Friday, October 05, 2012

Sacrifices For Freedom

"Who is your God, America?
To whom do you give your sons and daughters?
For whom did your founding fathers sacrifice lives?
What god has been worth the price of these?

"I am He who was sacrificed on the Cross once and for all
to give you an everlasting freedom and eternal peace.
But your god demands the continual sacrifice of your young
and only rewards you with the unrest of 'eternal vigilance'!

"I am He who gave His life for those who were My enemies,
and I am He who commanded My servants not to fight to protect Me.
But your god demands that you fight and kill your enemies
in order to keep it safe and from being taken away.

"Repent! Repent, My people!
Repent and turn to the only true God!
Repent and turn to the One
who sets you free in the Cross!"


Art: "To Our God"

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