Saturday, December 29, 2012

Until You Reunite

"When the innocent suffer and are taken away,
they have not been forgotten or forsaken.
They are brought home and are at rest in My arms;
each one of their tears are wiped away,
and they are comforted and fully healed.

I have prepared a place for you next to them.
Come, share your sorrows with Me;
I will stay with you through the night
until the day comes when all things
are redeemed and restored."


Art: "In Good Hands"

Monday, December 24, 2012


"Look and see, My people!
The last days are upon you
but you are sleeping!

Many of you have unclothed yourselves,
for you have hardened your hearts
against the poor and the sick,
the outcast and your enemies!

Instead of standing firm in My love
you have mocked and insulted
those I have sent to awaken you
and remind you of My commands.

Standing in your own righteousness
and withholding your love,
you have judged as undeserving
the very ones I that died to redeem!

Wake up!
I am coming soon,
but not as you expect!"


Art: "Not His Disciple"

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Disciples of Another 'Christ'

"Many of My people have not known My heart
and have not understood My mind —which is My Son—
because they are following the ways of another 'Christ'
instead of the way of the Cross.

My Son's kingdom is not of this world,
and He urged His disciples not to love their lives,
but commanded them to love their neighbors
and even to love their enemies.

But many of My people are following a 'Christ'
who tells them to fight to control their kingdom,
to pursue their own life, liberty and happiness,
and to eliminate their enemies.

My people are not being forced to disobey Me,
nor are they being hypnotized or controlled,
and neither are they being threatened or persecuted.
Yet My people are ready and willing to reject the Cross!

Do My people need a literal 'Babylon' government
if 'Babylon' already governs in their hearts?
Do My people need a literal 'Antichrist'
if they already follow the voice of a false 'Christ'?

Not everyone who says, 'Lord, Lord'
is truly a disciple of My Son.
Those who worship Me in truth must also
worship in the spirit of My Son."


Art: "Standing Against Me"

Thursday, December 20, 2012

"Fighting Against Me"

"My beloved American Christians,
do you know that many of you
are fighting against Me
just as the religious leaders
worked against Me in Judea?

You are rejecting and mocking Me,
insulting Me and calling Me the enemy.
You ridicule My ways and replace
My commandments in favor of pursuing
your life, liberty and happiness.

I have become a stumbling stone to you,
and you are offended when I speak.
It is My grace alone that saves,
but you are fighting against My grace!
Many of you are choosing hell over heaven."


Art: "Trading Our Soul"

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lust For the Supernatural

"Are My people deceived by the power
of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders?
Is it the strength of the evidence that
convinces My people to believe
in false prophets and to follow them?
Are My people being deceived against their will?

Aren't My people crying out and asking for
supernatural manifestations and displays?
Don't My people prefer to believe all things
instead of testing the spirits?
Don't My people even criticize those who question
as if they did not have enough faith?

How can My people resist
false prophets and wonders
if their hearts are already
lusting for the supernatural?"


Art: "Spirit-led"

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

"After My Own Heart"

"My sons and daughters share My longing
to intercede and to be peacemakers
between those who don't know how much
I love them — and their enemies!

But many cannot understand My heart
because My name has been used in vain
to support sides instead of to save lives.
Many resist My peacemaking sons and daughters
because they cannot see or understand
the power of My agape love to bring peace.

Just as many did not understand
when My Son spoke commands of agape love
and when He died on the Cross to make peace,
so today many hearts have been hardened
against My agape love in word and action.

But just as the suffering of My Son
opened many eyes and softened many hearts,
in the same way the rejection of
My peacemaking sons and daughters
will draw many hearts to Me."


Art: "Peace Unstoppable"

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Whose Measure?

"I am not against any people,
for I loved all people so much
that I died on the Cross to purchase them!
Yet those who call themselves ‘God's people’
kill and destroy My inheritance
in order to steal their land!

No one who fights their neighbor has known Me,
neither has anyone who steals from their neighbor.
I am not the author of the desire to possess the land,
nor am I the foundation of the state of Israel.
It was not My hand that gave victory over neighbors,
nor was it My hand that sent refugees into exile.

Woe! I am coming to bring justice,
righteousness, restoration and relief
for the homeless and the oppressed,
and I will show mercy to the merciful,
but those who have not shown mercy
will be judged with their own measure!"


Art: "Lawlessness"