Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Turning Him Away

"Many who profess My name
are calling for the abandonment
of My commands and teachings
when dealing with 'the least of these.'

They shout fear and paranoia about
the poor, the needy, and the refugee,
accusing them of crime, disease,
stealing prosperity, and invasion.

I am being rejected
in 'the least of these'
by those who profess
to love Me and be My people!

Woe! Woe to those who reject
My commands and My teachings
and lead others to do the same
by spreading fear and paranoia!

Woe! Woe to those who profess
to love Me and be My people
but reject and accuse Me
in 'the least of these'!

Woe! Woe for they do not know Me
and if they do not recognize Me now,
they will not recognize Me and My ways
as the Last Day approaches and comes!

Return to My commands and teachings,
you who call yourselves My people
and who say that you love Me!
Return before you have gone too far!"


Art: "No Place in Their Hearts"

Thursday, November 12, 2015

"No One is Collateral Damage to Me"

"I am He who loves all people;
I am He who mourns for all
who suffer and die in war.
No one is 'collateral damage' to Me.

I love all, and I died for all.
I am He who loved even My enemies
so that they might be healed
and be with Me forever.

I am He who calls you to follow
and carry you cross as I did.
Love your enemies as I loved you.
Do not live by the sword."


Art: "Disposable"

Saturday, November 07, 2015

"Turn Off Your Pity"

Remember there are "two sides"
Remember that so that you
can ignore the suffering of this side
And sound "fair and balanced"

Definitely don't pity their children
Write their suffering off
as "just what happens in war"
Look for "balance" so you can forget

Don't look as they are pelted
with stones by settlers
Don't look at their bruises
Don't look at their scars

Don't pay attention or care
when they are tear-gassed
on their way to school
or huddling at home with family

Don't think about their inner wounds
and the post-traumatic stress from
growing up under military occupation
and the attacks of settlers they protect

Don't think about families
whose homes have been sealed off
or fenced off or taken over
by settlers "possessing the land"

Don't think about farmers
who awake to find that their crops
of olive trees have been uprooted
by militant settlers during the night

Don't imagine what it would be like
if this happened to your children
if "settlers" invaded your homes
and an army protected them

Write it off as a never-ending conflict
that has been going on for centuries
Don't research to see if that's true
or let history challenge your assumptions

Justify, sanctify, and excuse
by using your religion to dismiss
the suffering of these children
Say that it's part of "prophecy"

Don't call peacemakers blessed
But accuse them of anti-semitism
And twist scriptures to show
that they are tools of the antichrist

Preach it to yourself and to others
that Israel needs to have the land
so that Jesus will be able to return
And these children are in the way

Forget the teaching of Jesus
These aren't "the least of these"
He doesn't love these children
He wants Israel to have the land

Convince your conscience
that the situation can't be helped
Vote for "godly leaders" who support
the occupation with your tax dollars

Change the channel if the news
shows the suffering of Palestinians
Hide articles from your newsfeed
Tell yourself it's just propaganda

Turn off sympathy and empathy
Don't imagine yourself in their place
Ignore the cries of their children
Don't look at them as human.

the spirit of cold love


Art: "Sacrificial Lamb"

"Unveil Your Eyes!"

"Woe! Woe, for My people
are taught about the last days
by guides who are blind!

The Cross and its love are the only
refuge in the time of the end
and the only light in the darkness!

But they have veiled their eyes
with the circumcision of the flesh
and are wandering away from the Cross!

Unveil your eyes, My people!
Return to the gospel alone
and the teachings of My Son!

Unveil your eyes before darkness
overtakes you completely
and sweeps you away!"


Art: "Sleeping in the Last Days"

Friday, November 06, 2015

"Rejoice With Her!"

Hallelujah! The exiles have returned
Returned to the homeland
Hallelujah! The persecuted are home
Now they have a home of their own

Hallelujah! They will possess the land
All of the land will be their home
Hallelujah! They will drive out its people
All those who stand in their way

Hallelujah! They will possess the homes
All of the homes where others dwell
Hallelujah! Young and old shall flee
Flee before those whom God favors

Hallelujah! Mother and child shall run
Young men and elders, too
Hallelujah! They shall have no home
For they dared to resist Israel

Hallelujah! They cannot withstand
The arms, missiles and tear gas
Hallelujah! They cannot survive
Without power, medicine and electricity

Hallelujah! For Israel can control
Who comes and who goes out
Hallelujah! For Israel can restrict
Their people from receiving money

Hallelujah! The occupation by force
Will squeeze life out of the remnant
Hallelujah! The settlers push further
Armed and taking back the land

Hallelujah! Israel is protected
By allies who give her arms and aid
Hallelujah! She cannot be condemned
The nations cannot stop her

Hallelujah! The people of the "Christ"
Don't want to see any of her crimes
Hallelujah! They refuse to believe
And only blame the oppressed

Hallelujah! For Israel is free
She has been given license to sin
Hallelujah! Prophecy is being fulfilled
And this shall bring about the end

Hallelujah! She can act like a beast
And her protector like a beast, too
Hallelujah! Who can stand against them?
Against them no one can make war

Hallelujah! The congregations boast
This alliance shall not fail
Hallelujah! No one is like her
And her wound has been healed

Hallelujah! A new law, it reigns
The law of "Christ" cannot be applied
Hallelujah! "Love" is called cold
"Christ" is replaced with "Israel's side"

—the spirit of apostasy


Art: "In God's Temple"