Monday, October 26, 2015

Together in Spirit

"I am He who keeps
My servants together,
whether you are close together
or far apart from each other.
I am the bond between you.
I am He who holds you
close to each other in My Spirit.

Although there may be great
distance and time between you,
you are together in spirit
because I am between you.
In Me you are never far from one another.
I am He who preserves your unity
and your love for each other.

And I am He who will reunite you
in My perfect time."


Art: "Light Years"

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Israel's Boiling Pot

"Woe to those
who encircle a people
with walls and oppression,
who light a fire beneath them
to incite them to violence
in order to justify further oppression!

Woe to those
who mistreat a people,
evict them from their homes
and push them off of their land
in order to confiscate the land
that their hearts desire!

Woe to those
who have used their own suffering
as propaganda and as a pretext
for ignoring their misdeeds
in order to commit injustice
against another people!

Woe to those
who have made Palestinians
to be 'flesh in the pot'
and have slain them
in order to destroy them
so that Israel may have more land!

Does the Lord not see?
Cannot I see the hearts of all?
Will I not repay those
who have worked injustice?
Will I not punish those
who incite the oppressed to violence?

Repent, Israel!
Repent, you who call yourselves
'Friends of israel',
for I will not hold you guiltless
for shielding her
and partaking in her crimes!

Repent and seek peace,
justice and reconciliation!"


Art: "Living in Terror"

Sunday, October 04, 2015

The Hope of Babylon

"Listen, My people:

The hope of those
who have set their hearts
on the glory of America
is the glory of Babylon.

I did not give My Son to die
so that you could build an empire,
excel in military might,
or attain worldly prosperity.

I did not give My Son to die
so that you could use His name
to gather political power
and enforce your idea of righteousness.

I gave My Son so that you
would become exceptional
in love, humility, mercy, empathy,
and all the fruits of My Spirit.

But amongst the nations
you have often become known for
and have labored in pursuit of
the lusts of the flesh instead.

I am not your god, America:
your gods are Mammon and Mars:
the love of money and possessions,
and the military god of war.

Many of you have become
unthinking and unfeeling,
like brute beasts unable to reason
or to comprehend My words.

Yet among you I have a remnant
whose love has not grown cold,
who testify to My truth
and walk in the ways of My mercy.

I am calling you through them
to repentance for your ways,
and to follow the teaching
and commands of My Son.

Will you listen to My witnesses?
Or will you continue to mock them
and to harden your hearts
against My Son and My love?"


Art: "Edifice"