but you are continually frustrated because you cannot produce the justice he demands. He leads you in the path of destruction, but I will lead you in the path of life.

"Instead of fighting to secure justice and rights, I will show you the power of My love and My peace to carry you through any trial. I am the One who died and rose again, Jesus Christ, who has atoned for your sins completely by My death on the Cross for you. You have not loved Me, but I have loved you. Receive My love and learn from Me."

Heart to Heart

"I am the spirit of God;
I am the heart of God.
I am good and I am love.

"No one can know Me unless they have seen
that God has loved the world in Christ Jesus,
for I am the river of living water
that flows out of His atonement.

"You cannot reject Me if you do not know Me,
and if you know Me and reject Me,
you call good 'evil' and evil 'good'.
Most who speak against Me do not know Me;
they do not know what they are saying.

"But I am the heart of God,
and I discern the hearts of mankind.
I am poured out to renew the hearts of mankind,
and I am welcomed whenever a sinner repents."


Art: "Gently Broken"

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"I Am With You In Sorrows"

"To the people of Japan:

"I am with you in your sorrows! I am afflicted when you are afflicted, I mourn when you mourn, and I suffer when you suffer. I did not send the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis to punish you or judge you. Some have proclaimed that these things happened because of your sins or because your government did not support Israel; these are false prophecies. I have not commanded them to speak, and they do not know My heart. Do not believe them. Look unto the Cross and you will know My heart. I carried your sins and all of your griefs. I am with you in your grieving, and I am with you in My people who are visiting you in your temporary homes to love you and mourn with you."


"Not My Heart!"

"To the Church:

"My people, many of you are hearing My Spirit warn about events and disasters. I speak of such things to call you to pray, but I do not call you to declare My judgment in them! Many of you have spoken in My name of coming judgments through disasters because you cannot hear My heart. Since you are zealous for the law instead of zealous for people whom I love, many of you have declared that inevitable disasters are coming due to the sins of the ungodly.

"Yet I have nullified your words. I have not allowed these disasters to take place because I was only calling My people to pray, and I answered their prayers. You who have declared judgments will not see your words fulfilled, for you do not know My heart. Nor do you know that I will judge you before I judge the world! My judgments are redemptive instead of punishment, because I desire you instead of your sinlessness. I will not entrust My words about actual inevitable judgments and wrath to those who do not understand My heart and My redemptive purposes."


See also: "Are Disasters God's Judgments?"

"See As Children!"

"To the Jewish people in Israel:

"I am your inheritance! I am your rest!
I am the fulfillment of every promise!
I am the restoration and I am the kingdom.
I am the new covenant.

"Become children again, for as wise and learned adults
you have only worn yourselves out trying to regain your old kingdom.
Your understanding has wearied you and your ways
have brought unending fear to your children.
Become like children and look at My hands:

"I have engraved you on My hands!
I have taken away your sins!
I have peace that passes understanding!
I have an inheritance that will never spoil or fade,
kept in heaven for you!
I have a new Jerusalem for you above!
Why waste your lives on what will not last?

"Come to Me as children,
and I will show you My everlasting love
and bring you into the promised rest.
Instead of warring against the nations in perpetual unrest,
you will find everlasting peace,
and I will make you a blessing to the nations."


Art: "Yeshua My Shabbat"

Monday, September 19, 2011

Called Out

"Called Out"

"My bride! My bride! Come forth, My bride! It is time for you to leave your shelters from the storms and waves of the world! I am calling you to step out of your place of comfort—whether it be your church building, your traditions, your comfortable ministry or religious routine.

"Stop waiting for the world to come to you and take refuge in your boat! Stop waiting for Me to come and give you miraculous powers to convince the world with! Step out from your safety net and spend yourselves loving your neighbors and enemies! As you do so, you will find Me there with you, walking above the waves."

The Name of the Beast

"Call for wisdom! Call for wisdom!
Call for understanding and discernment,
for you cannot understand apart from My Spirit.
I did not have prophecies written so that
you would calculate, guess and deduce what is to come,
but I gave you prophecies so that
you would seek Me and depend upon Me.

"The name of the beast is its nature and its desire—
to possess the knowledge and wisdom of God,
to establish the kingdom again at the height of its former glory,
and to be acclaimed as the chosen of all the earth.

"But you, My people, do not need the acclamation of men,
nor do you need to establish a kingdom on earth,
and your wisdom is to be Christ alone,
crucified for the sins of the world."


Study: "The Beast"—Seemingly Favored

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Image of the Beast

"My people have made an idol of Israel!
My people preach that blessing Israel
is the way to receiving My blessing and My approval,
and that supporting Israel will bring the nations to Me
and bring about My return to earth.
My people proclaim that My love for the world is seen in My love for Israel
—rather than in the Cross where I gave My Son for all nations.
My people proclaim that Israel is the way instead of My Son!

"You cannot love two masters and you cannot proclaim two gospels.
You must choose the New Jerusalem or the Old Jerusalem.
You must choose the kingdom of heaven or the kingdoms of men.
You must choose the inheritance of repentance or the inheritance of violence.
You must choose the Suffering Servant or the Militant Messiah.

"For now is the time of the great falling away—
when many of My people are leaving the faith,
when the agape love of My people is growing cold,
and My grace is exchanged for license to war.

"Now is the time of the great rebellion—
when My law of love for all nations is forsaken,
and lawlessness is preached in its place,
teaching instead the pursuit of land and power.

"Now is the time to remain awake and sober
in the gospel of My Son crucified,
and His command to love one another
as He has loved you,
even while you were My enemies."


Art: "These Are Your Gods"

Perfect Jealousy

"Perfect Jealousy"

"I am the one who judges;
I am the one who pours out wrath.
I am the one who avenges
and I am the one who repays in full.

"I am He who loves you so much that I died for you. I am He who nailed the law of transgressions to the Cross in My own blood. I am He who is burning with jealousy—for you and for your enemies.

"Do not be quick to proclaim My judgment and My wrath, for My thoughts are higher than your thoughts and My ways are higher than your ways. I am not jealous for perfection or sinlessness, nor am I jealous for the profession of My name. I am jealous for hearts! I want you, I want your neighbors, and I want your enemies! I want to love you and be with you forever! I hold My wrath for whatever stands between Me and you."

Thursday, September 15, 2011

"My Cast-Out Ones"

"My Cast-Out Ones"

"They will put you out of the synagogue;
in fact, a time is coming when anyone who kills you
will think he is offering a service to God."

- John 16:2
"To My weeping messengers:

"As I was with Jeremiah, so shall I be with you.
As I sustained him, so shall I sustain you.
As things were in his day, so things are now in yours.
Rest in My hands and in My love,
for as I was comforted, so shall you be comforted.

"As I was hated, so shall you be hated.
As I wept, so shall you weep.
As I was accused, so shall you be accused.
As My servants were put out of the synagogues,
so shall you be put out of churches.

"But you shall not be put out of My love!"


Art: "Rejected Again"

Prophesy Favorably

"The time has now come when people
will not put up with My word but tell My prophets,
'Do not prophesy the word of the Lord to us
and expose our sins, just encourage us instead!'

"Those who are called 'prophets' muzzle My Spirit,
teaching that I only speak inoffensive 'positive' words.
They whitewash the sins of My people
and hide the wounds they have left.

"Repent! Repent!
My people, do not despise My discipline!
Do not reject My love!"


Art: "Prophesy Favorably"

"Which Gospel Will You Serve?"

"Which Gospel Will You Serve?"

"I have called you to the ministry of reconciliation, to receive and declare My love for all peoples. I have called you to share the Cross, where I gave My life for all peoples so that they might all share in the New Jerusalem.

"But you declare that I want one people to possess and not share the Old Jerusalem. You do not understand that you are encouraging Israel to sell her heavenly inheritance for an earthly bowl of porridge. I do not want her to have land; I want her to have Me! Preach the gospel to her!"

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The Harvest - Accepted and Loved?

"The Harvest - Accepted and Loved?"

"Before you! Before you!
My people, I have set the hurt and the broken before you!
I have called you to love them and care for them!

"You have been calling out to Me for 'revival'
but you do not know what you are asking for!
You have envisioned masses of people converting,
society becoming more lawful, and churches being filled...

"But I am not giving you such a neat package.
Instead I am setting before you the opportunity to love people as I love them,
to mourn with those who mourn,
to carry the burdens of those who are without rest,
to love the unlovely and to adopt them into your lives as family.

"It is time for you to understand that I have called you to love the harvest!
I have told you that disasters and wars will certainly increase,
and so you must also understand certainly many people will be shaken,
frightened, afflicted, and in need of love.
Will you accept and love the harvest I send you?
Or shall I raise up others who will?"

"The Harvest - Accepted and Loved?" (close-up)

Sunday, September 04, 2011

"My Father's Love"

"My Father’s Love"

"Love your enemies! Love your enemies! Share My Spirit! Know My Father's heart! Share in His perfect love!

"I am the rain of heaven, given not only for your sins but also for the sins of the whole world—even the sins of your enemies.

"If you love your enemies as My Father has loved you, you will show yourselves to be My Father's sons and daughters."

Friday, September 02, 2011

Turning to the Children

"Turning to the Children"

"Before My Son came to earth, I declared that the hearts of fathers were turned away from their children, and so I sent John the Baptist to speak My discipline to spiritual fathers.

"It is the same today: spiritual fathers have been busy with the work of what they think I require, and as a result their spiritual children have known Me more as a Master to work for than as their loving Father. The spiritual fathers themselves have not known spiritual fathers who loved them as I do. And so they have passed on teaching, preaching, producing converts, traditions, rituals and rules to their spiritual children more than they have passed on My love.

"Behold! I am sending prophets to spiritual fathers to turn their hearts back to their spiritual children!"

Kingdom Unending

"Come! Come with Me!
I AM the promised land!
I AM the kingdom!

"Why are you weeping?
Why are you waiting here?
What are you hoping for?

"Your King has already come and He still waits for you!
I have prepared a new place for you—
an eternal country, an everlasting home,
an imperishable inheritance
kept for you above—the New Jerusalem!

"Forget the former things!
Come and be with Me forever!"

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Prophets of Different Fathers

"I have told you that many false prophets will come in My name.
I tell you the truth, they are already among you and more will come.

Many speak from their own imaginations,
but some speak the words of lying spirits.
Many will be accepted and
many are already widely accepted.
They will speak words that are pleasing to your ears,
confirming your pride and your success.

My prophets will not be widely accepted or acclaimed.
The word I speak through them will be
rejected and ignored in most churches,
for the love of most will grow cold—
and is already growing cold.

My prophets will speak My words,
but when they are challenged by false prophets,
I will command My prophets to speak only briefly
and then to remain silent,
even as I was silent before My accusers.

As it was in the days of Jeremiah,
so shall it be in the last days."


Art: "Prophets of Different Fathers"



"I have called you to set free those who are living under the crushing weight of guilt! I have called you to proclaim freedom for the captives! I have called you to declare My love for sinners!

"But you have declared judgment instead! You have tried to convict the world and prove their sinfulness! You have made 'law' into the way to Me instead of My Son! You have tried to place a yoke on people too heavy to bear, and then you judge them again when they refuse to wear it! I have given you the ministry of liberating captives, but you have traded it for the ministry of conviction and condemnation!

"It is My Spirit that convicts people of their sins, not you! My Spirit does not need to minister death and condemnation in order to lead people to repentance! I desire you to call out with My Spirit, 'Come, you who are thirsty, and take for free the gift of the water of life!' I have not called you to put a price on My grace; I have not called you to put the yoke of the law on people in order to set them free from it! My own goodness and My Son's death on the Cross will set them free from their guilt and their sins!"


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Choosing God's Way

"Choosing God’s Way"

"I have not called you to the ministry of evangelizing the knowledge of 'right and wrong'. I have not made you ministers of containing and cataloguing sins. I have not called you the ministry of determining morality in your land. I have not called you to that ministry of death and condemnation!

"Instead I have called you to the tree of life—to the Cross of My Son, Jesus Christ. There is no other way to produce life and the works of love. There is no other way all mankind will be drawn unto Me than through the Cross.

"The knowledge of right and wrong did not make you godly—it only brought you death. But what the law could not do, I did for you by sending My Son to die for your sins. Beholding His death you see not only the difference between good an evil, but you also see My love for you and My power that brings you out of darkness into the light of life.

"Return to the Cross! Return to the ministry of reconciliation I've called you to!"