Monday, February 25, 2013

"From My Love"

"Weep! Weep, My prophets! Look!

I am a name that is used to condemn enemies
instead of to forgive them!

I am a name used to declare judgment
instead of to declare grace!

I am a name used to justify 'rights'
instead of to lift up the poor!

I am a name used to separate
instead of to reconcile!

I am a name used to bring contention
instead of to bring healing!

I am just a name to many who profess My name,
instead of a real Lord with a real heart!

Let your tears fall, My prophets!
I am calling you to testify in tears
to those who have closed their hearts to Me!

Sow with My tears, with My broken heart
and love for My beloved prodigal children!
I will not let any tear fall in vain."


Art: "Alive to Him"

Friday, February 22, 2013

Holding On to Straw

Yesterday as I was writing to a friend, God reminded me of a dream
which I had many years ago. It came about a year after I had left an "apostolic-prophetic" network that I had been connected to (for about a year).

I was with leaders from the apostolic-prophetic network and their friends in other ministries, and we were in an upper room that had a table in the middle, but they weren't sitting at the table. The network's leader was near it, but most of them were standing, hanging out and talking with each other off to the side of the table.

We were talking enthusiastically about what some of the leaders had said, and I was glad to have been included. We had notes and pamphlets, and we had coffee (I had made theirs, and one of them had made mine). But as everyone talked,
I held back from saying some things that I didn't feel right about.

Then I was away from them around to the other side of the table, and I saw that I was holding onto a bundle of some dry blades of grass and stalks of straw, which they had given me. I set it on the table and then went around the table to where the network's leader was and told him some of the things I had wanted to say.
Then I saw that I had put the bundle of straw in his hands.

I looked on the table and saw some gold like dust that had seemed to have fallen from the bundle of straw. For a moment I doubted and wondered if the whole bundle was gold, even though I could see that the grass blades were thin, dry, and about to fall apart. He felt it was important for me to keep, and I wanted to please him.
Holding the bundle again, I went back to the table and set it on the gold
that seemed to have fallen from it earlier.

Suddenly a strong wind blew behind us, as if a hole opened up behind us and sucked everything towards it. I held onto the table and my legs flew in the air behind me,
but I had no trouble holding onto the table and didn't need to use any strength at all.
When the wind stopped a moment later, the bundle of straw was gone,
but the gold had remained on the table, melted like wax in long strips.
The network leaders and their friends were gone.

A word from the Lord:

"My children, I have prepared a table for you—My Son!
My Son is the only true foundation,
and only in Him can you fellowship with one another.

But many of you have gathered around your own prophecies!
You are moving away from the only true foundation
and are luring away many of My children with your teaching.

You flatter with your 'prophecies' until you are flattered back
and make My children afraid to let go of your teaching,
causing them to doubt what I have taught them.

But I am calling My children back to My Son
—back to the only true foundation—
and they will keep only what I have taught them.

I will sweep away all that is straw,
and only what is true will remain.
Will you hold on to Him or to your straw?"

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


"I am the Creator and I am the Redeemer.
I am He who has seen every tear
that you and your people have cried,
and every drop of blood that has
fallen into the land that you love.

I am He who hears the cries of the oppressed
and raises them from their death to life.
I am He who makes all things new;
I am He who will renew all of creation,
beginning with your heart."


Art: "Homeland"

Monday, February 18, 2013

Prophetic Signs

"I am the Light that exposes injustice
and reveals what has been done in darkness:

Many who prophesy in My name have spoken
as if the United States and Israel were founded
on righteousness and according to My word.
They do not want to see in their foundation
the signature marks of the wicked one,
who came to the land to steal, kill and destroy.

They choose to proclaim that the roots
of the United States and Israel are righteous,
and they call their people to honor their foundation.
They prophesy about the their nations being
a light of Biblical values, justice and freedom
among the nations and in the end times!

I have protected a remnant of the oppressed
—a remnant of Native Americans and Palestinians—
who survive as a continuing cry from My heart,
a call to the United States and Israel
to repent of injustice, tyranny, pride and lies,
and to instead embrace My commandment of love.

Their existence is an inconvenient stumbling block
to the pride of the United States and Israel,
a witness and testimony to heaven and earth
that no matter what 'prophets' may proclaim in My name,
I am not the founding father of their nations
which were built on the blood of 'the least of these'.

The founding father of the United States and Israel
has stolen, killed and destroyed generations
of precious people whom I died for on the Cross.
Generations of them remain devastated,
ignored and denied by those who prophesy politics
and conservative agendas instead of My kingdom.

Even those who embrace My truth and My ways
are pressured to reverence and not blaspheme
the foundation of the United States and Israel.
They are told, 'Speak only of the blessed greatness
of our nation as compared to other nations;
do not put your minor sufferings in the way of our destiny.'

But I am He who loves mercy and justice,
and My throne is founded on righteousness.
It is not My kingdom that they are prophesying!
My testimony and My commands are not their foundation;
they are not following the Lamb who was slain,
but the roaring of a lion that devours."


Art: "Out of God's Way"

Eschatalogical Fantasies

"Many are saying that I am coming soon,
and many are talking of coming troubles.
They say, 'Prophecy is about to be fulfilled!'
And when terrible times come,
they believe that they will stand
as teachers of the way of righteousness.

They say that judgment is coming
upon unbelievers because of their sins,
therefore unbelievers must believe
and get on 'the right side' in the world—
because, they say, God is on their side
and will destroy all who don't stand with them.

Their concern is with shining their own light
instead of with those who suffer and grieve;
they are captivated by their ethereal visions
of how they believe 'end-time events' will unfold
and how to stay on the 'right side'
instead of seeing with the compassion I commanded.

Their 'end times' teachings are fantasies—
dreams that come from their pride
instead of from My Spirit!
Do not be led astray from My commands
and My love for your enemies!
Do not be deceived by the howling of wolves!"


Art: "In the Time of the End"

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Seeing But Not Seeing

My complaint:

Lord, You fill me with Your breaking heart and tears,
and so I paint and write what You tell me to.
But then many people don't see what is painted and spoken;
instead they see what they want to see,
and say "amen" as if it affirms their beliefs.
Lord! I can't count how many times this happens!
I'm so tired of this!

Your answer:

"Don't My children do the same with My word?
Don't they look and see only what they want to see?
Don't they point to what affirms their beliefs
instead of listening to My heart?"


Art: "Hearing His Heart"

The One and Only Founding Father

"I am calling you out of American patriotism
not because I hate you, but because I love you
and I want to spare you from suffering
when the day comes for America's reckoning.

I am calling you to one righteousness alone
—the righteousness of My Son—
for every other righteousness will be
exposed to the Light and revealed as darkness.

I am calling you to stop making excuses to justify
the way in which your country was founded—
on a war of greed over tax money
and on the blood of Native Americans.

I am calling you to the only righteous foundation
—My Son crucified for you while you were My enemies—
and to love one another as He loved you.
Repent of adding anything else on top of these!"


Art: "One Righteousness Alone"

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Call For Wisdom

"Do you want to understand what has been sealed?
Ask Me, but only if you are willing to share My grief
and only if you are willing to wear sackcloth—
to repent to your neighbors, your enemies, and to nations.

Understanding the scroll of Daniel
—which only the Lamb can open—
will be sweet in your mouth
but bitter in your stomach.

You will taste the love of the Lamb
and see that all points to Him,
but you will also understand how those
who bore His name have left His love.

And you will weep,
even as I weep.

I will send you forth
to speak My heart,
to sow My word in tears.

You will weep during the night,
but rejoicing will come
in the morning, on the Day
when the Lamb comes."


Art: "Understanding the Scroll"

The Fruit of Repentance

A few weeks ago God gave me a dream at night:
I was in Native American lands. I was in the midst of a forest area, which was dry and like in winter-time. The trees were tall, grey, and had no branches or leaves. It was near to night.

I stopped at a wooden building that was like a shop for Native American souvenirs. The room was empty, however. While there I wanted to meet with the tribal elders. They came in and stood as if in a somewhat semi-circle line, facing me. I was drawn to them in my heart, and they gave their hearts to me and offered to include me in the tribe.

Then I had to go, but I would come back. My heart filled with love for them, and I wanted to come back to them. They had honored me with their love, and I wanted to honor them and love them back.

I was deeply moved by the dream, but didn’t write it down until a few weeks later when God reminded me of it. Again my heart was deeply stirred, so I prayed and asked God what it meant:
“The night is near for America; many who profess My name are as dead trees, as branches that have been removed because they do not abide in My love. Many are seeking ‘revival’ and practice ‘identificational repentance’ for the sake of land, but turn away from practicing My love.

I am sending My servants to repent to Native Americans for the way My people have treated them. Many have visited Native Americans in recent years to repent for past atrocities, but have then left instead of continuing relationship and becoming family with them. Many have repented only for the sake of ‘cleansing the land’ and ‘to bring revival,’ but have not stood with Native Americans in their needs, their troubles, and in their struggle to secure justice in America. In My name, many Christians have come to the house of prayer only for souvenirs – just to ‘get something’ from Natives and then leave them as abandoned and neglected as before.

Do not treat My beloved children as souvenirs!
Do not speak My name to them without giving My love to them!
Abide in My love for them: abide with them!”

Art: "Giving Thanks"
Re-posted by Terry Wildman at the "Sign Language" blog


"Those who have been oppressed will be lifted up;
those who have been robbed will be made rich;
those who have been destroyed will be restored;
those who have been forgotten will be remembered,
for I am their Savior."


Art: "Home At Last"

Saturday, February 09, 2013


"My people are treating Me like a prostitute:

They believe and teach that if they
put down the right amount of payment
in tithes, principles and declarations,
then they have the right to My favors.
They see Me as a tool for their own pleasure
and attempt to force Me to submit to them.

I am wanted for My services
instead of for My heart."


Art: "For All Your Lusts"

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

The Friends of Job

"My child, many are confusing you and filling you with doubt:

When you are weak, they say it as a sign of sin;
when you are poor, they say you are cursed;
when you are sick, they say you are in rebellion;
when you are unconvinced, they say it is your pride.

Many who claim to know Me and My ways
have become the same as the friends of Job.
I called them to sympathy and to carry your burdens,
but they have put burdens on top of you instead.

I am not speaking through their condemnation.
Do not be discouraged by their wise-sounding words,
for they know nothing if they have not love;
their wisdom is Jezebel's, not Mine.

I am with you, My child."


Art: "Problem-Solving"
See also: "Jezebel's Secrets"

Wherever He Goes

"The hearts of most will harden even further,
and My witnesses will be despised
because they testify to the Lamb and His love.

You will be persecuted who refuse
to join in Babylon's idolatry of the beast
and speak against against it in My name.

Most of those who profess to be My people
will be the first to accuse you,
even when non-believers are hesitant to.

I will be crucified again in My witnesses,
and as I overcame, so shall they.
Follow the Lamb."


Art: "Follow Me"

Cold Reality

"Hear My rebuke! Because I love you,
I am going to say the very thing
that you do not want Me to tell you:

I am not your God, America.

You do not know Me.
I am not the founder of your nation
or your nation's freedom.

Your nation was founded on the blood of native peoples
and on the war you fought for money—for taxes.
Your 'liberty' was established
by your own hands, not by Mine.
Your greed was your 'scripture'
and your righteousness was your own.

Your god is Mammon, America.
Your god commands violence to bring about freedom,
but I command love whether in freedom or in chains.

Your freedom can be taken away
(and so you live in the unrest of unceasing vigilance),
but My freedom cannot be taken away
by any power in heaven or earth.

I am not the author of your prosperity.

You have not earned My blessings with your righteousness,
for My blessings cannot be earned, and you are not righteous.
Your prosperity did not come because you followed My values,
but because you valued your profit over your neighbor.

What elaborate rationales you have developed
in order to justify your greed!
What blindness you have embraced
in order to believe in your nation's righteousness!
What blood has been shed
in order to protect your 'interests'!

I am He who taught and commanded the way of agape love,
but you have established and defended your country
with the ways of Babylon.

Leave Babylon! Leave your ways in your hearts!
Come out of the spirit of Babylon
before its fall crushes your heart!"


Art: "If I Have Not Love"

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

The Light of Life

"I am with you and I will lead you.
Your path has already been laid.

I will lead you with My heart.
Follow in the way of My love.

I will hold you by your hand
and take you step by step.

I will lead you in places that
you would never ask Me to enter.

My righteousness will be your light,
and My love will light your way."


Art: "Walking By Day"