Friday, July 14, 2017

Picking Up My Cross

Posting on this site has been on hiatus for a good while, due to a personal crises during the last two years or so. (Though sharing various things on the Facebook page has continued.)

This is a poem I wrote after a time of prayer today about a cross I found and purchased, which I soon understood reflected my calling. In the coming days posting here will begin again, as the Spirit (Adanvdo) moves. There may be a bit of tweaking the site (which I would welcome). We will see.


I browsed through a store
of souvenirs from a homeland
which I have never set foot on
but long to know and connect with

There I saw and bought
a second cross for my home
beautiful and ornate
ancient and...

And I wondered at it
if something drew me
beyond my desire to connect
with that heritage and homeland

Its was of the classic faith
so direct and solid
a place I have felt distant from
since my life fell apart

I wondered if I bought it
to hold onto that part
what I felt I once had
but was now grown faint

I researched it and learned
that Unetlanvhi once used it
to call a servant to rebuild
His church which was in ruins

And suddenly it connected
with the calling I had heard
which I also felt has been shelved
since my life fell apart

Accordingly I laid the cross down
choosing not to hang it up
until I had time to ask about it
to confirm and to understand it

Now I have come to that time
and understand what I hold
what I am called to
and I will hang the cross now

The place I made to share
the weepings and groaning
Adanvdo gave me to share
will have new direction

What that will be
and what will be painted
I don't know yet
but it will come

To testify against
the great rebellion
and to speak comfort
to the empire's exiles

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