Friday, June 12, 2015

Prosperous and Dying

"My people,

Your prosperity is killing you,
your love is growing cold,
your hearts are stopping,
but you can't see it.

As it was in the days of Noah,
so it is now today—
you are occupied and distracted
with many things.

You have been hardened
and your discernment
has been made dull
by material pursuits.

My Son told you that
you must suffer to enter the kingdom,
that you would have tribulation,
that you must carry your cross.

But you have confined His commands
and marginalized His teachings;
you have set aside His words
as being just for emergencies.

What brings you material prosperity
has become your way, truth and life;
what brings you success in the world
has become your teacher and guide.

You are dying for lack of
the water of life, My people;
some of the richest among you
have fallen and are nearly dead.

Will you cease your pursuits
and seek the water of life?
It will threaten your material wealth
and ruin your comfortable life.

Will you unplug the well
and allow My fountain to flow?
Or will you keep My Son's teachings
from disturbing your prosperity?"


Art: "Everyday Growing Colder"

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