Friday, June 24, 2011

Admitting Weakness

"Admitting Weakness"

"I know you want to represent Me to the world, especially to those whom you minister to. I know you are afraid that if they see problems in you or in your ministry, you are afraid they will doubt Me and maybe even leave Me.

"Peace, My child, for I have not called you to equal My righteousness. And it was not My perfection which won people to Me when I walked among you, but it was My My love and My grace for their weakness which brought people to Me.

"If you try to hide your problems and embarassing parts, you will only add more pressure on yourselves, and your weaknesses will be hidden only to your eyes. But if you open yourselves in honesty and weakness, My gospel will shine out of you, and people will come to drink it.

"The Cross speaks of brokenness and weakness. If you are afraid of showing brokenness and weakness in your ministry, then you are not sharing the Cross and the sufficiency of My grace, for My grace is made perfect in your weakness. If you have been trying to paint a picture of transformation from weakness to strength and from defeat to victory, and if you are afraid of admitting weakness and defeat or letting them be seen to your flock, then you need to put down your paintbrush and be honest with yourselves, with your flock, and before Me.

"Do not be afraid. Reach out and touch your broken places. Your honesty will win and show people My power more than your perfection. And then they—and you—will drink from My life-giving water. For it is not through your perfection, but through your weaknesses that My glory flows."


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"I am He who died for you while you were My enemies.
I am He who took your sins on Myself.
I am He who commanded you to love as I have loved you.

"I am setting My standard in your midst—the Cross.
It will challenge and break apart your foundation.
It will reveal cracks in your foundation that you do not wish to see.

"I am setting My foundation before you,
for I am calling you to choose between My foundation
and your country's foundation."


Art: "Praying for America"

Infinite Value

"Look! Look at the love
a mother has for her child.
Learn from this.
In the midst of your wars for land,
My truth is seen in
the love of mothers for their children.
Love one another as a mother loves her child.
Value one another as a mother values her child.
You are all My children.
You, your neighbors and your enemies
are all My precious children.
You are all priceless to Me!"


Art: "Love and Hope"

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


"It Is Finished"

"As the sun sets on this world, as night falls, and as the Day draws near when all things shall be fulfilled, if you would be guided by the Light of the world when night comes, listen to the word of the Lord:

"Behold! Behold the Lamb slain on the Cross!
Behold Him who loved His enemies
and saved them by His grace!

"Believe on My Son, and love one another—even your enemies—as He loved you. All the mystery of God is revealed in Christ crucified. All is already finished and accomplished in the Cross.

"All that will come and all that will unfold as is written in the book of Revelation center around this:

"Believe on My Son, and love with His agape love."

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Tribulation Shall Come

"Tribulation Shall Come"

"My children, I never desired for you to suffer. I never wanted you to know the pain of death and being separated from Me. But choices were made and you have suffered because of it.

"Yet I could not leave you alone in your suffering, and I could not abandon you to an eternity without My love. So I came to suffer with you, and I carried all of your suffering inside Myself on the Cross. I redeemed your suffering through Mine.

"More suffering lies ahead, My children. More tears will be shed, but I will be with you to wipe each one away, and I will redeem every pain in your life."

"I have spoken these things to you so that you may have peace in Me. In the world you will have tribulation; but take heart, for I have overcome the world."

- John 16:33

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Spirit of Babylon

"The Spirit of Babylon"

"Woe! Woe to her who proclaims her divine favor but defies the Lord! Woe to her who declares blessings for herself and declares that she earned them with her righteousness! Woe to her who boasts that the Lord has supernaturally established her and vindicated her ways! Woe to her who masquerades as an angel of light, but brings darkness to those who do not submit to her!

"Look, My people, and see! Do not discern by appearance and the profession of faith, but instead discern by My Spirit, and let a profession of faith be proved true by actions of agape love.

"Babylon's profession of faith appears as light, and her power appears to be mighty. Her appearance will seem miraculous. But her hands will be dark, stained with blood. Her mouth will speak words of prophecy, the supernatural, power, might, and the dominion of God. But the means she uses will involve compromise and confusion of My agape love, and in her teaching she will deny the Savior by proclaiming her knowledge as a tower to reach the blessing and favor of the Lord.

"Behold, the harlot Babylon! Behold, the false prophet! Behold, the beast who arises from the land! Behold, the man of lawlessness! Behold, the antichrist! Behold, the movement of false prophets and teachers! Behold, the first rider who sets out from among My people to conquer and brings all manner of destruction in his wake! Behold, the rider who judges unjustly and wages war in unrighteousness! Behold, the woman who has turned away from her first love to worship the glory of the beast whose re-appearance astonished the world! Behold, the rebellion!"


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Fomenting Enmity

"Cry! Cry! Cry and wail! For My people have become ministers of enmity instead of ministers of reconciliation! My people have become conflict-fomenters instead of peacemakers! My people speak justifications for war instead of the justification of the Cross! My people proclaim Israel's inheritance of land instead of My inheritance of the nations! My people preach faith in guns instead of faith in the gospel!

"Cry! Cry! Cry and wail! For My people encourage Israel to harden her heart instead of to embrace the Cross! My people preach hope in defeating enemies instead of loving them! My people preach that taking what is yours comes first before loving your neighbor! My people encourage and send Jews into the fire, and store up fire for themselves! My people 'stand' with Israel in actions that are against Me in order to gain My blessing and My favor!

"Cry! Cry! Cry and wail! For I have declared that not everyone who says to Me 'Lord, Lord' will enter the Kingdom, but only those who do My will! Cry and wail, because My people are attempting to discern My will by label, name, flesh, sand and dust! My people are proclaiming My name but are transgressing the Law of My Son, to love one another—even enemies—in agape as I loved you while you were My enemies!

"Cry! Cry! Cry and wail! For a great deception has arisen among My people—a lawlessness that encourages inheritance over My commands! Cry and wail, for a great deception has taught that My favor and blessing come through honoring the flesh of Israel instead of through Christ alone! Cry and wail, because My people have been astonished with the whole world at the healing of the wound of Israel, who arose from ships on the sea after being exiled by the sword of Rome! Cry and wail, for My people encourage the rest of the world to honor Israel, to say she is favored by God, to give her rights and to allow her to act however she wishes! Cry! Cry! Cry and wail! For My people are forming themselves into a great city of confusion—they are attempting to reach My throne by their works and support for Israel! Cry! Cry! Cry and wail for they have turned from My love to seek the favor of another!

"Cry! Cry! Cry and wail for the innocent in Israel and Palestine—the descendants of the ancient kingdoms of Judah and Israel! Cry and wail for those who have not heard My name spoken with My love! Cry and wail for those whose ears have been cut off by the sword of war for land! Cry and wail for those who hold to My testimony and obey My commands, for they shall be persecuted and reviled because they did not follow those who were astonished.

"Cry and wail, for I am coming soon and I will judge! I make war with justice and in righteousness, and I the Lord do not show favoritism or partiality! I will defend the cause of the needy, the orphan, the outcast and the widow. I will come to reward My servants the prophets and the peacemakers."

Monday, June 20, 2011

Cardboard God

"Cardboard God"

"Who are you fooling, My children? Look at the image you have made with your hands—your invented beliefs and created doctrines! I am not in it! I am not found by creating doctrines, but you have built a package of beliefs and said, 'Behold, the Lord!'

"Time and time again I have called out to you, and I have sent My prophets to call you to wake up and repent. But you have wrapped and re-wrapped your package of beliefs to nullify or include My cries to you as part of your package, instead of turning from your idol to Me instead.

"How can I leave you, My children? How can I give you up to the darkness you have chosen to sit in? For in trying to fit Me inside your box, it is you yourselves who have placed yourselves into a box! How can I let you stay in the shadows when I gave My Son on the Cross to give you everlasting light?

"I will allow the wind, the waves and the water to sweep away your box, and then you will see that the beliefs you created are but cheap cardboard. I will hold out My hand to you, calling to you once again, so that you will not be swept away. But will you admit that your doctrines have been mere cardboard, repent and let Me save you by My hand? Or will you be swept away trying to gather and put back together the pieces of your package?"


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Pursuing Muck

"Pursuing Muck"

"I am calling you to weep and travail for My children who are happy to be stuck in the mud. I am calling you to receive My anguish for them! Grief! Grief! Many of My children are not only happy in the mud, but they are seeking to wade further and further into the mud!

"Many of My children are leaving the simplicity of My Son! They are leaving dry land for a swamp! They are eager to learn new words, new principles, new language and 'advanced' things, but they do not realize they are learning muck in My sight.

"Do not be carried away, My children! Do not wander away from My Son! Do not leave the Cross! While you have the light, put your faith in the light instead of finding new shadows to pursue, for night is coming soon!"

Sunday, June 19, 2011

"Against My Law"

"Against My Law"

"Anguish! Anguish! My heart is in anguish for the deceived and for those who will be deceived! My heart is in anguish for many among My people who are pouring their love into a form resembling Me, but which at heart is of the antichrist.

"See! See! The antichrist does not come to you from outside, but from among you, the same as when he rode out from among the early church. Even now he works among you, but you do not recognize him because he shapes himself to look like Me: he speaks of power, dominion, authority and might. And because he speaks in My name, you accept him, forgetting that My name spoken without My heart is not My name at all.

"And so I have also told you that the antichrist is the man of lawlessness—he is against My law of agape love. He is against the spirit of the Cross.

"Do not look at appearances, but seek to understand the spirit of things. If you look at appearances, you will not see when the antichrist comes as a movement, as a company of false prophets and teachers instead of as a single charismatic leader. Many false prophets will appear from within My temple—the Church. Among you the movement will declare My name but not with My heart. It will profess to be My kingdom, but will be rebellion against My command to love one another as I have loved you.

"I am agape love; if you reject My love, you rebel against Me. If you do not submit to My law of agape love (even to My command to love your enemies), then you do not submit to My lordship. If you will not live in My love, you will not abide in Me.

"The agape love of the Cross is foolishness to the wisdom of the world, and so the antichrist will speak with the wisdom of the world in order to change My law of agape love. The antichrist will declare that the time of My kingdom has come, and will call all people to join in the movement to take possession of their inheritance.

"But My kingdom is not of this world, and My servants do not need to fight to gain it, nor do they need to fight to avoid losing it. Behold, the hour has come for you to wake up from your slumber! Love one another as I have loved you—even your enemies—for the night is nearly over and the day is almost here."


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Saturday, June 18, 2011

"Will You Accept My Cry?"

"Will You Accept My Cry?"

"My people! What are you crying out to Me for?
What do you really want?
Are you ready for what I want to give you most?

"I know you want to see My power, My glory, My reign and My dominion. I know you are excited about the supernatural, about revelations, about healings, signs and wonders.

"I love you. You are My children and I love to delight you. But will you love Me less if I do not give you that which you crave? Will you be satisfied if all I have to share with you is My heart?

"I am sometimes lonely among you, My children, because you ask Me for candy but don't wait to listen to what's on My heart. You are with Me in fair weather, ever-ready to receive My joy and laughter, but where are My friends who will mourn with Me when I mourn? Who will ask Me to share in My grief?

"For those who ask, I will pour out My Spirit of mourning for My only Son. I will let you share in My heart, the heart of the Father who gave His only Son. I will share with you My breaking heart for all of your brothers and sisters who desire candy instead of My broken heart of love for My Son and for you all.

"Will you accept My heart? Will you cry with Me? Will you share in My heart's cry?"


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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Unclouded Eyes

"Unclouded Eyes"

"I am calling you to see through My tears. I am calling you to receive My broken heart for those who do not know Me, and for those who live against Me. If you want to see from My perspective, you must ask for My broken heart, and you must love them as I love them.

"If you do not look at the world through the tears of My love, your vision will be clouded, and you will know neither My purpose nor My heart. I am calling you to clarity, to My clear vision, for without My vision you will perish."