Monday, December 21, 2015

"Choose Life"

"My children,

I am calling you
to be peacemakers
as wickedness increases
in the world.

I am calling you
to choose the cross
instead of the sword
in these last days.

I am calling you
to love your enemies
instead of seeking
to destroy them.

I am calling you
to lay down your lives
as I laid down Mine
for My enemies.

I died for you
on the Cross
and for your enemies
just the same.

Do not destroy
what I have died
to purchase
with My blood.

When you choose violence
against your enemies
you choose against My sacrifice
and become an enemy of the Cross.

I am He who stands
in the way so that
in order to take vengeance
you must kill Me first.

I stand in between
you and your enemies
so that to slay them
you must first slay Me.

Do not seek to live
by the sword;
do not seek to save your lives
and lose your soul.

My commands are your life;
do not turn away from life
in order to avoid your cross
and escape from death.

I am with you always
as you trust in My ways
and carry your cross;
do not be afraid."


Art: "A Different Way"

Saturday, December 12, 2015

"Look to the Cross in the Last Days!"

"My people,

As you see disasters, wars,
and wickedness increasing,
there are many among you
who believe that you must
turn to the tablets of stone—
the Old Covenant Law.

But I have told you that
the law of the Old Covenant
is fading and obsolete,
for it was the ministry of death
which brought condemnation,
and so with death it will pass away.

The Old Covenant Law
has never been able to offer
protection, shelter, salvation,
healing, life, or righteousness
in the midst of the world's travail
in the past, today, or in the end.

But life, healing, rest,
righteousness, shelter
and protection are found
in the love I gave you on the Cross.

Your shelter in the last days
is in living in the commands
of agape love I have given you,
in the ministry of My Spirit,
which brings life and righteousness.

Do not look to Sinai in the last days;
look instead to the Cross alone!"


Art: "The Wrong Ministry in the End"

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Turning Him Away

"Many who profess My name
are calling for the abandonment
of My commands and teachings
when dealing with 'the least of these.'

They shout fear and paranoia about
the poor, the needy, and the refugee,
accusing them of crime, disease,
stealing prosperity, and invasion.

I am being rejected
in 'the least of these'
by those who profess
to love Me and be My people!

Woe! Woe to those who reject
My commands and My teachings
and lead others to do the same
by spreading fear and paranoia!

Woe! Woe to those who profess
to love Me and be My people
but reject and accuse Me
in 'the least of these'!

Woe! Woe for they do not know Me
and if they do not recognize Me now,
they will not recognize Me and My ways
as the Last Day approaches and comes!

Return to My commands and teachings,
you who call yourselves My people
and who say that you love Me!
Return before you have gone too far!"


Art: "No Place in Their Hearts"

Thursday, November 12, 2015

"No One is Collateral Damage to Me"

"I am He who loves all people;
I am He who mourns for all
who suffer and die in war.
No one is 'collateral damage' to Me.

I love all, and I died for all.
I am He who loved even My enemies
so that they might be healed
and be with Me forever.

I am He who calls you to follow
and carry you cross as I did.
Love your enemies as I loved you.
Do not live by the sword."


Art: "Disposable"

Saturday, November 07, 2015

"Turn Off Your Pity"

Remember there are "two sides"
Remember that so that you
can ignore the suffering of this side
And sound "fair and balanced"

Definitely don't pity their children
Write their suffering off
as "just what happens in war"
Look for "balance" so you can forget

Don't look as they are pelted
with stones by settlers
Don't look at their bruises
Don't look at their scars

Don't pay attention or care
when they are tear-gassed
on their way to school
or huddling at home with family

Don't think about their inner wounds
and the post-traumatic stress from
growing up under military occupation
and the attacks of settlers they protect

Don't think about families
whose homes have been sealed off
or fenced off or taken over
by settlers "possessing the land"

Don't think about farmers
who awake to find that their crops
of olive trees have been uprooted
by militant settlers during the night

Don't imagine what it would be like
if this happened to your children
if "settlers" invaded your homes
and an army protected them

Write it off as a never-ending conflict
that has been going on for centuries
Don't research to see if that's true
or let history challenge your assumptions

Justify, sanctify, and excuse
by using your religion to dismiss
the suffering of these children
Say that it's part of "prophecy"

Don't call peacemakers blessed
But accuse them of anti-semitism
And twist scriptures to show
that they are tools of the antichrist

Preach it to yourself and to others
that Israel needs to have the land
so that Jesus will be able to return
And these children are in the way

Forget the teaching of Jesus
These aren't "the least of these"
He doesn't love these children
He wants Israel to have the land

Convince your conscience
that the situation can't be helped
Vote for "godly leaders" who support
the occupation with your tax dollars

Change the channel if the news
shows the suffering of Palestinians
Hide articles from your newsfeed
Tell yourself it's just propaganda

Turn off sympathy and empathy
Don't imagine yourself in their place
Ignore the cries of their children
Don't look at them as human.

the spirit of cold love


Art: "Sacrificial Lamb"

"Unveil Your Eyes!"

"Woe! Woe, for My people
are taught about the last days
by guides who are blind!

The Cross and its love are the only
refuge in the time of the end
and the only light in the darkness!

But they have veiled their eyes
with the circumcision of the flesh
and are wandering away from the Cross!

Unveil your eyes, My people!
Return to the gospel alone
and the teachings of My Son!

Unveil your eyes before darkness
overtakes you completely
and sweeps you away!"


Art: "Sleeping in the Last Days"

Friday, November 06, 2015

"Rejoice With Her!"

Hallelujah! The exiles have returned
Returned to the homeland
Hallelujah! The persecuted are home
Now they have a home of their own

Hallelujah! They will possess the land
All of the land will be their home
Hallelujah! They will drive out its people
All those who stand in their way

Hallelujah! They will possess the homes
All of the homes where others dwell
Hallelujah! Young and old shall flee
Flee before those whom God favors

Hallelujah! Mother and child shall run
Young men and elders, too
Hallelujah! They shall have no home
For they dared to resist Israel

Hallelujah! They cannot withstand
The arms, missiles and tear gas
Hallelujah! They cannot survive
Without power, medicine and electricity

Hallelujah! For Israel can control
Who comes and who goes out
Hallelujah! For Israel can restrict
Their people from receiving money

Hallelujah! The occupation by force
Will squeeze life out of the remnant
Hallelujah! The settlers push further
Armed and taking back the land

Hallelujah! Israel is protected
By allies who give her arms and aid
Hallelujah! She cannot be condemned
The nations cannot stop her

Hallelujah! The people of the "Christ"
Don't want to see any of her crimes
Hallelujah! They refuse to believe
And only blame the oppressed

Hallelujah! For Israel is free
She has been given license to sin
Hallelujah! Prophecy is being fulfilled
And this shall bring about the end

Hallelujah! She can act like a beast
And her protector like a beast, too
Hallelujah! Who can stand against them?
Against them no one can make war

Hallelujah! The congregations boast
This alliance shall not fail
Hallelujah! No one is like her
And her wound has been healed

Hallelujah! A new law, it reigns
The law of "Christ" cannot be applied
Hallelujah! "Love" is called cold
"Christ" is replaced with "Israel's side"

—the spirit of apostasy


Art: "In God's Temple"

Monday, October 26, 2015

Together in Spirit

"I am He who keeps
My servants together,
whether you are close together
or far apart from each other.
I am the bond between you.
I am He who holds you
close to each other in My Spirit.

Although there may be great
distance and time between you,
you are together in spirit
because I am between you.
In Me you are never far from one another.
I am He who preserves your unity
and your love for each other.

And I am He who will reunite you
in My perfect time."


Art: "Light Years"

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Israel's Boiling Pot

"Woe to those
who encircle a people
with walls and oppression,
who light a fire beneath them
to incite them to violence
in order to justify further oppression!

Woe to those
who mistreat a people,
evict them from their homes
and push them off of their land
in order to confiscate the land
that their hearts desire!

Woe to those
who have used their own suffering
as propaganda and as a pretext
for ignoring their misdeeds
in order to commit injustice
against another people!

Woe to those
who have made Palestinians
to be 'flesh in the pot'
and have slain them
in order to destroy them
so that Israel may have more land!

Does the Lord not see?
Cannot I see the hearts of all?
Will I not repay those
who have worked injustice?
Will I not punish those
who incite the oppressed to violence?

Repent, Israel!
Repent, you who call yourselves
'Friends of israel',
for I will not hold you guiltless
for shielding her
and partaking in her crimes!

Repent and seek peace,
justice and reconciliation!"


Art: "Living in Terror"

Sunday, October 04, 2015

The Hope of Babylon

"Listen, My people:

The hope of those
who have set their hearts
on the glory of America
is the glory of Babylon.

I did not give My Son to die
so that you could build an empire,
excel in military might,
or attain worldly prosperity.

I did not give My Son to die
so that you could use His name
to gather political power
and enforce your idea of righteousness.

I gave My Son so that you
would become exceptional
in love, humility, mercy, empathy,
and all the fruits of My Spirit.

But amongst the nations
you have often become known for
and have labored in pursuit of
the lusts of the flesh instead.

I am not your god, America:
your gods are Mammon and Mars:
the love of money and possessions,
and the military god of war.

Many of you have become
unthinking and unfeeling,
like brute beasts unable to reason
or to comprehend My words.

Yet among you I have a remnant
whose love has not grown cold,
who testify to My truth
and walk in the ways of My mercy.

I am calling you through them
to repentance for your ways,
and to follow the teaching
and commands of My Son.

Will you listen to My witnesses?
Or will you continue to mock them
and to harden your hearts
against My Son and My love?"


Art: "Edifice"

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

These Are the Days

"I know that much
of the behavior of those
who profess My name
does not reflect My teachings.

I know that many have used
the words of scripture
to support their agendas
and unloving actions.

I know that many have twisted
prophecies in scripture
that justify their disregard
of My teaching and commands.

Because of these things
many of you who hold
to My teachings and commands
have questioned, re-interpreted
and sometimes cast off belief
in the words I have spoken
through prophets in scripture.

Yet by holding onto
My teachings and commands
and by walking in My love,
you have held onto that
which is most important.

But the words I have spoken
through prophets in scripture l
are also true and did not come
by any prophet's own interpretation.

Those whose agape love
has grown cold and who
have forsaken My commands
are fulfilling the words I spoke
in the prophecies of Paul
and the book of Revelation.

They have become unthinking
and unfeeling as the brute beasts
of Revelation and have taught
rebellion and apostasy in My temple.

Death, war, exploitation
and destruction follow in their wake
as they ride out of My presence
like conquerors bent on conquest.

They have made an idol of Israel
and called all people to worship it,
blessing those who do
and cursing those who do not.

Those who cling to My ways of love
will not be deceived,
but those who forsake My commands
ignore the warnings of prophecy.

Do not forsake My love and My commands.
Keep faith in what I did
for you on the Cross,
and do not despise prophecies.
I will be with you until the very end."


Art: "Even As He Said"

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

The Path Through Babylon

"My people,

As night falls upon the world
I am calling you to walk a path:
I am calling you to carry the cross
through the midst of Babylon.

I am calling you to testify
because the city has been built
upon bloodshed and violence.
Many who have claimed My name
have rejected My teaching
and rebelled against My ways.

The offense they have caused
will bring persecution upon them
and upon all who bear My name—
both the innocent and the guilty.
Just as I was crucified between rebels
the innocent will suffer with the guilty.

I am calling you to walk
in the way of the gospel of peace,
testifying against the rebellion of Babylon
and calling My people to repentance.

The words I give you to speak
will be offensive to the violent
and those whose hearts cling
to the ways of rebellion.

Do not be afraid to follow Me,
for the faith to walk path of the cross
though it leads through suffering
is of greater worth than gold.

Walk in the path I have called you to
and follow in My footsteps.
As you join Me in My suffering
you will know I am with you."


"The Path I Have For You"

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Listen to His Voice in Women

December 22, 2014:

As I laid in bed before falling asleep,
I heard a woman say, "Excuse me."

Then I asked the Spirit to speak.

"Why do my own brothers forget me?"

Who is she, Lord?

"She is the voice of women
as I created them to be.
She is the wisdom of womankind,
long set aside and marginalized
by men across the world.

I have put My wisdom in her,
but men do not listen to her.
I am speaking through her,
but they don't want to
hear Me speak from her."

What should we do, Lord?

"Repent! Repent for
keeping women in submission
instead of listening to Me
speak through them."


Art: "Washing Away Sexism"

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Mocking "the Other Side"

“You call yourself a Christian,
a follower of My Son who loved all,
who gave His life on the cross
even for My enemies.

You call yourself a Christian,
but you mock political opponents
and joke about them being stupid
and "making their heads explode."

You call yourself a Christian,
but speak in disgust and contempt,
with ridicule and insult,
feeling righteous in your rightness.

You mock liberals and say
that they are "bleeding hearts,"
as if compassion were foolish.
And so you fail to see...

When you mock their heart
you mock My Son's bleeding heart,
the heart that bled for you
and bled for your enemy.

When you mock conservatives
as being completely heartless,
you mock the Creator of their hearts
and make your own hearts hardened.

Whenever you mock
the hearts of others,
you also mock My Son's heart
that loved and died for their hearts.

Some are mistaken in politics;
some are following a bad course;
some are hypocrites;
but some are genuine.

Who are you to judge them all?
Who are you to mock them all?
Who are you to judge their hearts
And say that they're all just evil?

Do not rejoice in hating others!
Do not gloat in calling them stupid!
Do not join in the crowd of those
who ridiculed My Son on the Cross!

For the insults that you give them
have fallen upon My Son,
and the harsh words you speak
are the nails driven into Him.

Choose the way of grace instead.
Choose the way of life.
Stand for justice and truth,
but do not forsake His love.”


Art: "Halting Us When We Love Truths More Than Each Other"

Friday, June 12, 2015

Prosperous and Dying

"My people,

Your prosperity is killing you,
your love is growing cold,
your hearts are stopping,
but you can't see it.

As it was in the days of Noah,
so it is now today—
you are occupied and distracted
with many things.

You have been hardened
and your discernment
has been made dull
by material pursuits.

My Son told you that
you must suffer to enter the kingdom,
that you would have tribulation,
that you must carry your cross.

But you have confined His commands
and marginalized His teachings;
you have set aside His words
as being just for emergencies.

What brings you material prosperity
has become your way, truth and life;
what brings you success in the world
has become your teacher and guide.

You are dying for lack of
the water of life, My people;
some of the richest among you
have fallen and are nearly dead.

Will you cease your pursuits
and seek the water of life?
It will threaten your material wealth
and ruin your comfortable life.

Will you unplug the well
and allow My fountain to flow?
Or will you keep My Son's teachings
from disturbing your prosperity?"


Art: "Everyday Growing Colder"

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

"To My beloved Native children"

"My beloved Native children,

I am He who you know
as Creator, Great Mystery
and Great Spirit.

I am He who hears your prayers.

I am He who loves your dances.

I am He who laughs with you
when you laugh.

I am He who mourns with you
in all of your sorrows.

I am He who stands with you
in all of your trials.

As I was with Israel
in her exile and occupation,
I am with you.

I will bring you joy and restoration.

Your night has been long,
but morning is coming.

"Hope in Me."


Art: "He-who-overcame"

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Creator Witnesses

"I saw every promise
that was made
between America
and Native peoples—

every treaty,
every wampum,
every pipe smoked,
every paper signed—

I saw and witnessed each one.

I am He who heard their cries
when promises were broken.
I am He who hears their prayers
for justice and for restoration.

Christians in America,
would you have Me repay you
according to your deeds
or will you repent and seek justice?"


Art: "Creator Witnesses"

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Discovery and Justice

"Come, My people,
come and look
at what was done
by your forefathers.

Come and discover
the doctrines they created
and used for their greed
to oppress nations in My name.

Come and repent, My people.
Come to the Cross and repent
to the descendants of the oppressed
for the sins of your forefathers.

Come, for I have nailed your sins
to the Cross of forgiveness,
but I want you to take part
in repentance and reconciliation.

Come and take part in healing
and bearing the fruit of repentance
for the descendants of the oppressed;
come and seek their restoration.

Come and see the magnitude
of your forefathers' sins,
and find salvation from their effects
in the forgiveness of the Cross.

Come and repent to them,
speak words of life to them,
and work for their healing
and for their restoration.

Come and repent—
be ministers of reconciliation.

Come and repent—
be ministers of healing.

Come and repent—
be ministers of justice.

Come and repent—
be ministers of the Cross."


Art: "Come Discover Repentance"

Monday, April 06, 2015

Indian Resurrection

"Native America—

You were robbed
But I will restore what was lost

Your tribes were decimated
But I will gather you again

Your people were killed
But I will raise them to life

You were scalped
But I will crown you with honor

You were called savages
But I will call you sons and daughters

Your spirituality was forbidden
But I will restore and fulfill it

Your homes were destroyed
But I will give you an everlasting home

Your livelihood was taken away
But I will provide living bread

Your land was 'allotted' away
But I will give you the earth to inherit

Your children were taken away
But I will bring them back

You were enslaved
But I will break every chain

You were experimented on
But I will give you new bodies

Your history was denied
But I will bring out the truth

You were made into entertainment
But I will honor your dances

You were given token 'honor'
But I will give you true honor

You were made into mascots
But I will honor you for who you are

Your sacred things were cheapened
But I will restore your honor

Your heritage was abused
But I will make it radiant

Your image was romanticized
But I will show who you really are

Your clothes were made costumes
But I will dress you with honor

Your dreams were taken away
But I will restore your dreams

You were given a nightmare
But I will give you a new vision

Your freedom was taken away
But I will bring you new freedom

You were made to bear a cross
But I will redeem your suffering

For the cross I bore willingly
will redeem the cross forced upon you

My wounds
will heal your wounds

And because I arose from the tomb
so you will arise from America."


Art: "Revival In America"

Saturday, April 04, 2015

The Cross of Native America


When you wanted more
you took from them

When you wanted a nation
you took away theirs

When you wanted victory
you sought to defeat them

When you wanted to count bodies
you took their scalps

When you wanted justification
you said they were savages

When you wanted converts
you took away their spirituality

When you wanted land
you took away their homes

When you wanted resources
you took away their livelihood

When you wanted democracy
you took their pattern

When you wanted their reservations
you reduced theirs to 'allotments'

When you wanted annihilation
you sent their children to boarding schools

When you wanted labor
you made their children work

When you wanted to adopt
you took their sons and daughters

When you wanted guinea pigs
you experimented on them

When you wanted to deny history
you invented theories about their origins

When you wanted entertainment
you put them in shows

When you wanted to feint honor
you put their faces on your money

When you wanted mascots
you took their names and images

When you wanted spirituality
you took and cheapened theirs

When you wanted heritage
you claimed their ancestry

When you wanted romance
you undressed them in cheap novels

When you wanted Halloween costumes
you took their clothes

When you wanted sex
you took their daughters

When you wanted souvenirs
you took their sacred objects

When you wanted a national dream
you gave them a nightmare

When you wanted freedom
you took away their freedom

When you wanted easier lives
you made them bear a cross."


Art: "The Cross of American Exceptionalism"

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

"This Is God's Purpose"

Stand with Israel!
Again God gives her the land
Again the godless inhabitants
oppress her and resist His will

Stand with Israel!
Do not be tempted to think
that she could be wrong
as she drives out her enemies

Stand with Israel!
As God gave her Joshua
so today He gives her leaders
who destroy the heathen

Stand with Israel!
Do not listen to those
who speak of loving enemies
God wants the land for her alone

Stand with Israel!
Remember His promise to her
Do not be deceived
by peacemakers

Stand with Israel!
The commands of Jesus
do not apply to her
but only to the Gentiles

Stand with Israel!
There is no "new covenant"
that changes her right to possess
the land and drive out enemies

Stand with Israel!
If you love God you will love her
Your greatest commandments
are to support her and her desires

Stand with Israel!
Your mission is to proclaim
her divine favor and to help her
and to tell all nations to do likewise

Stand with Israel!
Do not be distracted by those
who speak of a heavenly kingdom
Her land must not be divided

Stand with Israel!
This is God's purpose
This is the fulfillment of prophecy
Do not bring the Cross into it!

— the spirit of Christian Zionism


Art: "Not Knowing the Father"

Thursday, March 26, 2015

"Do Not Dehumanize"

"Do you see your enemies as human?
As children whom I love?
As the ones I died for?
As the ones I want for My bride?
As those I want to spend eternity with?

My beloved, I am not pleased
when any of My children
dehumanize their enemies.
I do not want you to take part
in demonizing those for whom I died.

I want you to stand up against
dehumanizing your enemies.
You cannot claim My cross for yourselves
if you deny My sacrifice for your enemies.

If I died for you, then I died for all."


Art: "Enemies of the Cross"

The Jesus of Capitalism

"Paint me on top of your prosperity;
say that I am your foundation.
Market me as your mascot;
sanctify your greed with my name.

Sell me as the way to bring wealth;
use my name to bring profit.
Make me your trademark;
use me to sell your nation's dream.

Profess the doctrine of atonement
but don't teach God's commands.
Make prosperity the bottom line
instead of making Christlike disciples.

I will give you success and prosperity.
Just as Constantine triumphed
with the cross painted on army shields,
I will bring you what you desire.

Paint me on your economy!
Drink deeply!
Make the nations drink deeply!
Drink and have your fill!"

the Jesus of Capitalism


Art: "Capitalist Jesus"

Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Blood or the Blood Moon?

"Why are many of My people
looking to the sun and moon
to understand the times?

Why are they looking for signs
in the heavenly bodies
instead of at the sign of the Cross?

Why are they trying to discern
by the feasts of the Old Covenant
instead of by the New Covenant?

Are My will and the future
made known by the shadows
or by the Light?

Did I give you 'blood moons'
to know My ways
or the blood of My Son?

Did I call you to follow
the sun, moon and stars
or to follow My Son?"


Art: "Shadows or the Light?"

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Prostrated Before Beasts

"Woe! Woe to you, My beloved!
You have prostrated yourselves
to gain political power in America
and to gain My favor from Israel!

You have prostituted yourselves
to establishments of the world
and to the kingdoms of the earth,
and they will destroy you!

Turn! Turn, My beloved!
Turn from your devotion
to earthly kingdoms!
Turn from your prostitution!

Turn from your worship of beasts!
Turn before you are ruined,
left naked, and devoured!
Return to Me and My ways!"


Art: "Devotion to the State"

Apostasy in the Temple

"I am calling My people to repent
of their idolatry of Israel.
I have called them to follow Me,
but they have chosen instead
to follow their own interpretations
about the end times.

I have set My Son and His ways
before them as a stumbling stone—
will they follow the ways of Israel
or will they follow My Son?
Will they follow the Son of David
or will they follow the Star of David?

The time is here of rebellion
and apostasy in My temple.
The time is here when those
who once followed My Son
leave the faith to worship
their image of Israel.

The time is here when
many of My people have
become unthinking and unfeeling,
like brute beasts following
the leading of another beast
and its beastly ways.

Will you turn from your ways
back to the ways of My Son,
or will you choose the ways
and the worship of the beast?"


Art: "Becoming Naked"

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Messengers On the Wind

"My prophets,

I am sending you
to deliver My word
in a time of darkness.

Some will recognize you
as My messengers,
but most will not.

My word will speak to those
whose hearts have been
prepared by My Spirit,
but those who only look on
the appearance of the bearer
will reject My word.

Most of you will not come
with the 'official' status or office
that they look for and require,
but you will be My messengers
whether they recognize you or not.

The word I give you to speak
will not be the word which
they want to listen to:
they desire to hear the patriotism
and the nationalism they love—
the glory of Israel and America.

You will be rejected and accused,
but when you speak My words
it will not be you, but instead Me
whom they reject and accuse.

I will send you to many
who have turned away from Me,
and to other places you do not expect.

You will not know where
the wind will take you,
but I will carry you.

You only need
to rest in Me.
I am with you."


Art: "Sacred Messenger"

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

"I Will Give You Hope"

"I know you've seen darkness;
I know you've seen evil.
I know you've seen judgment;
I know you've seen hatred.

Reach out to Me.
Ask Me for My peace.
Look to Me
and I will give you light.

I will touch you with My love.
I will break the darkness.
I will share what I see with you.
I will give you hope.

The world is dark
and darkness is growing,
but I will give you a hope
that sees beyond the darkness.

The night will last a little longer,
longer than you feel you can endure,
but My hope will sustain you
until I bring the dawn.

The Day is coming!"


Art: "Seeing Hope"

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Do Not Leave the Cross in the End Times

"Why are many of My people
looking to Israel as if it is the
center of the book of Revelation?

Why are many marginalizing the Cross
and setting aside My command
to carry the cross?

The end times will be
like the days before
the fall of Jerusalem:

As I was in the world,
so My disciples will be
a stumbling stone to the world
because they follow Me
and obey My command to love.

As the nations rage against each other
My disciples will be accused of treason
because they obey My law of love.

They will be put out of the synagogue
—they will be put out of churches—
because they do not follow
the zealotry of those
who put nation and place
above Me and My commands.

Do not be led astray from My commands
by false teachers and false prophets.
Those who marginalize Me
with their interpretation of Revelation
and urge My people to forsake their cross
are false teachers and false prophets.
Do not follow them!

Hold onto Me and My commands!"


Art: "The Center of the End Times"

Saturday, March 07, 2015

A Prayer Amidst the Fervor

Lord, this is so hard to watch. Your people are so devoted to "standing with Israel" that they've set Your Son and His teachings aside. "Israel" comes first for them instead of being known by Your agape love.

I don't know what to say. I know this is like what Paul said in 2nd Corinthians that there is a veil when people read the Old Covenant— I know that doesn't mean merely reading it, but rather giving it precedence above Christ.


Passions are rising because of Netanyahu's speech now. I'm grieved and Your Spirit in me is groaning.

I've complained to You at times because the paintings You give me to paint and the words You give me to write are not the kinds of things that I think are going to "persuade" Christian Zionists. Instead it seems the paintings and words just offend them and they become more hardened. Which of course isn't what I want, and I don't believe it's what You want either.

I think Jeremiah felt grief in the same way— "Why do You give me these things to say, Lord, if they won't listen?"

I know some will be helped, and I can't discount them. But it seems like throughout Scripture one of the purposes of Your word was to witness to those who will not listen. What You spoke was a testimony and a stumbling block... and still is.

I don't like that, Lord.

But I trust You, and somehow I realize that it's how we sinful humans are. Our pride rises up. As one friend says, "The same sun that melts wax also hardens clay."

God, I feel only a fraction of what You do... Your grief, but also the mystery of Your joy and the smile You have even now because You see and know the outcome of all these grievous things. What looked like defeat for You in dying on the Cross was just the birth pains for resurrection.

Strengthen Your witnesses, Lord, in Your love for everyone— for the innocents in Palestine and Muslims around the world who don't know any better, but especially strengthen us in Your love for Zionists and Christian Zionists. Give us Your heart for them. Help us to pray and hear You for when to speak, when to share, and when to be silent and let it go. Use what we do in You to plant seeds that will speak to people and unharden hearts in Your perfect timing.

Help us to choose to forgive them, bless them, love them, be patient with them, and more... just like You loved us while we were Your enemies. We've all rejected You. We all need Your grace and the healing of Your love. Help us witness of Your love to them more than anything else, in Jesus' name.

Amen, so be it all according to Your will.


Art: "In God's Temple"

Thursday, March 05, 2015

The Prophetic Call

"Are you willing to be called
a 'false prophet' for My sake?
Will you declare My word
and speak My heart
even if others call you this?

Are you willing to be called
rebellious, a deceiver, a divider,
and an apostate for My sake?
Will you testify as I command
even if you are labeled this way?

Are you willing to be shunned,
spoken against, warned about,
and denounced for My sake?
Will you obey My Spirit
even if you are treated this way?

I am calling you
to declare My word,
to speak My heart,
to testify as I command,
and to obey My Spirit.

I have promised that
I will never leave you
and I will never forsake you.
My prophets have always
been treated this way:

The world has always hated them,
mistreated them and denounced them;
and I have always been with them,
I have always suffered with them
and I have always sustained them.

I am with you.
As you carry My heart,
I will carry you."


Art: "Rejected Again"

The Spirit of Antichrist and Apostasy

"When My people declare
another 'way' to earn My blessings
aren't they setting aside
My Son's sacrifice,
the offense of the Cross,
and proclaiming that He is not The Way?

When My people declare
that the way to gain My favor
comes through devotion
to the circumcision,
aren't they declaring that My Son's
flesh and blood are not enough?

When My people declare
that My blessings come
through the circumcision
aren't they declaring that My Son
is not the Seed of Abraham
who is the fulfillment of My promises?

When My people declare
that My will is for them
to 'stand with Israel'
before they apply and follow
My Son's teachings and commands
aren't they preaching lawlessness?

When My people declare another way,
another flesh and another law,
is this not rebellion in My temple?
Is this not denying My Son in the flesh?
Is this not the great apostasy?
Is this not the spirit of antichrist?"


Art: "These Are Your Gods"

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Disciples of 'Israel'

"My people have fallen
for another lover!
My people have given
their hearts to 'Israel'
and have become
his disciples.

They have left My teachings
and sit at the feet of a new master.
His word is gospel to them,
while My word is negotiable
and can be re-interpreted
to conform to the will of 'Israel.'

Woe! They have replaced
the Cross with the Star of David!
Woe! They have embraced rebellion
and the ways of Barabbas!

Who can see clearly
with such veiled hearts and eyes?
I am sending My prophets
to call My rebellious people
back to My commands,
for the world knows them now
as disciples of 'Israel'
instead of by My agape love.

But just as Jeremiah was rebuked
for prophesying against Jerusalem,
so many of My rebellious people
will condemn My prophets."


Art: "Kingdom Before King"

Us & Them

Look at them!
They are evil!
They are inhuman!
They are monsters!

Don't tell me
that my ancestors
did similar things—
they had good reasons;

Or they didn't
represent the "true"
But these ones,
they are evil

Don't tell me
that not all of them
are like that;
These are the real ones

Don't interrupt
or inconvenience
my broad brush strokes
and my demonizing

Don't confront me
with living people
who don't fit into
my generalizations

Listen to me—
not to any of them
Believe what I say
Not what any of them say

I tell you who they are
They don't know who they are
I know the truth about them
They don't know the truth

Don't bother talking to them
Don't bother getting to know them
They will only deceive you
They will only corrupt you

Listen to me
Define them as I say
Don't waste your time
with any of them

— Iron-Seared Conscience


Art: "The Judger"

Friday, February 27, 2015

"I Will Testify"

"I am going to bring you
before My people who have
turned away from My teachings.

I will ask you to speak
My word to them
and call them to repentance.

Some will be unhardened,
but others will harden themselves.
I will be responsible for the harvest
that My word will bring.

You are called to speak
when I command you to.

Do not be afraid.

I have called many before you,
and you are not alone:
I have surrounded you
with a great cloud of witnesses.

I am with you and
I will never leave you."


Art: "Not Needed"

Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Lover of Enemies

"I am He who loved My enemies
I am He who gave My life
to touch your heart
I am He whose blood was shed
because I loved you

I am He who bore the Cross
to save you and heal you
I am He who saw
through your hostility
to the broken heart beneath

Can you see what I see
in your enemies
just as I saw in you?"


Art: "Enemy Love"

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Understanding Revelation

"Didn't I say that eating the scroll
would be bitter in your stomach?

Perhaps you looked forward to
prophesying to the nations about
their sins instead of your own?

Maybe you envisioned yourself
as Elijah and the nations
as the prophets of Baal?

My word is a double-edged sword—
it convicts the nations
but it also convicts you.

My law of love is a mirror—
it reveals things about others
but firstly it reveals things about you.

Many of you want to prophesy
and convict the nations,
but do not want to look in the mirror
and subject yourselves to My word.

Who among you will eat the scroll
of Revelation instead of merely
tasting it in your mouth?

Who among you will swallow My word
and allow your hearts to be pierced
by the double-edged sword?

Who among you will repent
and put on sackcloth
before the nations?"


Art: "Finally Understanding the Scroll"

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Foolish Virgins

"My people,

I told you to always be ready to give
an answer to anyone who asks you
about the hope I have given you.

I did not tell you to use My word
for attacking the beliefs of others
or for 'taking the land' in My name.

Do not seek combat with
your brothers and sisters,
but clothe yourselves with love.

Your war is not against the beliefs of others,
but against the spiritual darkness
in your own hearts— pride, greed,
and the desire for power and control.

As you conquer these
and give to the world
the love I gave to you,
all people will know
that you are My disciples.

Do not use My word apart from My spirit—
apart from My love.
Do not be foolish virgins."


Art: "Without Love"

Friday, February 20, 2015

These Are the Days

"These are the days
of increasing wickedness.
These are the days
of the love of most growing cold.
These are the days
of rebellion against the law of Christ.
These are the days
of the great apostasy in God's temple.
These are the days
of many following the antichrist spirit.
These are the days
of many not holding to Christ's commands.

These are the days
of only a remnant holding to the faith.
These are the days
of the two witnesses prophesying in sackcloth.
These are the days
of them wearing the garment of repentance.
These are the days
of their testimony to the nations.
These are the days
of the synagogue (churches) putting them out.

These are the days
that My Son told you would come.
These are the days
of the earth's birth pains.
These are the days
of the great tribulation.
These are the days
I will carry My faithful witnesses through.
These are the days
when they will overcome
by the blood of the Lamb,
the word of their testimony,
and by not loving their lives to the death.

These are the days
when many will be martyred
like sheep led to the slaughter
but will never be separated
from Me and from My love.

These are the days
to hold onto faith in My Son
and the His commands.
These are the days
to let nothing move you
to forsake His law.
These are the days
to stay founded on the Rock!"


Art: "The End of All Things"

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Are You 'People of the Cross'?

"My people,

You venerate the martyrs
and commend their faith,
for they died because
they bore My name
and they bore My cross.

You claim them
and claim the same faith
in Me and My cross—
but are you willing
to follow them
to the same cross?

Are you willing
to follow Me
to the cross as they did?

My people,

You cannot carry the cross
and the sword at the same time.
You cannot claim the same
faith of the martyrs
who died for the cross
if you kill for the cross.

You must choose whether
you will be members
of the apostolic church
—the church of martyrs—
or the church of Constantine
warring for the cross.

Which master will you serve?

Which master will you die for—
the One who died on the cross
or the one who painted
a cross on his war devices?

Is it Mine or is it yours
to avenge and repay?"


Art: "People of the Cross"

Monday, February 16, 2015

Who is Your Lord?

"Pay attention, My people!
Pay attention to the commands
My Son gave you which
you have ignored!

My Son spoke no idle words
and gave you no commands
which would work against My purposes.

Many have declared My Son's commands
to be unrealistic, impractical,
merely idealistic, and even foolish.
They have refused to take up the cross
and have created a 'Christ'
in their own image.

You have been called to follow My Son
not to pick and choose whichever
of His teachings you think
are realistic or not.

If you do not follow His commands
then He is not your Lord.
If you follow ways that are
against His commands
then you are following
the spirit of the antichrist.

My Son is coming
to raise up every valley
and bring low every high place.

Will you humble yourselves
or will My Son's appearance
catch you by surprise?"


Art: "Offensive Grace"

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Remnant Ministry

My prophets,

I am calling you
to a remnant ministry:

You will not be famous
You will not be wealthy
You will walk uphill
You will swim against the tide

You will speak to many,
but only a few will respond.
You will work hard
and may see only a small harvest.

What I work through you
will not appear to impact
large amounts of people
or transform a whole society.

I will accomplish My purposes
through My remnant people
just as I have in the past.

Take heart and do not despair.
None of your labor in Me
will ever be in vain."


Art: "I Will Never Leave You"

Monday, February 09, 2015

Exceptions to the Cross

"Listen to My heart's cry—

I am He who died
to save those who crucified Me.
I loved My enemies
whether or not they ever
came to repentance.

My beloved people,
I did not permit you
to make exceptions
to My commands.
I asked You to love your enemies
as I loved you while you
were My enemies.

Do not make your love
conditional on what
you think the outcome
of their choices will be.

Do not differentiate
by the degree of violence
and hatred your enemies
appear to have.

You were loved
regardless of your sins,
and I have called you
to love with the same love
that I gave you.

I have promised
to be with you
through every tribulation.
Therefore take up your cross
as I took up Mine.
Leave the outcome to Me,
and follow Me."


Art: "Born For This"

Saturday, February 07, 2015

First Honor

"I have never asked My people
to be zealous for earthly kingdoms,
nor chastised them for any lack
of patriotism for their countries.

Those who shame you
for not being patriotic
are not speaking
in accordance with My word.

You are called to seek first
My kingdom and My righteousness,
not to defend the righteousness
of the earth's kingdoms.

Remember your first love!"


Art: "Which Is First?"

Sunday, February 01, 2015

The Gospel of God's Grace

"Will you forgive
as I forgave you?

Can you accept that I died
for your enemies, too?

Would you lay down your life
to let them know I love them
just as much as I love you?

Do you believe that they
are worth dying for?

I do."


Art: "The Love of God"

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Fighting for the World

"I have promised that I will never
leave nor forsake you,
and I have taught you that
all who desire to follow Me
will suffer for My sake.

But many of My people do not
want to risk suffering for My sake.

Instead they are fighting for
political power, military dominance,
economic advantage and profit.
They are fighting for their system
of government and trade
instead of living in My kingdom!

They are expending themselves
for the treasures of the world
instead of the treasures of heaven!

Listen, My beloved children:

Why spend your lives
for what will not last,
for what will not satisfy,
for what will not heal,
and for what will not
profit you in eternity?

Put your trust in My ways
and treasure what I treasure!
Follow My commands
and obey My teachings
and you will find everlasting peace
that neither army, nor terrorist,
nor poverty, nor politician
can every take away!

Enter and abide in My kingdom!"


Art: "Clinging to Another Kingdom"

Sunday, January 11, 2015

"I Am Your Resurrection"

"I am with you
Though the armies come
Though the violence rage
I am still with you

I am holding you
Though you are hurt
Though you are harmed
I am still holding you

I am shielding you
Though you are beaten
Though you are tortured
I am still shielding you

I am protecting you
Though you are attacked
Though you are slain
I am still protecting you

I am preserving your life
Though you are destroyed
Though you are executed
I am still preserving your life

I am with you
When you die on your cross
When you breathe your last breath
I am still with you

I am your resurrection and life
I will receive your spirit
I will bring you home to Me
And I will raise you on the last day

I am always with you
And I will never forsake you
Nothing can separate you
from Me and My love."


Art: "In Suffering"

Saturday, January 10, 2015

"In Your Name"

Creator, I mourn
I lament
I weep
Because of what happened

What happened in Your name

They came
across the sea
They took
They stole

In Your name

They killed
They raped
They plundered
the people

In Your name

They set aside Your love
They ignored Your commands
They forsook Your ways
and treated the people like beasts

In Your name

Manifest destiny
The new Canaan
The new promised land
How the west was won

It was done in Your name

I can't blame the people
when they cringe
when they are revolted
when they even hate

Hearing the sound of Your name

It was not Your fault
It was not Your way
It was not You that they served
For without Your love

It was not truly Your name

You love the people
You made them in Your image
You suffered when they suffered
You felt all of their pain

That is Your name

Your will is for healing
Your will is for blessing
Your will is for restoration
Your will is for life

Your will is Your name

Your name has been dragged low
abused and misused
misrepresented and blasphemed
from sea to shining sea

Oh restore now Your name!

Let Your name bring healing
and the love that You are
Let Your name being restoration
Let it bring life as You intended

Let Your true name be heard!


Art: "Not His Spirit"

"Have Faith in My Commands!"

"Many of My people have become afraid
of being killed by terrorists.
Fear instead of faith
is increasing in their hearts,
and their devotion to My commands
is being set aside in favor of
meeting violence with more violence.
Their love is growing cold!

But I did not say that My command
to love your enemies hinged
on how horrible their crimes are.

Do not be deceived by fear, My people!
Do not stray from My commands!
I am He who died on the Cross
and who called you follow Me
and take up your own cross.

Trust in Me and My commands.
I told you that tribulation would come,
and that I have already overcome the world.
Have faith and be courageous."


Art: "Love As the Lamb"

"Mocking My Image"

"Can you hear the cries of
the 'least of these' among you?

Can you understand that
when you dishonor them
you dishonor Me?

I created them in My image,
and they are precious to Me.

I share in their griefs and sorrows,
and I suffer when they suffer.

When they are mocked,
I am mocked with them.

When they are insulted,
I am insulted with them.

Listen to their cries, My people!
Listen and do not stop your ears!
Listen and do not close your hearts!

Stand with 'the least of these'—
for in them I stand among you."


Art: "'Honoring' Him?"