Saturday, December 29, 2012

Until You Reunite

"When the innocent suffer and are taken away,
they have not been forgotten or forsaken.
They are brought home and are at rest in My arms;
each one of their tears are wiped away,
and they are comforted and fully healed.

I have prepared a place for you next to them.
Come, share your sorrows with Me;
I will stay with you through the night
until the day comes when all things
are redeemed and restored."


Art: "In Good Hands"

Monday, December 24, 2012


"Look and see, My people!
The last days are upon you
but you are sleeping!

Many of you have unclothed yourselves,
for you have hardened your hearts
against the poor and the sick,
the outcast and your enemies!

Instead of standing firm in My love
you have mocked and insulted
those I have sent to awaken you
and remind you of My commands.

Standing in your own righteousness
and withholding your love,
you have judged as undeserving
the very ones I that died to redeem!

Wake up!
I am coming soon,
but not as you expect!"


Art: "Not His Disciple"

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Disciples of Another 'Christ'

"Many of My people have not known My heart
and have not understood My mind —which is My Son—
because they are following the ways of another 'Christ'
instead of the way of the Cross.

My Son's kingdom is not of this world,
and He urged His disciples not to love their lives,
but commanded them to love their neighbors
and even to love their enemies.

But many of My people are following a 'Christ'
who tells them to fight to control their kingdom,
to pursue their own life, liberty and happiness,
and to eliminate their enemies.

My people are not being forced to disobey Me,
nor are they being hypnotized or controlled,
and neither are they being threatened or persecuted.
Yet My people are ready and willing to reject the Cross!

Do My people need a literal 'Babylon' government
if 'Babylon' already governs in their hearts?
Do My people need a literal 'Antichrist'
if they already follow the voice of a false 'Christ'?

Not everyone who says, 'Lord, Lord'
is truly a disciple of My Son.
Those who worship Me in truth must also
worship in the spirit of My Son."


Art: "Standing Against Me"

Thursday, December 20, 2012

"Fighting Against Me"

"My beloved American Christians,
do you know that many of you
are fighting against Me
just as the religious leaders
worked against Me in Judea?

You are rejecting and mocking Me,
insulting Me and calling Me the enemy.
You ridicule My ways and replace
My commandments in favor of pursuing
your life, liberty and happiness.

I have become a stumbling stone to you,
and you are offended when I speak.
It is My grace alone that saves,
but you are fighting against My grace!
Many of you are choosing hell over heaven."


Art: "Trading Our Soul"

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lust For the Supernatural

"Are My people deceived by the power
of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders?
Is it the strength of the evidence that
convinces My people to believe
in false prophets and to follow them?
Are My people being deceived against their will?

Aren't My people crying out and asking for
supernatural manifestations and displays?
Don't My people prefer to believe all things
instead of testing the spirits?
Don't My people even criticize those who question
as if they did not have enough faith?

How can My people resist
false prophets and wonders
if their hearts are already
lusting for the supernatural?"


Art: "Spirit-led"

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

"After My Own Heart"

"My sons and daughters share My longing
to intercede and to be peacemakers
between those who don't know how much
I love them — and their enemies!

But many cannot understand My heart
because My name has been used in vain
to support sides instead of to save lives.
Many resist My peacemaking sons and daughters
because they cannot see or understand
the power of My agape love to bring peace.

Just as many did not understand
when My Son spoke commands of agape love
and when He died on the Cross to make peace,
so today many hearts have been hardened
against My agape love in word and action.

But just as the suffering of My Son
opened many eyes and softened many hearts,
in the same way the rejection of
My peacemaking sons and daughters
will draw many hearts to Me."


Art: "Peace Unstoppable"

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Whose Measure?

"I am not against any people,
for I loved all people so much
that I died on the Cross to purchase them!
Yet those who call themselves ‘God's people’
kill and destroy My inheritance
in order to steal their land!

No one who fights their neighbor has known Me,
neither has anyone who steals from their neighbor.
I am not the author of the desire to possess the land,
nor am I the foundation of the state of Israel.
It was not My hand that gave victory over neighbors,
nor was it My hand that sent refugees into exile.

Woe! I am coming to bring justice,
righteousness, restoration and relief
for the homeless and the oppressed,
and I will show mercy to the merciful,
but those who have not shown mercy
will be judged with their own measure!"


Art: "Lawlessness"

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Empty Words

"My people have been taught not to hear the spirit of prophecy!
'Words' from the prophets of Ahab have become
what My people recognize as 'prophecy',
and schools teach My people to prophesy in the flesh!
A movement has established the authority of Jezebel
and taught her ways as the 'secret things' of God!

Those who want to grow in faith and know Me better
are guided into chasing empty 'prophetic' words
which do not heal deep wounds or even speak My love,
but instead appeal to the flesh and the idols of the heart.
They are taught to seek new 'realms' and 'higher levels'
instead of simply resting in what I did on the Cross.

How long will I allow the 'words' of false prophets
to deafen My peoples' ears to My voice?"


Art: "Longing From Father"

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Redeeming Thanksgiving

To Native Americans, beloved by God:

This Thursday, Americans will celebrate the "Thanksgiving" holiday, but I can't "give thanks" to God without first coming to you and saying I'm sorry.

I grew up celebrating the holiday with the white majority in America, but I can't honestly remember thinking about you even once all that time. When I was little, my schools put up decorations of "Pilgrims and Indians" remembering the celebration at Plymouth in 1621, and I once remember dressing up as an "Indian" in kindergarten. You were characters from history to us, cardboard-cutouts placed next to turkeys or costumes to be worn. We never once thought about you today.

I learned only the basic outline of the story, about how Squanto and Massasoit had earlier helped the pilgrims (who wouldn't have survived without the help the Wampanoag people gave). I was told that the pilgrims were thankful for the harvest, for the food. And I was taught to give thanks to God on Thanksgiving Day, to be thankful for my family, for my blessings, for my country and more, and of course to enjoy the turkey.

But somehow I was never taught to be thankful for what the Natives did. I never stopped to think that if the Natives had not helped the pilgrims, I might not be alive today. And worse still, I never thought about how different the image of that first Thanksgiving was from our celebration of "Thanksgiving" today: I never thought of where you were today.

I didn't learn about what happened afterward that first "Thanksgiving" until many years later. I wouldn't blame you for wishing that "Thanksgiving" in 1621 had never happened, or that Squanto had not shown mercy to the people who had once enslaved him.

I'm alive today because of the goodwill your ancestors showed. Your people have been through so much suffering, and I wish that so many of those things had never happened. In a way, I feel like a child who was conceived and born because of the rape of your people. I want to tell you that I'm sorry such terrible things happened, but that I am grateful to be alive because of the mercy of your forefathers. I believe God can bring life out of death, and good things out of absolutely horrible things.

So I want to say THANK YOU for what your ancestors did. I am alive, and I am thankful. I am thankful to God, and I am thankful to you. What your ancestors did at Plymouth showed God's mercy. They welcomed immigrants instead of leaving them to die or considering them enemies. What they did shows the love of Jesus Christ, who loved us and gave His life to us while we were still His enemies.

So I want to honor what they did, and I want to honor you.

In His love,
Ramone Romero


About the painting: "Giving Thanks"
See also: "Are We Willing to Give Thanks at Thanksgiving?"

Friday, November 16, 2012

"Mourn With Me"

"Come, My servants,
come and weep with Me!
My precious children,
My precious children!

Many of them will walk out of their doors one day
not knowing that their time has come to an end!
Drunk on the wine of the old covenant
and drunk on their own righteousness,
they will not know when they no longer know Me
and when they have gone too far from My path!

I will wail for them and lament for them.
Can you see My tears, My servants?
I am wailing for those who leave My heart!
Do you know My heart and My love?"


Art: "Beyond His Heart"

Built On Blood

"Woe to you who add house to house
and annex field to field
until there is no more space left
and you alone are left in the land!"
(Isaiah 5:8)

"Beasts! On blood you have built your kingdoms!
With violence you have claimed an inheritance!
In My name you pushed whoever stood in your way
off from the land in which they were living!

I did not call you to steal, kill and destroy!
You have not built your nations on My word,
but on the blood of those you sacrificed
in order to possess their land!

The blood of My Son was not shed
to give you license to disobey His law!
I am He who hears the cry of the oppressed
and I am He who does not show favoritism!"


Art: "Two Beasts"

Thursday, November 15, 2012

"I Will Guard Your Heart"

"When you understand My heart and speak it,
many among My people will not be at ease
because they cannot see that My heart
is larger than their doctrines.

At times people will question your heart and accuse you,
searching for a way to keep the Cross from shedding light
in places in their hearts that they do not want to be exposed,
because they need My love and are afraid of being condemned.

Rest in My heart! Hold onto My heart!
As you hold onto My heart
and hold out My heart in word and deed,
I will protect your heart!"


Art: "Heart At Ease"

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pleading With Babylon

"My people in America are being ravaged
by their own fears because they have taken
their eyes off of My Son and His commands.

They cannot receive My peace
because they can only be at peace
if they have earthly prosperity and power.

Their joy in My kingdom has been taken away
because their hearts have been captured by
conservative politics and American nationalism.

Their souls are unable to rest
because they resist My Son's teachings
in favor of whatever exalts their nation.

What have you gained, My beloved,
by trying to save your worldly kingdom?
All you have now is anxiety, fear and bitterness!

You cannot serve Me and the American dream.
You cannot partake of the bread of My Son
and the leaven of nationalism.

Come! Be free, My beloved!
Why spend yourselves on behalf of what
does not satisfy and what will not endure?"


Art: "Clinging to Another Kingdom"

Sunday, November 04, 2012

"One Covenant—My Son!"

"My Son is the new covenant I have given to you!
The blood He shed for you is your covenant with Me;
there is no need for any other covenant with Me,
for I have been pleased to give you the whole kingdom
and all of My fullness in My Son.

Many false prophets are declaring the blessings and curses
of the old covenant on the United States,
but I did not make a covenant with the United States.
Do not be deceived: whoever teaches covenants
instead of My Son's blood has fallen from grace."


Art: "Because You Love Me"

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Opposing God

"Woe to those who call themselves My people
but who discourage and stand against peacemakers!

Woe to those who say 'Peace can only come in Jesus'
as an excuse for not following His commands!

Woe to those who proclaim the doctrines of the Cross
but refuse to allow My agape love to work reconciliation!

Woe to those who refuse to stand in the gap between enemies
because they hope one side will prevail over the other!

Woe to those who refuse to teach My commandments to Israel
saying, 'We must not interfere because prophecy is being fulfilled!'

Do not be deceived:
those who intercede between enemies
and sow peace in My Son's name
are My sons and daughters,
for they have understood My heart.
But those who oppose them
do not know Me or My Son."


Art: "Not Knowing the Father"

Despising Her Birthright

"My beloved has left the Cross!
My kingdom was not enough for her!
The power of My grace was insufficient to her!
The commandment of My love was foolishness to her!
The riches of heaven were too small for her!
My blood didn't give her as much 'freedom' as she wanted!

I cry, 'Turn around, My beloved!
Come back to the Cross!'
But she cannot let go of her pride,
the glory, or the power she has gained.
For a single meal of political power,
My beloved has sold her birthright."


Art: "For a Single Meal"

Friday, October 26, 2012

Flee to the Cross!

"Come to the Cross!
Come, before you become so hardened
that you can no longer imagine living
if you do not have 'America',
its 'freedom' and prosperity!

Come, look through the Cross and see
that what is written is being fulfilled
in front of you, even in your heart!
Come, let go of the image of 'America'
and embrace My kingdom alone!

Come, come to the Cross
and the clouds of confusion
will disappear!
I am waiting for you
at the Cross."


Art: "Come Out of Babylon!"

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Choice of Babylon

"Many who call themselves My people
have sacrificed their hearts to another god!
They have given their devotion to attaining what I refused—
political control over the kingdoms of the earth.

The time is coming soon when I will allow their choice to stand.
I will allow the stars to fall from the sky on the land and the sea;
and as when a giant millstone is violently cast into the sea,
their temple, hearts and kingdom will be crushed.

Who will go and call My beloved children out of Babylon?
Who will cry out against the altar on which
the hearts of My beloved children are sacrificed?
Who will treasure the hearts of those in Babylon with Me?"


Art: "The Temple of Babylon"

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"My Heart Is All You Need"

"I am not seeking worshipers who will point to the circumcision,
I am looking for worshipers who will accept My heart—My Son.
My dwelling place is not in Jerusalem more than any other place on earth,
but in those who serve their neighbors and enemies in the spirit of My Son.

I am not calling My people to protect 'holy land'
or to prepare for 'the battle of Armageddon.'
Neither am I aligning Myself with any nation or people—
for I am He who gave His Son for the whole world.

Love one another as My Son loved you while you were My enemies.
I am calling you to live in the love of the Cross
and wash one another from all else—which is confusion.
My love in the Cross is all you need in the end times."


Art: "Understanding the End Times"

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Life Through the Cross

"My children, come and lay your wounds down.
Come, see that I have healing for you in My hands.
Come embrace the Cross and see My love for you and for your enemy.
Come and be reconciled to your brothers and sisters.
Come find rest in My forgiveness."


Art: "A Hole in the Wall"

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Broken Yet Beloved

"I am He who sees the heart and all of its hidden passions.
I am He who knows the depth of what each heart has been through.
I know what has lightened, burdened, lifted up and broken each heart.

I am He who carries you, and I am He who holds you even in your confusion.
I am He who treasures you, for I do not look on the outside but at the heart.
I do not define you by your body, but I do not despise it, either.
I am He who redeems your body and who will create it anew.

You will not suffer in this confusion forever!"

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"We Know Jesus"

"Open your eyes, My people, open your eyes!
The time is here when the lawless one
stands in the midst of the temple,
proclaiming himself to be God
by speaking his own will as My will
and teaching against the law of My Son.

"Many are falling away from the gospel,
proclaiming other 'ways' to gain My favor
—through law and through 'Israel'—
and when wickedness increases around them,
they coldly demand retribution
instead of responding with My love.

"The antichrist has come, My people,
and dwells among you comfortably!
Those who teach another righteousness
and oppose My Son's commands and teachings
are the 'antichrist' and the 'man of lawlessness'.
Open your eyes, My people, open your eyes!"


Art: "Not Needed"

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Interceding For Whom?

"Does your kingdom need the 'crown' of political control?
Is your kingdom in need of protection lest it be destroyed?
Can your kingdom be overcome if you do not intercede and pray?

"Where is your discernment, beloved?
Which kingdom are you interceding for?"


Art: "Interceding For the Beast"

Friday, October 05, 2012

National Apostasy

"My people have found a new faith:

Once My love was their banner,
but now their banner is the American flag.

Once they rallied around My Son,
but now they rally for political power.

Once My grace was their good news,
but now prosperity and works are their gospel.

Once My salvation was their freedom,
but now their salvation is earthly.

Once they had peace from all enemies in Me,
but now they kill their enemies yet remain in unrest.

Once I was their righteousness,
but now they have their own.

Repent, My people!"


Art: "A New Faith"

Sacrifices For Freedom

"Who is your God, America?
To whom do you give your sons and daughters?
For whom did your founding fathers sacrifice lives?
What god has been worth the price of these?

"I am He who was sacrificed on the Cross once and for all
to give you an everlasting freedom and eternal peace.
But your god demands the continual sacrifice of your young
and only rewards you with the unrest of 'eternal vigilance'!

"I am He who gave His life for those who were My enemies,
and I am He who commanded My servants not to fight to protect Me.
But your god demands that you fight and kill your enemies
in order to keep it safe and from being taken away.

"Repent! Repent, My people!
Repent and turn to the only true God!
Repent and turn to the One
who sets you free in the Cross!"


Art: "To Our God"

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Whose Disciples?

"I did not command you to go to all nations
and make disciples of Moses;
I sent you to love your neighbors
just as I loved you even
while you were still sinners.
And by this all people will know
that My Father has loved them."


Art: "In His Image"

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Life, Even Here

"I am the One who sees your suffering
and who shares in your distress.
I am He who was born in the place of your captivity,
and I am He who through love broke through every wall
to make a way for all people to be free.

"Even in the valley of the shadow of death,
I will hold you and comfort you,
I will be with you and give you peace.
I will wipe away your tears, and I will give you
strength and a new reason to go on.

"I am He who loves you, My children.
Come, let Me give you a new hope
and an everlasting inheritance
that no one can take away from you.
Let Me give you new life."


Art: "Born in Captivity"

Leaving the Faith

"Many of My people have fallen into a drunken sleep!
Dispensationalism has mixed into the new covenant
the old wine of the old covenant and its promises,
and now many of My people are unable to believe in
My faithfulness based on the Cross alone!
Dispensationalism has replaced My foundation with 'Israel'!

"My people are taught that the truth of My word
is seen in 'Israel' more than in the Cross:
they are taught to measure the truth of My promises
by whether or not I fulfill prophecies to Israel
in the flesh and on the earth rather than
in the eternal Spirit through the Cross.

"The slow-acting poison of Dispensationalism has
taught My people to anchor their faith in the circumcision!
The ears of many have become dulled in the end times
to hearing My Spirit and attuned to 'another gospel'!
Many have set aside obeying the law of Christ in order
to obey the interpretations of prophecy made by the Antichrist.

"Return! Return, My people!
Return to the Cross alone as the only
necessary proof of My faithfulness!"


Art: "The Abomination That Causes Desolation"

Friday, September 28, 2012

One Man in Lawlessness

"My commands for you in the end times are no different
than the commands I gave you in the gospel.
Just as I do not change, neither does My law:
Love one another as I have loved you
even while you were My enemies.

"But many are turning away from My law
by trying to help fulfill prophecies.
They believe My heart is to re-establish
all of the land of Israel for the Jews
rather than to reconcile the nations
to one another through the Cross.

"They are choosing to prepare for 'Armageddon'
rather than choosing to follow My commands.
They are preaching the cause of Israel
rather than preaching the Cross.
They are turning away from My law
in order to 'stand with Israel'.

"Rather than contending for the gospel,
they contend as one man for Israel.
Rather than contending for My law
to love neighbors and enemies as I loved you,
they contend for Israel's right to land.
They have become as one man in lawlessness."


Art: "Follow the Lamb"

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rejected Again

"As I was crucified in Jerusalem,
so My witnesses will be most despised
by those who seem to be their own people.
My witnesses will be hated just as I was hated;
they will be called blasphemers and rebels.
In them I will be rejected by My people again."


Art: "In the Same Way"

Sitting In Darkness

"Open your ears, My beloved children in America!
Many of you are stopping your ears to the warnings I am sounding!
I am exposing the idols that keep you in darkness,
but you do not want to listen to Me!

"I am calling you to return to the gospel and My commands,
but you want to continue in your pursuit of
your own righteousness, political power,
and attaining My favor through the circumcision!

"I am calling you out of darkness and into the light of the Cross,
for the Cross is missing from your pursuit!
I do not want you to remain in darkness,
but to know the freedom of resting in Me alone."


Art: "Rejecting Warnings"

Sunday, September 23, 2012

"But You Were Not Willing"

"As it was in Judea, so it is today:
My word of grace is rejected,
My command to love enemies is rebelled against,
and My teaching is offensive to all 'sides'.

"I am desired only if I bring about
military victory and an earthly kingdom.
If I speak of mercy and compassion,
I am called an enemy of the righteous.

"I bring peace and freedom for all,
but when I speak the way of the Cross,
those who call themselves 'God’s people'
—they prefer war instead."


Art: "Standing With Longing"

Friday, September 21, 2012

Lament For Babylon

"Babylon, Babylon! Fallen, fallen forever!
I gave you My everything in My life on the Cross.
I gave you Myself to be your sure foundation.
I gave you grace and mercy.
I only asked you to abide in My love,
for I wanted you as My beloved.

"But you did not abide in My love.
You built walls magnificently high
to set yourselves apart.
You boasted of the grace you received,
but loathed being gracious to others.
You never knew Me.

"You thought you knew My 'values'
and you built your house on these
instead of on Me and My love,
the only foundation that will endure.
You thought standing on your platform
was the mark of a true believer.

"You became like brute beasts,
like unreasoning creatures of instinct.
You had your platform and your walls;
you didn't need to think or reason.
You reacted to outsiders like animals,
understanding only threat and appeasement.

"You were not content to be
marked as My disciples by My love,
so you built walls of division
and a platform of 'values' as if these
were the proof of following Me.
You made your own 'mark'.

"You marked yourselves as disciples of the beast:
as those who sought an earthly kingdom,
as those who wanted their 'right' and inheritance,
as those who took up the sword against any
who stood between you and your 'right',
and as those who did not know My heart and spirit.

"I loved you, I loved you dearly!
I called you out, but you would not leave Babylon!
I sent messengers to you, but you rebuked them!
I shook what you had built, but you kept building!
I warned you, but you would not listen!
I wanted you as My beloved, but you did not want Me."


Art: "After Babylon"

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"No More of This!"

"Those who take up the sword shall perish by the sword."
(Matthew 26:52)

"I have not come to destroy sinners, but to save them.
I am calling you to take up the Cross—
I command you to love your enemies,
even those who appear to be My enemies,
just as I loved you while you were My enemies.

"If you do not abide in My love,
you will not know when you hinder Me.
If you do not embrace the Cross,
you will not know when you have become
an enemy of the Cross.

"Put down the sword, My people!
I am warning you for your sake!"


Art: "Enemies of the Cross"

Not Welcome

"I am not welcome in My house!
I stand at the door and knock,
but many Christians have become deaf
to My voice and My commands.
I cry out to them through My messengers,
but My voice cannot be heard.

Those who proclaim My teaching are rebuked,
while those who reverse My message are lauded.
My people are encouraged to desire prosperity and riches,
to fight for political power and earthly freedom,
to praise and give thanks to the weapons of the world,
and to seek after miraculous signs and wonders.

My people have rejected My leadership;
instead they have chosen to follow the same 'Messiah'
that the people of ancient Judea desired.
A different 'Christ' has been set up in My temple
and proclaimed itself to be 'God',
teaching My people to abandon the law of Christ.

I tell you the truth:
the antichrist has come."


Art: "Greedy For Gifts"

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Teaching of Balaam

The Teaching of Balaam
by Ramone Romero
September 12, 2012

What do we do when there seem to be hostile enemies around us? If people seem violently opposed to Christians, should those people be destroyed? A long time ago Jesus sent a messenger to a church that had been suffering persecution in the ancient city of Pergamon (modern-day Aeolis in Turkey)—
"I know where you live—where Satan has his throne. Yet you remain true to My name. You did not renounce your faith in Me, even in the days of Antipas, my faithful witness, who was put to death in your city—where Satan lives.

Nevertheless, I have a few things against you: You have people there who hold to the teaching of Balaam, who taught Balak to entice the Israelites to sin by eating food sacrificed to idols and by committing sexual immorality. Likewise you also have those who hold to the teaching of the Nicolaitans. Repent therefore! Otherwise, I will soon come to you and will fight against them with the sword of My mouth."

(Rev. 2:13-16)


King Balak of Moab was afraid of being destroyed by his enemies, the Israelites, so he hired Balaam to put a curse on them. Balaam apparently knew the word of God and refused at first, but eventually God allowed Balaam to go. On the way, Balaam's donkey stopped and wouldn't budge because an angel stood to block Balaam, because Balaam's path was reckless in God's sight. Balaam went on and prophesied in favor of Israel instead of against Israel.

But shortly after that God judged Israel by sending a plague. It turned out that Balaam had advised King Balak to send Moabite women to seduce the Israelites, and then in turn the Israelites started worshiping Moabite gods—breaking the covenant they had made with God at Sinai, which resulted in judgment. Afterwards, God gave Israel victory over the Moabites, and Balaam was killed with them.


When Jesus said that people were holding to the teaching of Balaam, it's easy for us to think that this meant being adulterous or idolatrous. But that's not the teaching of Balaam—that's the teaching of King Balak! The teaching of Balaam is what he told to Balak: "Entice the Israelites to sin so that they will be judged!"

Balaam's teaching was this: If you don't want your enemies to destroy you, but to be defeated instead, then trick or provoke them into sinning.

King Balak had been afraid of the Israelites because he saw how they destroyed the Amorites (Num.22:2-3). In fact, the original purpose of the Israelities was not to destroy the Amorites; instead they just wanted to pass through the Amorites' land. But their king refused, and with his army he marched out to fight against Israel and was defeated (Num.21:23-31). King Balak could have learned an important lesson from watching this: Talking with your enemies is better than setting out to destroy them! (Sometimes, just sometimes, maybe they actually aren't out to get you!)

Jesus was telling His people in Pergamon not to follow Balaam's advice to King Balak—not to entice their persecutors into sinning. Don't be so afraid of your enemies that you think that you have no other choice but to to destroy them. Maybe they're angry, intolerant and violent, but don't use that as an excuse to provoke them. Don't put temptation in front of them and lead them into sinning. Don't expect God to excuse you for doing that. (He didn't excuse Balaam for it!)

Maybe you know the right things and declare the right truths about God. Maybe you even prophesy. But so did Balaam. He spoke the right things about God and prophesied, but both Peter and Jude said that Balaam loved money more than he loved righteousness. Although he knew God's word and what was right, and although he could say that the Lord was his God, deeper underneath he served the idol of profit—his own interests were his true god. Both Balaam and King Balak were more concerned about their own well-being than about their neighbors and enemies.


Our enemies are not flesh and blood—not people—but spiritual principalities (Eph.6:12). Our victory is not over people but over spiritual enemies, first and foremost the enemies in our own hearts. We are not called to conquer people or cultures—that is not Christ's teaching, but the teaching of the "Nicolaitans" (the followers of "Nicolas", which means "victorious over people").

The gospel of God's grace in Jesus Christ declares that we were all God's enemies, but He loved us and sent His Son to die for our sins, so that we could be reconciled to Him. This is why Christ commanded us to love our enemies—because He loves them, too, just as much as He loves us! If we don't choose to forgive those who trespass against us, then we're not choosing His love, because He loves them, too.

Love does not keep records of wrongs or rejoice in wrongdoing. There should be no joy when an enemy sins or stumbles. "Do not gloat when your enemy falls; when he stumbles, do not let your heart rejoice, or the Lord will see and disapprove" (Prov.24:17). Christ commanded us to love, forgive, bless and pray for those who persecute us. Not to provoke them or bait them into further sin.

No matter how much 'truth' we know about God or how often He uses us to prophesy His words, if we are so self-interested that we entice our enemies into sin (so they will be destroyed), then our way is reckless, contrary and perverse in God's sight (Num.22:32).


I am impressed to write about this today because of what has happened in Egypt. Yes, many Islamists can be easily roused to anger. Yes, it's wrong. But does provoking them to anger really help them in any way? Did the alleged "Israeli-American" producer make his film for the sake of Muslims themselves? Or for the sake of rallying support against them? Why did the Christian pastor in Florida burn the Koran? Maybe someone might justify this this kind of provocation to sin as "helping them." But that is perverse way to "help" someone; it is reckless and contrary to the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the teaching of Balaam and the Nicolaitans.

I am feeling spiritual pain today... a grief I sense in the Holy Spirit:

"Many are holding to the teaching of Balaam
instead of walking in the gospel of peace
as My ministers of reconciliation!
Now wickedness has increased—
will My people stand in My agape love
or will they respond with cold love?"


Art: "Father is Just!"

Monday, September 10, 2012


"My beloved, I loved you while you were My enemies.
Therefore I love the ones you call 'enemies',
even those who seem to be the farthest away from Me.

"I am not calling you to defeat your 'enemies',
but to walk among them as I walked among you,
carrying burdens and giving rest to the weary.

"Look! The mark of the beast is the spirit of the beast:
its desire for its kingdom and its belief in its 'right'
to use force to attain and defend it.

"My people, what is your reaction to those you see as 'enemies'?
How will you treat those who follow after the beast?
What is the manner of your spirit towards them?

"Do you love them as I do?
Can you hear My Spirit
and My heart?"


Art: "Spirit-led"

"Not Because I Was Holy"

‎"I was not crucified because of My 'moral stands' against immorality in society.
I was not crucified because My people were becoming too 'secular.'
I was not crucified because I stood for 'right' in My politics.
I was not crucified because God's name was being removed from the government.

"I was crucified because I gave love and grace to 'sinners.'
I was crucified because the religious among My people were godless.
I was crucified because I did not take sides in politics.
I was crucified in the name of God."


Art: "Hearing His Heart"

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Lost in 'the Charismatic'

"I am calling My children out of the Charismatic babel,
where Satan has performed many works as an angel of light,
and has led many away from simple devotion to Me!

"My children have been taught to discern My Spirit
according to mass-marketed 'anointed' teachings,
'miraculous' gold dust, worship banners and shofars!

"Come, My beloved, let Me lift you out of confusion:
I am not calling you to seek a 'move' of My hand,
but to see how My hands 'moved' for you on the Cross!

"I am not calling you to seek 'signs and wonders',
but to be captivated by the wonder of My heart,
regardless of any external manifestation you see!

"I do not desire larger and louder worship
or reward it with supernatural revelations or miracles;
all I want is just your heart instead!

"I am not prophesying through 'Israel',
but rather through My testimony—through the Cross!
I am not calling you to shadows but to substance!

"Come away with Me, My beloved!
Return with Me to the simplicity of the gospel;
return to My teachings and commands!

"Escape with Me, My beloved!
Come away from the great delusion!
Let me give you rest for your burdened soul."


Art: "Spirit-led"

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Not Built To Last

"Why are My people so afraid that My peace cannot quiet their fears?
Is their peace in Me, or is it in their prosperity
and in their physical freedom from 'enemies'?
Who has the power to wash away what is founded on the rock?

"My church in America has founded itself on the sands of
physical freedom, economic abundance, military solutions and political power.
When these seem to be threatened by real or imaginary waves,
they become distressed because they know their house is founded on sand.

"Come, My frightened children! Let go of your foundation!
You have been tossed to and fro by the mere idea of rising waves!
Come to My foundation instead, and you will find rest for your souls
and a peace that passes all understanding."


Art: "Standing On Sand"
See also: Impending Spiritual Disaster (a dream)

"What Are You Fighting For?"

"Two-thousand years ago when I came to My people, they were very distressed.
They were being occupied by a foreign, pagan power.
They wanted their freedom.
They wanted to return to the old days when their nation was glorious.
They didn't want to be taxed unfairly anymore.
They didn't want to have to obey leaders who didn't worship the only true God.
They saw the immorality of the Roman people and their government.
My people wanted to be set apart from all of that and free from it.
They felt it was polluting them and their land.
They wanted their nation to be righteous and law-abiding.

"When I came, My people did not understand Me.
They kept waiting for Me to lead them against their enemies.
They complained that I criticized them too much
and that I spent too much time with sinners.
I didn't join in their rebellions against Rome or their hatred of being taxed.
My people couldn't understand that I didn't come to give them political freedom
or to restore their prosperity from days past.
They were so focused on these that they had no room for what I wanted to tell them. They clung to parts of Scripture to support their political fight against Rome
(and their ever-increasing armed rebellions against Rome),
but they wouldn't listen to Me when I told them what the Law was all about—
and when I told them what My Father was like.

"What could I have done that I did not do?
I saw where this would lead them—
I told them what would happen to their city and nation,
and I wept in front of them.
But they would not listen to Me.
They pursued power and control.
They fought their enemies.
They rebelled for the sake of their national and material freedom.
I offered them a peace that would pass understanding
and an inheritance that would never spoil or fade.
But their treasure was their earthly kingdom.
They didn't have room in their hearts for My kingdom.
But I loved them anyway.

"I took the place of one of their rebels.
I was crucified between the two other rebels.
What happened to the one who lived because I took his place?
Did he understand what one of his friends had understood—that he deserved this?
Did he realize that My kingdom was not what he was fighting for at all?
Or did he return to the cause of trying to 'free' the nation
and establish 'righteousness' in the land?

"Some of My people understood—
a remnant of them understood.
Most did not.
I died for all of their rebellion.
But they returned to their rebellious ways.
They prized their political power and freedom more than they prized
their eternal inheritance and the lives of their neighbors.
They loved their 'nation', their 'land', their 'freedom' and their money
more than they loved Me.

"Have My people learned from what happened back then?
Is there room for My word in their hearts?
Why am I weeping?"


Art: "The Release of Barabbas"

Monday, September 03, 2012

The God Under the Foundation

"I am not your foundation, America! I am not your God!
You have served Mammon since the day you were born;
and since the day you were born you have shed the blood
of those who stood between you and your mammon!
With you My people have committed adultery—
My beloved has left Me for you, America!

"Weep for My people in America,
you prophets and priests!
Stand in My love for My people
and call My beloved back
to the gospel and to My commands!"


Art: "God of Our Fathers"

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Harbingers of 'Judgments'

"Many false prophets are declaring that
disasters, economic upheavals, wars and diseases
are My judgments and My warnings of coming judgments.
But I did not send them to speak!

"To the eyes of the flesh,
their words appear to explain
and reveal My mind—
but it is not the mind of Christ.

"Those who do not know the spirit of My Son
—that I have fully revealed My heart in Him—
they cannot understand the manner of the spirit
of their 'prophetic declarations.'

"They attempt to discern My heart according to the law,
and they declare judgments and condemnation in My name;
their proclamations are not Spirit and life, but death—
for the law is unable to bring righteousness.

"They prey upon fears of apocalyptic danger.
Their words appeal to the desires of the flesh
to avoid suffering, to preserve earthly prosperity
and to be harbingers of 'the only true way.'

"Do not be deceived,
and do not be afraid!
Choose to walk instead
in the peace of Christ."


Art: "Deducing Judgments"

Friday, August 31, 2012

"Cry Out To Babylon!"

"My testimony is being taken down and replaced
with the gospel of an earthly kingdom!
My commands are being set aside and twisted
into a licence for cold love!

"Who will weep for My wayward, rebellious children?
Who will be broken with My heart of love for them?
Who will go speak My word and My witness to them?

"Go! Go tell My lawless children
that they are following the great apostasy!
Tell them to come out of Babylon!"


Art: "The Great Apostasy"

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Resting In Doctrines

"Many of My people are resting
in their own hand instead of in Mine.
They have put their trust
in what they believe instead of in Me.

"The weight of their burdens still crushes them,
the heaviness of their fears still oppress them,
and the reality of their sins is still hidden from them.

"Their rest is in their understanding
and in their system of theology
instead of in My reality—
I am a system of verses to them!

"Because their rest is in their own hands,
they cannot see and come out from under
the mountain of their burdens, fears and sins.

"I long to set them free, but they are too proud
of their understanding to let Me open their eyes.
They are too confident that they are already free,
that they have no sins, fears or burdens.

"Look, My beloved people! I want to set you free!
I want to give you a greater and deeper rest
than what you struggle to believe you already have.

"I know you are afraid that you will be crushed
if you open your eyes and let go of your 'system,'
but I want you to trust Me, because I am not afraid!
I will never be content with you fearing your darkness.

"I want you to open your eyes.
Trust Me—I will be your light!
But if you do not open your eyes,
you will not be able to see My light."


Art: "Afraid of the Dark"

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Making War Against the Lamb

"What has My beloved become?
I called her to live in My love,
but she prefers warfare!

"I hold out My love to her,
but she comes to me demanding that
I give her earthly power and prosperity!

"When I do not answer her,
she speaks in My name
and seizes what she wants!

"When My messengers call her to return to My love,
she mocks and stabs them to keep My love
from interfering with her having all she wants.

"Why won't you let Me save you
from your prostitution, My beloved?
But didn't I know beforehand that you
would abuse My love and My name?
Haven't I seen all things from beginning to end?
Yes, I spoke about you long ago:
in you My words about Babylon are being fulfilled."


Art: "That It Might Be Fulfilled"

Monday, August 27, 2012

Following the Beast

"My children! My children!
Put down your flags!
I am not calling you to carry
the righteousness of any nation,
but to carry the Cross!
I am not calling you to defeat your enemies,
but to love them as I loved you.

"Do not listen to those who prophesy
in accordance with your flags,
for I have not sent them;
they are prophesying lies in My name
and are following a 'Christ' they have made
in their own image—an 'anti-christ.'

"They do not listen to Me when I speak,
nor do they turn from their pride,
but instead continue to follow their passions.
They have become like brute beasts,
unreasoning creatures of instinct
who revile what they do not understand.

"Do not follow the beast,
but repent and return to the Lamb!"


Art: "Follow the Lamb"

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Turning Away From The Cross

"I am He who has given you everything
in My death on the Cross!
I am He who has lavishly blessed you
with all the riches of My Father
and every heavenly blessing in Myself!

"My fullness has been given to you
by faith instead of by sight.
Whether or not you see miracles,
signs and wonders or revelations,
you have all fullness in Me.

"You can never go any 'higher'
or become any 'fuller'
than you are when you rest
in what I have done for you
on the Cross of Calvary.

"I am calling you to return
to the one and only foundation,
to 'Christ and Him crucified',
for You have been searching high and low
for fullness and for manifestation.

"I am your fullness in Myself,
and the Cross is your manifestation.
The power I want you to have
and to be clothed with
is My agape love.

"When you put down the Cross
in order to 'go to a higher level',
you choose another foundation.
When you 'go forward' past the Cross,
you wander off the straight and narrow path.

"Come back to the foundation!
Come rest at the foot of the Cross!
I want you to know My fullness
—not in 'Charismatic' gifts—
but in the Cross!"


Art: "Follow the Lamb"