Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Not As You Think

"To Babylon:

You do not see what I see.
I am not impressed by your wealth.
I am not moved by your anthems.
I am not awed by your civilization.
I am not glorified by your victories.
I am not the foundation of your kingdom.

You do not believe what I believe.
I am He who needs none of your temples.
I am He who needs not acknowledgment from politicians.
I am He who needs no assistance to fulfill prophecy.
I am He who needs neither 'America' nor 'Israel'.
I am He who needs nothing to accomplish My will.

You do not know who you are, Babylon.
You have professed to belong to Me,
you have called yourselves My queen,
but you have given yourselves to another lover,
devoted yourselves to your own glory,
and dedicated yourselves to your own prosperity.

Repent before what you have sown
returns to you!
Repent before you follow your lusts
and your pride into hell!
Repent, My beloved!"


Art: "Pardon Me"

1 comment:

  1. We American evangelicals have much for which to repent.


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