Thursday, November 28, 2013

Pride Instead of Remorse

"Do I celebrate the greatness
of a nation built upon cheating
and destroying indigenous peoples?
Am I impressed with their 'accomplishments'?
Have I rewarded their nation
with the 'blessing' of prosperity?

Do those who oppressed Native Americans
and the descendants of the oppressors
owe their 'thanksgiving' to Me?

Haven't I suffered when Natives suffered?
Haven't I gone hungry when they went hungry?
Haven't I been cheated when they were cheated?
Haven't I been massacred when they were massacred?

Should you 'remember' them
by naming sports teams after them?
Should you put their images on your products
and dress your children like them for school games?

Is this how you 'honor' the oppressed?
Is this how you offer 'thanksgiving' to Me?

Pride! Pride!
Where is your remorse, America?
Where is your repentance
and the fruit of your repentance?

Spend yourselves on behalf of those
who have been oppressed and impoverished
by the founding of your nation!

For I have heard their cries
and I will not ignore them
as you have ignored them."


Art: "Founded On God's Word?"

Friday, November 15, 2013

Manifest Destiny

"America, I want you to know
the treasure that I set in the land
in its indigenous people,
and to be blessed through them.

But in your greed you have
abused their goodwill,
dishonored your treaties,
and tried to destroy them.

By seizing land with force
and using treachery,
you have rejected My will
and My blessings for you.

I am in the same neighbors
you defrauded and set aside,
instead of being valued,
honored and respected.

Because you have forsaken peace
and mistreated your neighbors,
you will also not know peace
and you will also be mistreated.

But for those among you who repent,
who seek reconciliation with them
and expend yourselves for their well-being,
I am waiting with healing and peace."


Art: "God Bless America?"

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Profile of the Lawless One

"Who worships the virtues of war?
Who believes victory in battle
is the sign of the favor of heaven?
Who calls the nations to honor the 'chosen people'?
Who uses their economic might to force
the nations to stand with the 'chosen people'?

Who seeks signs and wonders to prove
their authority to the nations?
Who declares the righteousness
of the circumcision and those who stand with them?
Who has followed the beast from the sea
and become the beast from the land?"


Art: "These Are Your Gods"

Monday, November 11, 2013

"A Place to Lay My Head"

"I am the Lord of the weak and the broken.
I am the lover of the outcast and the sinner.
I am the seeker of the hungry and the humble.
I am at home in their hearts and in their presence.

I am not welcome among the proud or the mighty.
I am not the reward of the sinless or the pious.
I am not comfortable among those who are perfect
in the sight of the religious.

Will you condemn Me for being
at home with those you believe I shun?
Will you judge Me as you judge them?
Will you reject or welcome Me in them?"


Art: "Where I Am Welcome"

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Healing of the Tribes

"I am He who created your heart.

I rooted you to your people—
to your tribe, even if you did not know
that you belonged to a tribe.

I created you as part of a community.
I am restoring tribes and bringing back
those who were separated from their tribe.

I am He who heals the families of the nations:
I will bring your people to you,
and I will bring you to your people.

I will do this in the fullness of time."


Art: "Sorrow Becomes Dancing"

Gods Without Peace

"I am bringing a terrible fear
on those who do not follow My ways
but who profess My name.

They have chosen to serve
their own gods of power and profit,
so I will withdraw My peace from them.

When they lose power and profit
they will ask Me to restore them,
but I will not hear them.

So that they may return to Me,
I will hand them over to their gods
who will take away their peace.

I am He who lovingly waits
for My children to come home
and find their peace in Me."


Art: "Under Law"

The Coming Healer

"I am He who knows every sadness
felt by every people.

I am He who has wept with every tribe
as they walked on their trails of tears.

I am He who will wipe away every tear
and restore all things.

I am coming soon;
hope in Me."


Art: "At Last"

Sunday, November 03, 2013

"For My Word"

"Many will become offended
and will hate you for speaking My word.
You will be rebuked and denounced
because they have closed their ears
to hearing My heart.

You will be opposed as I was opposed
because you testify about Me
and hold to My commands.
I am calling My prophets to follow
in the way of My sufferings.

There will be many times
you will not be able to see My path.
Follow in the way of My command
to love as I have loved you.
I will never lead you in any other way."


Art: "For My Sake"

Friday, November 01, 2013

Called For This Testimony

"I have called My Native American servants
to testify to the United States:

I have prepared the way
for the United States to receive
the harvest sown by her pride,
her greed, and her violence.

I am calling you as priests
to intercede for all peoples
who are living in the land.

I am calling you not only to speak the truth
of America's history and spiritual darkness,
but I am also calling you to weep for her children,
her leaders, her good-hearted and her bad-hearted.

I have reserved you for such a time as this.
I will be with you as you go."


Art: "For Such a Time As This"

The Peace of the Cross

"Peace! I want to give you peace!
I want to give you the peace
that I rested in as I endured the Cross.

Many of the beliefs you cling to
have caused you to become distressed
and fearful of losing your way of life.
I want to set you free with My peace.

I am not going to let you keep your faith
in the fables and myths of America or Israel,
or in any other substitute for the gospel.
I will expose the truth about their foundation
so that you may choose to rest in Me instead.

Will you cling to your righteousness,
or you will let go
and find My unshakeable peace?"


Art: "In The Tabernacle"

Witnesses Called

"I have chosen and called witnesses for this hour.
My prophets will testify about My Son and His commands—
two witnesses crying out for My people to repent.

I am sending them to the churches first before the nations,
for My people have wandered from My Son and His commands,
and the nations have heard a gospel from them mixed
with the righteousness and commands of men.

I will put the plumb line in the churches
so that they will see without the veil of confusion.
Many will repent, but many will cling to Babel."


Art: "For The End"

Defiance of the First Trumpet

"I will sound the first trumpet and there will be
a great meteor shower upon the earth.
The nations will be scared and will look
to the works of their hands to save them.

Many who claim to understand Me will prophesy
and interpret according to their own gospel:
their way to reach heaven is for the nations to unite
in restoring and rebuilding the kingdom of Israel.
Because their interpretations will seem perfect,
many will come to join them in their labor.

But I am calling My servants to be sober
and stay awake during the time of darkness.
Hold to the righteousness of My Son alone
and His command to love neighbors and enemies.

I am not calling My people
to be united in anything but the Cross!
Woe to all who forsake the Cross for confusion!"


Art: "The First Trumpet"