Friday, October 26, 2012

Flee to the Cross!

"Come to the Cross!
Come, before you become so hardened
that you can no longer imagine living
if you do not have 'America',
its 'freedom' and prosperity!

Come, look through the Cross and see
that what is written is being fulfilled
in front of you, even in your heart!
Come, let go of the image of 'America'
and embrace My kingdom alone!

Come, come to the Cross
and the clouds of confusion
will disappear!
I am waiting for you
at the Cross."


Art: "Come Out of Babylon!"

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Choice of Babylon

"Many who call themselves My people
have sacrificed their hearts to another god!
They have given their devotion to attaining what I refused—
political control over the kingdoms of the earth.

The time is coming soon when I will allow their choice to stand.
I will allow the stars to fall from the sky on the land and the sea;
and as when a giant millstone is violently cast into the sea,
their temple, hearts and kingdom will be crushed.

Who will go and call My beloved children out of Babylon?
Who will cry out against the altar on which
the hearts of My beloved children are sacrificed?
Who will treasure the hearts of those in Babylon with Me?"


Art: "The Temple of Babylon"

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"My Heart Is All You Need"

"I am not seeking worshipers who will point to the circumcision,
I am looking for worshipers who will accept My heart—My Son.
My dwelling place is not in Jerusalem more than any other place on earth,
but in those who serve their neighbors and enemies in the spirit of My Son.

I am not calling My people to protect 'holy land'
or to prepare for 'the battle of Armageddon.'
Neither am I aligning Myself with any nation or people—
for I am He who gave His Son for the whole world.

Love one another as My Son loved you while you were My enemies.
I am calling you to live in the love of the Cross
and wash one another from all else—which is confusion.
My love in the Cross is all you need in the end times."


Art: "Understanding the End Times"

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Life Through the Cross

"My children, come and lay your wounds down.
Come, see that I have healing for you in My hands.
Come embrace the Cross and see My love for you and for your enemy.
Come and be reconciled to your brothers and sisters.
Come find rest in My forgiveness."


Art: "A Hole in the Wall"

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Broken Yet Beloved

"I am He who sees the heart and all of its hidden passions.
I am He who knows the depth of what each heart has been through.
I know what has lightened, burdened, lifted up and broken each heart.

I am He who carries you, and I am He who holds you even in your confusion.
I am He who treasures you, for I do not look on the outside but at the heart.
I do not define you by your body, but I do not despise it, either.
I am He who redeems your body and who will create it anew.

You will not suffer in this confusion forever!"

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"We Know Jesus"

"Open your eyes, My people, open your eyes!
The time is here when the lawless one
stands in the midst of the temple,
proclaiming himself to be God
by speaking his own will as My will
and teaching against the law of My Son.

"Many are falling away from the gospel,
proclaiming other 'ways' to gain My favor
—through law and through 'Israel'—
and when wickedness increases around them,
they coldly demand retribution
instead of responding with My love.

"The antichrist has come, My people,
and dwells among you comfortably!
Those who teach another righteousness
and oppose My Son's commands and teachings
are the 'antichrist' and the 'man of lawlessness'.
Open your eyes, My people, open your eyes!"


Art: "Not Needed"

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Interceding For Whom?

"Does your kingdom need the 'crown' of political control?
Is your kingdom in need of protection lest it be destroyed?
Can your kingdom be overcome if you do not intercede and pray?

"Where is your discernment, beloved?
Which kingdom are you interceding for?"


Art: "Interceding For the Beast"

Friday, October 05, 2012

National Apostasy

"My people have found a new faith:

Once My love was their banner,
but now their banner is the American flag.

Once they rallied around My Son,
but now they rally for political power.

Once My grace was their good news,
but now prosperity and works are their gospel.

Once My salvation was their freedom,
but now their salvation is earthly.

Once they had peace from all enemies in Me,
but now they kill their enemies yet remain in unrest.

Once I was their righteousness,
but now they have their own.

Repent, My people!"


Art: "A New Faith"

Sacrifices For Freedom

"Who is your God, America?
To whom do you give your sons and daughters?
For whom did your founding fathers sacrifice lives?
What god has been worth the price of these?

"I am He who was sacrificed on the Cross once and for all
to give you an everlasting freedom and eternal peace.
But your god demands the continual sacrifice of your young
and only rewards you with the unrest of 'eternal vigilance'!

"I am He who gave His life for those who were My enemies,
and I am He who commanded My servants not to fight to protect Me.
But your god demands that you fight and kill your enemies
in order to keep it safe and from being taken away.

"Repent! Repent, My people!
Repent and turn to the only true God!
Repent and turn to the One
who sets you free in the Cross!"


Art: "To Our God"