Friday, December 30, 2011

Trustworthy Power

"I am the way! I am the way!
I am the way to freedom, I am the way to peace.
I am the way to blessedness and I am the way to safety.

"No other 'way' will endure, and no other glory will last.
What appears as 'death' leads to everlasting life;
what seems to be only surrender and defeat is victory.

"My weakness is stronger than your strength,
and My foolishness is wiser than your wisdom.
My love is more powerful than your weapons,
overcoming My enemies until they embrace Me.

"Why put your trust in any other power?
Why put your faith in any other way?

"I am the way
—the only way—
and there is no other."


Art: "What Good Is It?"

Thursday, December 29, 2011

More Than His Righteousness

"More Than His Righteousness"

"I am shaking your gods! I am shaking your gods! No other 'gods' will survive in the days to come, and none of those who worship at their altars will remain unshaken. I am the only Rock, and I am the only Unshakeable One.

"Many of you have built altars according to your own patterns and unto your own gods—even though you often call your gods by My name. In My grace and My love for you, I will allow all of these to be shaken violently so that you may rest in Me alone. Put your trust in Me instead of in the works and altars you have built in My name!

"Rest in My love for you even when your works are shaken apart in front of you. I will not shake anything that will be too much for you to lose, unless you choose to cling to it more than you cling to Me. If you allow My shaking to remove what is shakeable, you will find My hands at the end, and you will realize that what you had clung to before only kept you further from My touch and resting in My love.

"I am your only righteousness—do not put your trust in your works or what you have built in My name."

"Receive My Heart!"

"Receive My Heart!"

"Look! I have set before you the broken, the wounded, the weak, the poor and the outcast. I have called you to reach out and love them, just as I reached out and loved you in spite of your brokenness. I have called you to love those who seem unloveable and those who give you no love in return, including your enemies.

"I am the God who loves and heals the brokenhearted, and if you would follow after Me, you must also love those whom I love. If you want Me to be your rock, you must trust Me and follow My ways—follow My love—even though the world grows cold around you.

"My love is the only safe place in the storm that is coming on the world! My love is the only refuge from the increase of wickedness in the world and the terror of disasters on the earth.

"I am He who loved you even as I was beaten, flogged and crucified. I am He who forgave those who crucified Me, and those whose sins I bore on the Cross. I am He whose heart was broken so that yours might be healed and made new.

"Only in My heart will you find life and wholeness. Only in My brokenness can your own brokenness be healed. Therefore I have called you to share in My love for the broken ones I set before you—not only for their sake, but for your own as well."

Monday, December 26, 2011

"Keep Loving"

"Keep Loving"

"Beloved, I know how you feel. People blame Me all the time. And I still love them, so much that I can't leave them or give up on them. Do not listen to their attacks—listen to My love for them. Choose My love. I will not guarantee that you will not be hurt, but with My love I will always heal the wounds you receive, and I will quiet you in My arms. My peace will go before you, and I will give you rest."

Friday, December 23, 2011

Reconsidering Agape

"Reconsidering Agape"

"My people, come in from the cold! Many of you have left My house by leaving My agape love, and you are in danger of freezing to death! You have sought the favor of other lovers—politics, power, law and profit. You have left My love in the name of going out to fight for and defend My house and My ways. You have exchanged the clothing of My righteousness for the rags of prostitution! But I did not create you to live in the cold—instead I created you for My agape love.

"Night is falling on this world, and it will grow more and more cold in love; the only safe place is in My agape love. Do not leave My love, for I am the only one who truly loves you unconditionally. Your other lovers will abuse you, strip you naked and leave you naked in the cold. Come home, My children!"

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hidden Truth

"Hidden Truth"

"I am the God of truth, and I am the One who is perfect in knowledge. I am He who separates light from darkness and lays bare the thoughts and attitudes of every heart.

"I have called you to seek Me and find Me, but I have not called you to discover and systematize information about Me. I am beyond searching out, but I have revealed Myself so that you could know My heart of love for you. I sent My Son to you from My bosom—Him who is My very heart—and then gave you My own Spirit.

"I have opened My heart to you so that you could open your heart to Me! But many of you have become devoured by the pursuit of knowledge. Many of your hearts are broken and cannot be fulfilled by attaining more knowledge.

"I did not save you for this! I want you to be healed, and I want you to be at peace. I want you to trust Me: I love you and will never let you go."

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

"It is Finished!"

"It is Finished!"

"I will be your calm in the storm. I will be your peace in tribulation. I will be the redemption of every thing that has been destroyed in you and taken from you. You can't see how I will redeem these things, but I want you to trust Me. Look to the cross! Look to what I have done for you for all eternity! It is finished! It is accomplished! Look! I have risen from the grave! I will redeem all things!"

Monday, December 19, 2011



"I have taken captivity captive!
All the things that have held you captive, I have broken through!
I am the One who rescues you.
I am the One who comes to set you free.
I am the One who takes you home to be with Me.
Look up! Look up and see!
I am your deliverance!"

Friday, December 16, 2011

Held For the Time of the End

"I am He who holds the seven stars in His right hand.
Behold! I am sending My word to you to bring light
to the darkness of the days to come.
I am sending messengers to My church carrying My heart for you.
Some will be accepted, and some will be rejected.
But My people will be complete,
for I am He who calls out the stars—
not one will be missing."


Art: "Messengers to the House of God"

"Who Will Tend My Sheep?"

"Who Will Tend My Sheep?"

"I have called My people to be a refuge for the brokenhearted, the outcast and the poor in spirit, but My house has become a place for the healthy more than for the sick. Those who are broken and hurting are kept waiting, while those who should be tending them are tending their programs and agendas instead. Who will tend My sheep? Who will bind up the injured and heal the brokenhearted? What will the servants do when the Master returns?"

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

"Lay Down"

"Lay Down"

"Shh, rest.
I am here.
I am with you.
I am holding you.
Rest here.
Don't worry about what's next.
I am with you."

Part of the Life

"Part of the Life"

"Don't be surprised when people you were close to cut off themselves because of My calling on you. Many of them are afraid and need time with Me to face their fears before they can understand what I share through you. I'm telling you this because more of your friends will cut themselves off from you, and more will distance themselves from you. But I will be working in them, and many will grow closer to Me because you were obedient to speak when I commanded you to. So do not be daunted, for I will work miraculous beauty through these things. Lean on My heart, and speak when I tell you to."


Art link: "My Cross"

Monday, December 05, 2011

"Cling to the Gospel!"

"Cling to the Gospel!"

"Confusion! Confusion! There is confusion spreading among My people! There is confusion coming from those who believe they know My Spirit more than others who do not know as much of My Spirit! Yet they are prophesying only partially from what they hear from Me; much of what they prophesy is from their own flesh, and at times they prophesy from other spirits than Mine.

"Wake up! Wake up, My people! Return to My spirit—return to My heart! Return to the Cross, to My grace, to My agape love! Return to the gospel or you will be swept away!"


Art link: "The Waves"

"Love," commands the Lamb.

"I am calling you to walk
against the current of the world:
Love your enemies,
even as I have loved you.

I am calling you to live
in the love of the Cross,
even as the world around you
—even those who profess My name—
abandon that love.
Even though it cost you
your lives and your homes."


Art: "Love As the Lamb"

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Equipped By Which Spirit?

"Equipped By Which Spirit?"

"My people, why are you wandering? You believe you are equipped with more spiritual knowledge, authority, power and training than most of My non-'charismatic' people. But much of your knowledge is not knowledge at all!

"Your 'covering' is medieval control, your worship is fashioned after man-made tradition, your 'anointing' is without discernment—often received from the ruler of the kingdom of the air—and you pursue one 'anointing' after another, being led away from the straight and simple path into the wilderness instead.

"Repent! Repent and cling to the straight and narrow path alone—My Son is the path! Return to your simple devotion to My Son! Let go of your pride, My people! Night is coming! Only 'Christ and Him crucified' will give you light!"


Art: "Blind Pursuit"

Hidden Manna

"Hidden Manna"

"My children, My children, be of good cheer, My children! You will be protected in the days of darkness that are coming. In Me you will find peace and refreshing. Outside you will see darkness and disaster, but in Me nothing will harm you. I am your place of rest, I am your place of safety. In the world you will have tribulation, darkness, famine and war. But in the midst of these I will give you pasture in Myself. Outwardly you may waste away and be given over to death, but inwardly I will renew you."

"Stay in the Spirit"

"Stay in the Spirit"

"Understand the time! The agape of many is growing cold, and many are turning away from the testimony of Christ to the darkness of the old covenant and its shadows.

"Night is coming! Hold My agape love and the testimony of My Son close to your heart, for they will be your light in the darkness."