Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Great Reversal

"Open your eyes, My people!

I have not said that 'evangelizing Israel'
is the 'key' to evangelizing the world!

Instead I ordained that sending My disciples
to the nations would arouse Israel's jealousy!

I am not calling all nations
to come 'back to Jerusalem'!

Do not reverse the commission I gave you!"


Art: "Not Knowing the Father"

A Different 'Kingdom'

"Open your eyes, My people!
Return to your first love—
return to the Cross!

I am not leading you to
'advance the kingdom' and use
the ways of the earth's kingdoms!

The devotion I am calling you to
is not to 'change the nations'
but rather to love your neighbor!

My kingdom is not spread by greater focus
on 'strategic warfare' and 'taking nations',
but rather by loving 'the least of these'!

Do not seek to build a 'kingdom' through
means I did not teach you or model for you;
do not follow another 'Christ' to another 'kingdom'!"


Art: "Prophets of Different Fathers"

Friday, July 26, 2013

The 'Salvation' of Christian Zionism

I am the Messiah who exalts
and favors Israel above all nations.

I am the Messiah who supports
his agenda unconditionally.

I am the Messiah who curses
those who criticize any of his deeds.

I am the Messiah who declares
that no one can make war against him.

I am the Messiah who hates Israel's enemies
and gives him victory against his neighbors.

I am the Messiah who says there can be peace
only after Israel possesses all of the land.

I am the Messiah who gives Israel the right
to take land by forcing out its inhabitants.

I am the Messiah who exalts Israel over all mankind,
and who loves only those nations that love him.

I am the Messiah who commands all nations to honor him,
and who removes economic prosperity from those who do not.

I am the Messiah who has made him to be salvation
for the nations if they support and serve him.

For I have loved the world so much
that I gave them the one and only 'Israel',
so that whosoever supports him will not perish,
but will have everlasting life.

Christians, you have heard that it was said
'love your enemy' and 'bless those who curse you',
but I tell you, and I command the nations,
to love Israel and hate his enemies.

I am the One who comes to steal, kill and destroy
those sheep who dwell in Israel's rightful pasture.
I am the One who takes away their lives
so that he may have abundance."

- The Jesus of Zionism


Art: "The Jesus of Zionism"

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"I Know How It Feels"

"I know how it feels to be misrepresented.
I know how it feels to be made into a caricature.
I know how it feels to be marginalized.
I know how it feels to have no one listen to Me.
I know how it feels to have no one care about what I think.
I know how it feels to have people object when I try to speak.

I know how it feels when My name and image
are used for profit and peoples' own selfish goals.
I know how it feels to be used as a 'mascot'
by people who claim they are 'honoring' Me.
I know how it feels because many who claim to be My people
have disregarded My teachings and My commands.

I know how it feels when 'My people' would rather
continue to ignore Me than change their ways.
I know how it feels when 'My people' value tradition
more than they value My feelings.
I know how it feels when 'My people' reject Me
in favor of their own idea of who I am.

Can you hear Me, My people?
Can you hear the cry of the one you call 'Lord'?
Can you let go of the myths you believe about your nation?
Can you repent of creating and following your own image of Me?
Can you seek justice for the 'least of these' among you?
Or will you continue to justify your ways to My face?"


Art: "No Honor"

Saturday, July 20, 2013

"Do Not Insult My Sacrifice"

I am not deaf to the insults
many of My people speak in their hearts.

When you insult your brother or sister,
you insult Me.

When you insult your neighbor or your enemy,
you insult Me.

I am He who bore insult on the Cross for all—
even for your enemies.

Do not insult My sacrifice for others
by withholding mercy from them in your heart."


Art: "Reaching Across"

Monday, July 15, 2013

"Prophesy, My Native Witnesses!"

"I am raising up prophets and putting My word
in the mouths of the First Nations remnant.
They will be My witnesses to those who in My name
give themselves to a kingdom built on blood and injustice.

Cry out! Cry out, My Native prophets!
Cry out the truth of who I am!
Cry out the Gospel to those who have
seared their conscience with national myths!

Cry out for mercy on behalf of
My sons and daughters in Babylon!
Cry out for them to be spared
from the coming destruction!

Receive My Spirit and My agape love
for those who live as enemies of the Cross!
Weep and wail for those who have hardened hearts!
Prophesy to My perishing people!"


Art: "Light of the Nation"

"He-who-judges-with-justice" (A prayer)

Creator. Great Mystery and Great Spirit.

Come quickly and bring justice.

We are not innocent ourselves,
but we hear the cries of the poor.

We see the tears of children, men and mothers.

We are not asking you to judge for us,
but to judge all of us with your justice.

Creator-who-is-love, come quickly
and make things right again.

Bring peace and harmony to all people.

Remove our bad hearts and wrong doings.

Come quickly, and make all things new.


Art: "He-who-sets-free"

Tuesday, July 09, 2013


"We are the vine.
Outside of us, there is no you.
You exist only among us, in our meeting.
Apart from us you can do nothing.
God and Christian,
without us you are nothing!"


Art: "Subjugation"

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Independence Day Worship

"I am he who urges you not to be trodden upon,
but to strike at the heel of any
who dare to try to crush your head.

I am he who declares as sacred
your right to keep all your profit—
more sacred than lives standing in the way.

I am he who says to fear those
who can kill the body and take away
your freedom and your wealth.

I am he who fights with you
against all flesh and blood enemies,
foreign and domestic.

I am he who takes up arms
instead of the Cross,
and you follow me.

I am the god in whom you trust, America,
the god you founded your kingdom upon,
and the god you have chosen to unite under."

- The American Jesus


Art: "The American Jesus"