Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Setting All Things Right

"I am coming! I am coming with justice!
I am coming to set right all things!
I am coming to end all war and oppression!
I am coming to reward the deeds of all mankind:
I will show mercy to the merciful,
but I will repay the unmerciful accordingly.
I am bringing retribution and redemption!"


Art: "He-Who-Sets-Free"

1 comment:

  1. And I can't wait for You to come, Lord! I can't wait to see You charging down to the earth to chase away all darkness and pain and suffering forever. I can't wait to see You coming, Lord, but I tremble for so many of my brothers and sisters who are expecting You to come according to their own image of You instead of according to who You really are. Many are standing with oppression instead of standing up for the oppressed, Lord, and I'm grieved... and I'm grieving with You in Your Spirit. I want them to cheer when they see You coming, but instead many will be terrified when they see You. Lord! Wake us up! Wake up my brothers and sisters, in Jesus' name!


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