Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Ministry of Confusion

"My children who don't know Me
cannot hear Me in America!
Who has deafened their ears?

My servants share My heart
but their voice is drowned out!
Why can their trumpet not be heard?

Is it not because many who speak My name
have led My people into confusion?
Is it not because My love cannot be heard
amid the trumpets of false prophets?

Many among My people
proclaim the doctrines of
nationalism, greed, and war!

Many among My people
teach devotion to Israel
instead of love for all people!

Many among my people
witness to a different 'Christ'!

My beloved little ones in America
are becoming weary of hearing My name
because of the words and deeds of Babylon!

They do not hear the things
that bring healing;
they do not hear the things
that make for peace;
they do not hear the things
of My Spirit—

Instead they hear
the law of condemnation;
instead they hear
the trumpets of war;
instead they hear the preaching
of the spirit of the Antichrist!

My commands and My ways
have become offensive
to many among My people;
they have plugged up their ears
and are shouting the doctrines of their 'Christ'
so that they don't have to hear My voice!

Woe! Woe! Woe!"


Art: "Rejecting Warnings"

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Fall of Babylon

"Woe! Woe! Woe to you
who have spent yourselves
trying to take dominion in
the places of power in the nations!

Woe to you who have by tried
to impose what you believe is My 'kingdom'
on those who have not known Me!

Woe to you who have used the law
to control those who need My love!
Woe to you who have prostituted yourselves
trying to gain My favor by "standing with Israel"!

Woe to you because the power
you have sold yourselves to gain
will turn against you
when you are no longer useful!

Woe! Woe to you, My beloved children,
for you have given your hearts
to those who do not love you as I love you!

Woe! Woe because you have been a beast
and you have built Babylon!
But the beast you have worshiped
will eat you and devour your flesh,
and will throw you off its back
to be plundered by the nations!

Renounce your ways and return to the Cross!
Repent of your harlotry!
Repent before sudden destruction overtakes you!"


Art: "That It Might Be Fulfilled"

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

She Who Rides On The Beast

"Listen, My beloved, and I will tell you
about the prostitution of My people.
My beloved was persecuted by those
who had vowed to shepherd her.
I picked her up and removed her
from the house of her abusers.
I taught her My wisdom and set her
on the rock of My one and only Son.
She stood in My strength and broke free
from the bondage and the lies she was taught.

"A Better Covenant"

As her understanding grew,
she began to systemize what I had taught her.
But she did not wait for Me to reveal
what I had sealed for the end of time,
and she began to insatiably desire
to have all the prophecies interpreted.
She sought explanation of the end times
more than she sought Me,
and listened to teachers who gave her
the answers her heart coveted.
She began to build new foundations
further and further from the Rock.
She found her assurance and anchor
in their interpretations instead of
in what My Son did for her on the cross.

She fashioned and formed
a new image based on the circumcision,
dividing My people and My word.
She invented a new hope for herself
beyond what I had promised her,
and made the circumcision into
the only hope for the rest of the world.
Her theology replaced My Son
as she reshaped the gospel:
He became the way to bring about
the exaltation of the chosen people,
instead of being the Chosen One
to whom the prophets pointed
and who died for all of mankind.

Many years later when the circumcision
sought to return to their homeland,
My beloved believed it was the fulfillment
of her interpretations of the prophets.
The image she had created seemed to come to life,
and she gave herself in devotion to her new lover.
My beloved had fallen in love with the image
she had created of 'Israel' in her heart.

She set aside My Son and His commands
and stepped away from My teachings—
the house built on the one and only Rock.
She put her faith in her teachings
and the house she had built on the sand;
she prepared for the day of flooding
by putting her trust in 'the chosen people'
instead of in the Chosen One.

As Israel became like the beasts
who had persecuted him in the past
in order to regain his land,
My beloved also became unthinking and unfeeling,
like brute beasts whose only law was
to prostitute herself to the desires of a beast.
She placed herself upon his back,
and as a rider led by the untamed desires of her mount,
she rode wherever the 'chosen ones' led her
instead of staying upon the one and only immovable Rock.
From atop her new mount
she declared his wonders and praises.
When he went into battle she supported him;
when he was victorious she declared,
"Who is like him, and who can stand against him?"

To those who did not follow him,
she proclaimed curses and used her wealth
to block their power to trade.
Those who favored him she rewarded
with her buying and her selling,
dividing the nations on his behalf.
She marked herself on the forehead with her beliefs
and upon her right hand with her actions.
She judged all mankind in the same way she judged herself—
marked by whether they honored the circumcision
instead of whether they honored the Lamb and His commands.
My people exchanged the kingdom I had given them
for the earthly kingdom of Israel.

I cried through many messengers
for My people to return to the truth.
But My people would not turn from their idolatry.
Every rebuke I sent was judged as being critical;
questioning Israel was considered blasphemous,
and My messengers were accused of being anti-Semitic.
My people became proud of their determination
to never turn from their theology.

Those who have prophesied to My people
that they must "stand with Israel"
—they are the Antichrist.
I did not prophesy through them
and tell My people to follow Israel.
They have deceived many of My people.
They have lured my people
from the Rock to rebellion.
They have set up in My temple
their own image of Israel.
They have turned my people from the cross,
and their rebellion will bring desolation.

My beloved!
My precious beloved!
Do not be destroyed for lack of knowledge!
Those who teach you to follow Israel
instead of walking in My commands
—they are deceiving you!
They have set you on the path
that ends in desolation
instead of the path that leads to life!
They have taught you to ignore the spirit
of the one who comes to steal, kill and destroy!
Turn back to My ways!
Turn back to My ways!

"Who Is Like Him?"

"Who is like Israel?

Being in very nature the chosen one,
he did not consider his neighbors equal to him,
and he grasped his birthright.
He made himself higher than them,
taking the form of a conqueror,
being made in the image of a lion.

And being found in appearance as a nation,
he proudly refused to apologize and became defiant,
refusing peace and refusing to carry a cross.
When attacks were hurled at him, he retaliated;
when he suffered, he threatened manifold vengeance.
He did not merely entrust his fate to the heavenly Judge.

Therefore exalt him above all other nations,
for the name of Israel is above every other nation,
and at name of Israel every nation will bow,
in heaven and on earth and under the earth,
and every tongue will confess that Israel is chosen,
to the glory of his everlasting favor."

— the worshipers of the beast


Art: "The Release of Barabbas"

Sunday, August 10, 2014


"When you mourn,
I mourn with you.

I bear your griefs and sorrows,
I carry your pain and suffering.

I am hungry when you are hungry.
I am thirsty when you are thirsty.

I am with you always.

Neither death nor life,
neither persecution nor sword,
will ever separate you from My love."

(Romans 12:15, Isaiah 53:4, Matthew 25:35, Matthew 28:20, Romans 8:35-39)


Art: "Marked"

Sunday, August 03, 2014

The Palestinian Bride

"Many of My people love Israel
and they pray for her often—
for her safety, peace, and prosperity.

They are proud to 'stand for Israel':
they preach it in their gatherings,
participate in conferences about it,
and assemble to protest and rally for it.

They support Israel's politics;
they pray for Israel's army,
for her military objectives,
and for her to be victorious.

They are attentive not only to the past
and present sufferings of Israel,
but also to potential sufferings that Jews
could experience under speculative scenarios.

But they cannot see the great sufferings
of their Christian brothers and sisters
in neighboring Gaza and the West Bank.

My Palestinian bride suffers,
but they do not mourn with her,
comfort her, encourage her or support her.
They do not 'stand with' her.

My bride in Palestine is an inconvenience
to the great devotion of many to Israel;
hearing of her suffering only interrupts
their unceasing prayers for Israel.

Many of My people in their hearts have sold
their suffering Palestinian brothers and sisters,
trading them for the hope of being rewarded
for unconditionally 'standing with Israel.'

Although many in the church abroad
have forsaken My Palestinian bride,
yet I have not abandoned her,
and I have raised up a remnant of My people
to pray for her and support her.

Though she has not been loved
by many of her family—My people—
she shall be honored and called 'My beloved'."


Art: "Forsaken By Family"

"Worship the Image"

"Who is like Israel?
His dominion has been restored;
his wound has been healed.
All who curse him are cursed;
all who bless him are blessed.
All who love him are loved.

Who can stand against him
or make war against him?
Fire comes down from heaven
to devour his enemies,
and he tramples underfoot
those who strike back at him.

Those who support him will prosper,
but those who do not support him
will lose their favor and their reward.
All you people who worship Jesus Christ:
turn from your sins and honor Israel
lest you be judged in another way!

Blessed are those who devote to Israel
their hearts and their minds
and the works of their hands;
blessed are those who have
written his name on their foreheads
and on their hands!"

—the Breath and Spirit of the Image


Art: "Open Your Eyes"