Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Prepared to Understand

"To the ones who are waiting for the Lamb and His peace:

Those who hope for the love of the cross to fill the earth
will begin to understand the words written in Revelation.
Because they follow the commands of Jesus to love as He did,
their hearts have been prepared for the unsealing of prophecies.

Those who desire what My heart desires will see,
but who desire another kingdom will not believe.
They will chose their kingdom and their vision instead.
When the words of Revelation unfold before them,
they will cling to their understanding
and will resist the Lamb and His commands.

The words of the prophecies will remain sealed to them
because they no not choose the way of peace,
and they will fight against the Lamb and those who follow Him.
They will interpret the things happening in the world
according to the ways of the world which have become their gospel.
Many will join them and follow them into the great delusion.

But those whose wisdom is the Lamb
and His command of love
will shine as lights in the darkness."


Art: "Trustworthy"

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