Friday, October 26, 2012

Flee to the Cross!

"Come to the Cross!
Come, before you become so hardened
that you can no longer imagine living
if you do not have 'America',
its 'freedom' and prosperity!

Come, look through the Cross and see
that what is written is being fulfilled
in front of you, even in your heart!
Come, let go of the image of 'America'
and embrace My kingdom alone!

Come, come to the Cross
and the clouds of confusion
will disappear!
I am waiting for you
at the Cross."


Art: "Come Out of Babylon!"

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  1. From a friend who couldn't get her comment to post:

    These are truths our Lord has been laying on my heart, too. Unless Christians really believe that we are citizens of heaven, looking for a city with foundations, the world, the flesh, and the devil will continue sapping our allegiance to God into the worship of an earthly kingdom.

    Thank you for your courage and availability to receive these startling truths from our real King, high and lifted up, whose train fills the entire earth!


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